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Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Dance With the Dead - "March of the Dead" from Driven to Madness (2022)

3/5. Let's begin with a darksynth project that made a decent album intro of industrial metal. I guess the best part would have over the one-minute mark which sounds pretty cool. Time to bash some zombie warriors!

Static-X - "I'm With Stupid" from Wisconsin Death Trip (1999)

3.5/5. This one has some great lyrics to like, "HE'S A LOSER!!!"

In This Moment - "Army of Me" from Godmode (2023)

4/5. Maria Brink is quite impressive at making In This Moment covers of pop hits, like this Bjork classic.

Godflesh - "ARMY OF NON" from PURGE (2023)

4.5/5. This one has the band's unabridged purity. It throws back to the glory days of Streetcleaner with the hammering and screeching guitars alongside the harsh vocals of Broadrick. The diversity in the heaviness adds to their bleak aura.

Celldweller - "The Wings of Icarus" from Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 02 (2012)

5/5. One of the best instrumental songs I've heard, and it was in the trailer for Real Steel! With my brother loving that movie and these kinds of tracks mixing industrial metal with dubstep and TSFH-like orchestration, you bet he might get a kick out of this kick-A action. When the music rises up until the bass drop at exactly one minute in, you know you're in for an epic treat.

16volt - "Perfectly Fake" from Skin (1994)

4.5/5. A perfect hodgepodge of experimentation, similar to what Candiria was doing at that time, but the hardcore elements are replaced with industrial ones.

Mushroomhead - "Episode 29 (Hardcore Mix)" from Remix (1997)

4/5. "You're a nice person... You're a b***h!" F***ing killer remix!

Obsydians - "Ascension" from Ascension (2018)

3.5/5. Obsydians is a band form by members of Sybreed after that split with Sybreed vocalist Benjamin Nominet moving on to Shadow Domain. Cool guitars and vocals here.

Minority Sound - "The End of All" from The Explorer (2012)

3/5. This one starts off pretty cool, but the long ending is a little too much.

Kit Walters - "The Stains of Time (Maniac Agenda Mix)" from METAL GEAR RISING REVENGANCE VOCAL TRACKS (2013)

3.5/5. Pretty good song to love for some cyber metal action from Metal Gear Rising.

Lock the Basement - "Green" from REVITALIZED (2021)

4/5. Although this is more of a HIM/Red Hot Chili Peppers-like track, it fits well for the concept of a strange claustrophobic future of disillusionment and desperation.

Genitorturers - "120 Days" from 120 Days of Genitorture (1993)

4.5/5. The dark sinister vibe is spawned straight from this track. The name of that song and this album reference Marquis de Sade’s unfinished erotic novel 120 Days of Sodom. Already, the lyrical message has some deep power.

Omega Lithium - "Nebula" from Dreams in Formaline (2009)

5/5. The humanity-threatened monster continues to roam in this scary yet catchy masterpiece composition. Within the evil synthesized violins and cold vocals, the creature has DNA from the aliens of Nebula who wage war on Earth to tire out the human rebellion.

Code Orange - "A Drone Opting Out of the Hive" from The Above (2023)

5/5. A perfect hip-hop-ish industrial metal track in which this crossover idea works so well!

Fear Factory - "Controlled Demolition" from Mechanize (2010)

4.5/5. This one also stands out with its heaviness, with lyrics detailing the government being blamed for 9/11. Of course, there's something different to blame, so theorists should cut the bullsh*t. In the bridge is a sample of the 911 call from one of the victims in the World Trade Center as the tower started collapsing ("OH GOD! HELP-").

D'espairsRay - "BORN" from BORN (2004)

5/5. D*mn, I love this insane song. The vocals blend well with the instruments without getting drowned out. It's sad that a band this awesome gets poor attention.

Dawn of Ashes - "Ahriman" from The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam) (2019)

4.5/5. Black-ish industrial metal/aggrotech similar to Psyclon Nine. Enough said.

Waltari - "Far Away" from Space Avenue (1997)

5/5. A catchy poppy industrial metal single, with more of the cosmic keyboards and vocal fuzz.

Gravity Kills - "Never" from Gravity Kills (1996)

3.5/5. A heavy track with decent singing. What else to say?

Till Lindemann - "Lecker" from Zunge (2023)

4/5. I really like this track that has gigantic synths and grooves as Lindemann shines in melody and occasional raspy vocals that he has been using recently.

Red Harvest - "Move or Be Moved" from Newrage World Music (1998)

4.5/5. Excellent preview to a song later appearing in Cold Dark Matter.

