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I gave this Alcest album some listening and a review a couple years ago, and I still remember Les voyages de l'âme having some great blackgaze dominance. The black metal aggression in the guitar distortion and grim vocals is in smooth balance with the shoegaze atmosphere of uplifting melody and tranquil beauty. I made a judgement submission similar to this for the album, but somehow it didn't get through. I'm glad the album is in the Hall now, so thanks for that, Daniel.

Another catchy single from the upcoming Deathstars album:

From a highly essential developing album of melodic death metal:

Good review, Daniel! Amorphis is known as one of the most well-praised metal bands around, and I've been trying to get back into the melodeath zone lately, so I knew I had to give it some listening and a review. It's actually my second attempt at reviewing this album. The first time was a few years ago and I couldn't appreciate it enough, and a few more years prior, I tried listening to some songs from there, but they weren't for me at that time. But now, I finally get the glorious beauty of this atmospheric masterpiece I can recommend for many metalheads out there. I guess the moral here is, if the first listen doesn't work out for you, give it some time then try again. Let it grow and glow! Thank you, Daniel, for that indirect reminder for me to test out something so essential for my (and most metal fans') collection.

An epic single from the new Kamelot album The Awakening! I look forward to hearing the rest of the album once my schedule clears up.

An amazing live rendition of one of Kamelot's greatest classic hits that I still enjoy:

I just gave this album some listening and a review to revisit this live album mainly consisting of songs from their best era, and to celebrate the release of Kamelot's new album with a blast to the past. Similarly to Angra's Aurora Consurgens, many songs show the more progressive side of the band with complex riffing and soloing that occur more in the songs from Epica and The Black Halo than in their earlier albums like Karma, and more diverse structure. So I'll definitely be giving this Hall entry a YES vote.

Congratulations to you and your wife, Daniel! Glad to hear your baby girl has finally entered this world.

A fantastic intersection between several of the hardcore/metalcore genres from earlier and later bands; the hardcore of Strife, the metalcore/melodic metalcore of August Burns Red and Parkway Drive, and the deathcore of Chelsea Grin:

One of the more popular metalcore bands that somehow I keep overlooking started their career with an incredible album of underrated gems like this one:

Ben, please add the Strongarm album Atonement. Its Metalcore tag now fits the RYM 2:1 ratio (for: 12 - against: 6).

A 7-minute epic that starts off as melodic as Unearth and Trivium before this band's usual early black/death-infused metalcore:

Seriously, why would they ruin something sounding potentially good by f***ing hiding it too deep in the mix!?

A punishing highlight from one of the more famous industrial metal musicians around:

A true classic of Lard's brand of industrial rock/metal:

Amidst a sea of ambient tracks lies a few brilliant industrial metal tracks, like this hammering opening track:

One of two amazing remixes of the most well-known single of Broken:

I bought this Children of Bodom live bootleg CD earlier today, and it's quite killer. Though the original 2001 edition had 9 tracks, the edition I bought that was apparently from two years later (2003) adds 4 more live tracks not heard in any other available edition; "Downfall", "Needled 24/7" (probably their first time performing that track), "Children of Bodom", and "Everytime I Die", all of which are really kick-A. I still miss this amazing guitarist/vocalist Alex Laiho. RIP


The drummer from Artillery died on the same day. Not a great one for thrash metal it has to be said.

Quoted Daniel

RIP Josua Madsen

RIP Dark Angel guitarist Jim Durkin. Though he's gone from this world now, the wicked thrash material he's made with Dark Angel shall rise in our hearts.

Saxy, I decided to put my Pit mission on hold because I still have a lot left to review before I'm qualified for The Pit, and by a lot I mean one of the official clan challenges. With that, I decided to stay in The Gateway. I've reviewed a few albums recently that I find decent or awesome, so the alternative metal side of my metal interest is still strong within me. Below are a few more submissions for the April Gateway playlist. Could you please add them as well in if I'm not too late? Thanks!

Avatar - "Dance Devil Dance" (4:00) from Dance Devil Dance (2023)

Breaking Benjamin - "Next to Nothing" (3:43) from Saturate (2002)

Dog Fashion Disco - "Love Song for a Witch" (4:11) from Committed to a Bright Future (2003)

Total length: 11:54

Grand total length: 28:51

The occasional switch from metal to surf music will make you be like Joe Pesci and say "What the f*** is this piece of sh*t?!":

The Swedish experimental groove-ish alt-metal masters are back with perhaps their best song since the title track of Hail the Apocalypse:

1. Gateway playlist - 4.5/5 (number of songs commented: 8)

2. Guardians playlist - 4/5 (number of songs commented: ALL 24)

3. Infinite playlist - 4.5/5 (number of songs commented: 10)

4. Revolution playlist - 4.5/5 (number of songs commented: ALL 29)

5. Sphere playlist - 4/5 (number of songs commented: ALL 27)

For the clans I've made the monthly playlists for, I've listened to the entire playlists! I'm grateful to Saxy and Daniel for their playlist works. I really dig the tracks I've reviewed in the Gateway and Infinite playlists made by Saxy, and I'm glad the Guardians, Revolution, and Sphere playlists made by me paid off. I recommend them to any fan of the clans' respective genres and anyone who isn't into those genres but wants to get into a great start in enjoying them. Thanks, Daniel, for accepting these playlists, and good work all! Once again, all the best with your exam, Xephyr!

THE INFINITE: Between the Buried and Me - "The Great Misdirect" (2009) 4/5

THE REVOLUTION: Underoath - "Lost in the Sound of Separation" (2008) 5/5

THE SPHERE: Ministry - "In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)" (1990) 4.5/5

Even though I don't see that Between the Buried and Me album as a perfect masterpiece as much as I used to, I still enjoyed most of it. My Revolution nomination shows Underoath as their best, and I really would recommend it to fans of that band and metalcore. That Ministry live album is also quite excellent. Keep up the good work on the feature releases, all! I look forward to more...

This sh*tty composition has nothing to do with the glory of its heavier more furious counterpart:

The best throwback to the Jesper Strömblad era of In Flames' melodeath fury with a memorable chorus:

Another one of the best songs from earlier Breaking Benjamin despite being a soft ballad-ish track:

A fast pounding highlight in the alternative/avant-garde metal realms:

I've done my review for that Dog Fashion Disco release. Here's the link to my review:

And here's its summary:

Dog Fashion Disco have really done their job well in this album, Committed to a Bright Future! It shows the band's talent at a nice pace, and it has given me the motivation to continue exploring this band instead of just giving up after part of it. In many songs, one moment you hear fast guitars and drums, and the next you hear jazzy bass and creepy carnival-like keyboards, with a bit of xylophone or saxophone. So weird, but I love it! Todd Smith's vocals would make Mike Patton proud. Committed to a Bright Future can pretty much be one of my top 10 releases in alternative/avant-garde metal. Any fan of rock or metal should look into this bright future!


I've heard about this band Dog Fashion Disco, having listened to a couple songs from them, and even tried listening to and reviewing one of their albums but I couldn't finish because of its experimental wackiness. I've never heard their 2003 album before, so I'm up to giving it some listening and a review to see if the band really is worth adding to my metal arsenal. So yeah I'm going with Dog Fashion Disco's Committed to a Bright Future.

Another floppy ending track for a modern thrash album:

Fast harsh aggression of thrash, brilliant for the speedier fans:

OK, one more encore for this thread, this album from another popular thrash band I haven't checked out until now...

Testament is known as one of the SECONDARY Big 4 of thrash, alongside Exodus, Overkill and Death Angel. Reviewing this album The Formation of Damnation is a good leap from Slayer's Repentless since drummer Paul Bostaph stepped in to play drums for this Testament album at a time when Dave Lombardo (who also recently rejoined Testament) continued his time with Slayer. I also remember guitarist Alex Skolnick performing with Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. However, the quality varies in lukewarm ways. Some songs are brilliant, others are just uninspired. It's a bit frustrating when one half of the album is great and the other is more average. The highlights each have strong melody and a catchy chorus, along with fast harsh aggression for the speedier fans. However, the few poor tracks lose a bit of the band's earlier skill, and while there's longer guitar soloing, it just lacks anything memorable and comes out as pretty much aimless. The flawless highlights are certainly worth listening to, especially for thrash fans. Yet those poor tracks leave me ending another encore to my Ultimate Pit Test with a slight foul taste in my metal mouth....


Almost a year after doing my track-by-track genre analysis of Trivium's The Crusade, I decided to do the same for their new album In the Court of the Dragon. Throughout the year and a half that I've been listening to this album (among many other metal albums of course), I begin to realize this is more than just a melodic metalcore album, with different diverse styles mixed with the genre that is still the main one. So before I declare Judgement Submission Day on this album, here's how I would tag the genres in the 10 tracks:

1. X - orchestral intro

2. In the Court of the Dragon - melodic metalcore

3. Like a Sword Over Damocles - melodic metalcore/progressive/thrash metal

4. Feast of Fire - heavy/alternative metal

5. A Crisis of Revelation - melodic metalcore

6. The Shadow of the Abattoir - heavy/power/symphonic/melodic metalcore

7. No Way Back Just Through - melodic metalcore

8. Fall Into Your Hands - melodic metalcore/symphonic/progressive/thrash metal

9. From Dawn to Decadence - melodic metalcore/thrash metal/hard rock

10. The Phalanx - heavy/power/progressive/symphonic/melodic metalcore

So based on what I've analyzed, In the Court of the Dragon is still primarily just a melodic metalcore album with only one full song not being part of the genre, "Feast of Fire". However, there are many secondary influences appearing here, each in 3 tracks, so here's how I would list the genres for this album here:

Primary: melodic metalcore

Secondary: progressive metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, symphonic metal

So I won't have to make any judgement submissions for this album, but a few RYM genre votes from me await!

This bland groove atrocity is not how Slayer should've closed their discography, though slightly interesting at times:

A fresh thrashy highlight that really should've been the proper end for the band's swansong album:

Brief return to this thread for one more Slayer album I decided to review, jumping forward 30 years...