Mnemic - "Sons of the System" from Sons of the System (2010)

5/5. This one brings back some of the band's earlier riff technicality especially in the fast thrashy verses, but they haven't forgotten about their more recent catchy choruses worth singing along to.

Control Human Delete - "Transporter" from The Prime Mover (2013)

4.5/5. Black-ish industrial metal similar to that Dawn of Ashes track, but without any aggrotech.

Ministry - "Relapse" from Relapse (2012)

4/5. Al Jourgensen continues to kick a**, as his vocals, guitars, and beats get better and smash through, with some cool samples to add to the punch, though the lyrics are a bit off. This unstoppable drug-hungry force might just be in the famous metal club of Black Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer, and Metallica. Here, Ministry is reinventing the Psalm 69 wheel and adding a bit of an alt-nu metal vibe to the usual industrial metal. The cymbals sounds a little weird in the chaos. The drugs Al has been taking during the recording of Relapse seem to enhance the mayhem. Just hang in there...

Strommoussheld - "Era Depression" from Halfdecadence (2004)

3.5/5. Great bass line in this song, but I have nothing else to comment there.

Bliss Signal - "Bliss Signal" from Bliss Signal (2018)

4/5. This one's also pretty great, adding some blackgaze to industrial metal.

Oomph! - "Ich bin Du" from Oomph! (1992)

4.5/5. This is actually one of my favorite Oomph! songs and, yep I'm saying this, it's metal enough to be in this playlist with some guitars in full prominence at the most needed parts.

Gothminister - "Boogeyman" from Utopia (2013)

5/5. And finally, we finishing this playlist with a complex entertaining 6-minute epic.

Pretty good playlist I've made, huh? Despite some bumpiness throughout, especially in the first half. Anyway, I recommend this to any industrial metal fan and anyone who isn't into industrial metal but is up to getting into a great start for the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:


4.5/5. Now here's a playlist opener not to be missed. There's something so special about this band like, HOLY SH*T, some f***ing emotional fire! Such an excellent beast they unleash in absolutely brutal momentum. This hard banger can really shine on the top of this year as you storm the gates of Hell. This will get you hooked to the Make Them Suffer-like heaviness all the way up to the final violent 15-second breakdown.

Kingdom of Giants - "Wasted Space" from Wasted Space (2023)

4/5. Great song, good vocals, far better than Slipknot, enough said.

Architects - "Naysayer" from Lost Forever // Lost Together (2014)

4.5/5. We blast through the drumming and riffing of one of Architects' heaviest songs yet, but the atmospheric chorus and clean vocals also sink in and never lose their grip.

All That Remains - "Divide" from The Order of Things (2015)

4/5. This is more of a Skillet-like rock/metal song with a catchy melody. That's probably one of the first songs where bassist Jeanne Sagan's backing vocals are prominent, singing together with vocalist Phil Labonte in the chorus.

Apparitions - "Coda" from Coda (2023)

4.5/5. First song I've heard from this band and it's already quite addictive. From the intro riff, you're already heading into amazing catchy metalcore. Music touches your soul and gives you a better future. The instrumentation sits nicely alongside the cleans and screams letting out killer lyrics, "DESTINED TO TAKE THE FINAL FALL!!!" This cool sh*t is what you wish Bring Me the Horizon would bring back.

Imminence - "Lost and Left Behind" from Heaven in Hiding (2021)

5/5. I absolutely love this one! This is symphonic metalcore that I need more of.

Polaris - "Consume" from The Mortal Coil (2017)

5/5. This brilliant standout is pure technical metalcore. It's an incredible highlight with the best of the late Ryan Siew's guitar leads. He and rhythm guitarist Rick Schneider put their work out in sharp delivery that barely any other band could.

From Autumn to Ashes - "Lilacs & Lolita" from The Fiction We Live (2003)

4.5/5. I love this band, along with this song! The only problem is the soothing singing during the last chorus that's a bit unclear. Still this band knows what they're doing and how to do it. This is the kind of metalcore I can truly accept.

Bullet for My Valentine - "Waking the Demon" from Scream Aim Fire (2008)

5/5. The ultimate extreme metalcore track of its original album is its heaviest song with a monstrous riff and a crazy shredding solo. Matt Tuck and Jason James have a total scream-off in the verses.

Winds of Plague - "Anthems of Apocalypse" from Decimate the Weak (2008)

5/5. Decimate the Weak is an awesome symphonic deathcore album, from the music to its album cover. The band reach their height of brutality in the breakdown at the 3 and a half minute mark. Think of this band like As Blood Runs Black with background symphonics.

Dragoncorpse - "Blood and Stones" from The Drakketh Saga (2023)

4.5/5. The fast relentless symphonic deathcore sound continues, in a once-thought-impossible blend with power metal, complete with a brutal chant of "Blood in, blood out".

Brojob - "Teenie Weenie" from Talk Shit Get Kissed (2018)

4/5. "THIS IS THE SOUND OF A THOUSAND CLAPPING A**ES!!!!" The more brutal side of metal has taken on a more perverted theme than satanic, and it shows that you can add humor to such an extreme genre.

Chelsea Grin - "See You Soon" from Eternal Nightmare (2018)

4.5/5. It's currently nighttime as of writing this comment, and it adds to the song's f***ing haunting relevance. I enjoy the vocals by Tom Barber who was the former vocalist of Lorna Shore before joining this band.

Emmure - "You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever" from Goodbye to the Gallows (2007)

4/5. This is some great metalcore/deathcore before taking on a more Limp Bizkit like nu-ish direction in later albums, bringing back some good memories for those who have listened to this genre earlier than I ever had. Deathcore has cool mesmerizing wonders. F*** the sh*t haters say! The brutality reaches its highlight throughout the last minute, "MY EYES STILL SCREAM... CHILDHOOD!!!" There are definitely some vibes from For the Fallen Dreams at that time, and I love both bands. Some lyrics do make historical quotes, "WHY WOULD YOU LIE TO ME? WHAT WAS THE POINT?!" "MOVIE QUOTES AND LYRICS STILL CONNECTING US LIKE CONSTELLATIONS!"

Upon a Burning Body - "Thunderheart" from Fury (2022)

4.5/5. Another amazing heavy banger, filled with hardcore chaos for your manly lifestyle, "THUNDERHEART!!!!!!" And HOLY SH*T, the chorus that first appears one minute in rules, along with the breakdown that starts the last minute.

Celldweller, The Browning - "Switchback" from Switchback (2023)

5/5. Celldweller and The Browning once again proves themselves to be a fantastic remix collaboration duo, with the latter adding a furious breakdown to enhance this Celldweller classic. This is truly powerful industrial metalcore/deathcore! I'll be headbanging a lot to this while crying tears of joy.

Parkway Drive - "Alone" from Deep Blue (2010)

5/5. This one has similar elements than that other "Alone" song from the Bullet for My Valentine album Fever; they're both the 6th and longest track in their 2010 third album considered metalcore. Coincidence?? Probably... Anyway, it blends riffing and vocals worth singing along to with a meaningful yet strange slow chorus.

Prospective - "Visions" from Beyond (2016)

4.5/5. Some more f***ing great metalcore with good screams. The bass tones make a djenty beast, straight from the first verse onwards.

We Blame the Empire - "As I Fall" from Inferno (2023)

4.5/5. I love the beautiful melancholy from the guitar melodies in this one.

The Devil Wears Prada - "Reaching" from Color Decay (deluxe edition) (2023)

5/5. I promised to listen to this band full-time, and thanks to this awesome song, that promise is finally fulfilled!

Amaranthe - "Iconic" from HELIX (2018)

4.5/5. A pleasant surprise for heavier metalheads, running wild through hyperspeed melodic thrash and powerful choruses.

Any Given Day - "Whatever It Takes" from Overpower (2019)

4/5. Another pleasant metalcore trip, with a nice soft break at the two and a half minute mark. Solid fire right here, with the growls having a bit of an Emmure vibe. I'll do whatever it takes to unearth more music like this.

Withdrawn - "Striation" from Seeds of Inhumanity (1999)

4.5/5. My favorite highlight of this early deathcore album. They lose some speed but in a controlled pace, leading to a mighty breakdown, before getting moody in the end. Perhaps one of the greatest early deathcore songs besides some of the ones from Embodyment's Embrace the Eternal!

Currents - "Remember Me" from The Death We Seek (2023)

4/5. I love the haunting heaviness in this song, along with lyrics and vocals to touch my soul. Thank you, Currents!

August Burns Red - "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" from August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin' Hill (2012)

4.5/5. Merry Christmas, metalcore fans! Enjoy this Christmas metalcore song to prepare you for a holiday battle.

Norma Jean - "Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, But Something Is Going to Happen" from Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (2002)

5/5. I often listen to one of my playlists half a dozen times between when I create it and when it gets published at the start of a month. A unique thing for a metalcore band like Norma Jean is how they can easily make a 15-minute sludgy metal/mathcore epic. I have been quite familiar with epics that long since when I was listening to power metal and progressive metal in 2014. This epic is so heavy and beautiful all the way! Light and darkness blended together, if you will. It's hard to find bands of this style that can pull off a spectacular stunt like that, except maybe August Burns Red's epic from their debut album. At the 4-minute mark, the riffs become more interesting to keep you hooked. Then it all quiets down at the 10-minute mark before rising up again into a climax hitting its peak at nearly 13 minutes in. A true metalcore/mathcore epic!

Trivium - "Thrown Into the Fire" from The Sin and the Sentence (2017)

5/5. After that glorious epic, there's still one more song left for this playlist, and it's this chaotic closer. Heafy showcases a lot of his screaming potential with not as many clean vocals as the previous songs. The song has an epic aggressive chorus and some flaming high-pitched progressive guitar solos which, to be honest, sound almost like part of the chorus from "The Root of All Evil" by Dream Theater.

HOLY SH*T, this is probably close to the best metalcore playlist I've ever done, with every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars, except for a few tracks throughout the playlist. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

I've already written my review summary in Rex's thread, but I don't mind sharing it again here:

The perfection of Zao's second and last album with the original lineup carries on to a new one. 1998 marked a new era for the band who have been grateful to God for where their ongoing lives took them. The remaining founding member Jesse Smith continued with new members Daniel Weyandt, Russ Cogdell, and Brett Detar, the latter from rock band The Juliana Theory for a dark turning point in hardcore/metal. Where would bands like Underoath and Haste the Day be without this offering? Dan Weyandt's screaming is perfect! Besides that, the two guitarists have heavy guitar riffs that would surely blow your minds. While they maintain the Christian lyrical themes, they have less focus on the spiritual side and the topics are more about Weyandt's fallen loved ones, with one track written in memory of a friend of the band who committed suicide, and another for Weyandt's late relative. The message in those songs is basically his faith shining to keep him alive after all the losses he and the band suffered. Its heavy impact has caused many Christians and non-Christians to relate. Musically, the songs show how well they've planted the seed for the modern metallic side of metalcore that can be heard in bands like Trivium, Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through, and Bring Me the Horizon. All in all, Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest marks a different transition from The Splinter Shards The Birth Of Separation, including shorter songs, though both albums are the best. Zao is still alive!


Recommended tracks: "Lies of Serpents, A River of Tears", "To Think of You is to Treasure An Absent Memory", "Ember", "Fifteen Rhema", "The Latter Rain"

For fans of: As I Lay Dying (especially their debut Beneath the Encasing of Ashes), Eighteen Visions, Converge

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Sadus' 1997 compilation Chronicles of Chaos consists of songs from their first 3 albums, and those albums I never consider death metal as much as I would thrash metal. Absolutely none of the deep growling vocals and lower guitar tunings of death metal can be found here. And I don't think it makes a lot of sense for this release to be in a clan that the songs' original albums aren't. So I'd like to submit Sadus' "Chronicles of Chaos" to the Hall to be removed from The Horde while maintaining its position in The Pit and thrash metal/technical thrash metal.

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Limp Bizkit made their comeback after a few-year hiatus with Gold Cobra, and it's a return to their nu/rap metal form. The hip-hop influence and abrasive metal riffing in many of the songs throwback to the earlier sound in albums like Significant Other, along with new aspects in some places like metal soloing. So I'd like to submit Limp Bizkit's "Gold Cobra" to the Hall to be added to The Gateway with the nu metal subgenre, and once that entry has enough YES votes to pass, I'll submit the rap metal subgenre in its release page.

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

One last album that is so amazing and unique, yet a reminder about how I should stop my melodic black metal exploration so I don't get highly committed to a genre still out of bounds from my moral comfort (among other reasons). Here are my thoughts:

Windir isn't a band that can be considered just black metal. This is epic melodic/symphonic black metal with colorful leads and mythological lyrics. All that and the genre's usual vocal screams and blast-beats make this sound a unique combo. Valfar was one of the more talented members of the Norwegian black metal scene. He could do everything except drums and clean vocals, which two other band members have done for him. He had an idea to make a black metal band that didn't follow the usual the genre's stereotypes, and he succeeded! Sadly, his life was taken in a blizzard during a trek to his family cabin in his homeland of Norway after his band's 4th album. He had an incredible technique of alternating between only a few powerful melodic riffs throughout the longer tracks. The instruments make the most change, taking turns playing each riff, whether adding more or less heaviness or harmony. All that makes this album an excellent unique journey. RIP Valfar


Yeah, I'm ending this melodic/symphonic black metal exploration early because these kinds of threads are frowned upon, and I've realized that I'm still not ready to travel further into The North. This means any suggestions for my exploration are cancelled (Sorry, Morpheus). Will I try to explore more black metal in the future? No idea, but the time is not now. That's all for this thread, folks!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Updated my Shadowdoom9 logo with the cool new Sherwood font that I found and installed, instead of the previously used Algerian font. (see above)

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

1. Gateway playlist - 4.5/5 (number of songs commented: 10)

2. Infinite playlist - 4.5/5 (number of songs commented: 11)

3. Revolution playlist - 4/5 (number of songs commented: ALL 31)

4. Sphere playlist - 4/5 (number of songs commented: ALL 29)

For the clans I've made the monthly playlists for, I've listened to the entire playlists! I'm grateful to Saxy and Daniel for their playlist works. I really dig the tracks I've reviewed in the Gateway and Infinite playlists made by Saxy, and I'm glad the two playlists I've made have paid off. I recommend them to any fan of the clans' respective genres and anyone who isn't into those genres but wants to get into a great start in enjoying them. Thanks, Daniel, for accepting these playlists, and good work all!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Now here's something that hasn't been brought up as much in this site as it really should; special collaboration projects by record labels, featuring various bands and their members. Impressive projects like this are very rare nowadays, but checking out the ones that exist are a great way to explore material made by different members of different bands, often altogether, and even get interested in some of those bands. Any musicians from at least one metal band you love and enjoy? Those albums have it all! Here's perhaps the most famous example:

Roadrunner Records is one of the most famous and diverse metal/hard rock record labels of all time. Famous and infamous bands signed to the label like Slipknot, Trivium, Fear Factory, and Machine Head have made the label as big as it is. And the then-core members of each of those 4 bands were chosen for ambitious project conceived by ex-vice president of the label Monte Conner. He wanted to do a special thing for Roadrunner's 25th anniversary. He wanted 4 members of different bands band together to make an album dedicated to the label. But then he decided to upgrade his idea into something more ambitious... The 4 chosen ones, ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison (RIP), Trivium frontman Matt Heafy, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, and Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn were tasked in each recording 4 songs (though one captain would have a bonus 5th) and choose any member of a Roadrunner-signed band past or present to record with them. The end result is a massive 18-song 77-minute album featuring 57 artists from 45 bands! Here's to another impressive project like this in the future, hopefully in Roadrunner's 50th year, 2030. Anyway, this release is currently tagged as alt-metal, but you can't deny the metalcore, thrash, groove, and to a lesser extent, death/black metal appearing here. Here's my genre analysis for the 14 tracks of the album:

1. The Dagger - thrash metal/groove metal/metalcore

2. The Enemy - death metal/thrash metal/metalcore

3. Annihilation by the Hands of God - death metal

4. In the Fire - heavy metal/speed metal

5. The End - hard rock/alternative metal

6. Tired 'n Lonely - blues rock/hard rock

7. Independent (Voice of the Voiceless) - thrash metal/groove metal

8. Dawn of a Golden Age - black metal

9. The Rich Man - nu metal/alternative metal

10. No Way Out - alternative rock/pop rock

11. Baptized in the Redemption - groove metal/nu metal

12. Roads - acoustic ballad

13. Blood & Flames - groove metal/sludge metal/metalcore

14. Constitution Down - groove metal/thrash metal

15. I Don't Wanna Be (A Superhero) - hardcore punk

16. Army of the Sun - heavy metal/alternative metal

17. No Mas Control - groove metal/nu metal/metalcore

18. Enemy of the State - gothic metal/doom metal

Primary genres: Alternative metal, groove metal

Secondary genres: Thrash metal, metalcore

The alternative metal tag will still be kept on for this album as a general genre for many of the songs covering alt-metal, nu metal, and alt-rock, but it's as dominant as groove metal there. I'll make a judgement submission for this album soon. Anyway, does anyone here know any special releases similar to this, with dozens of members from different bands in the same record label for a special occasion? Discuss!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

I reviewed this album already so to summarize: 

The newest Code Orange album The Above is a frustrating listen as it ping-pong's back-and-forth between heavier metalcore romps in the vein of Tallah, and alternative, industrial metal like Static-X. I always find that when you have an album such as this, it can be a difficult sell, since it is clear that Code Orange are trying to make a sound that is "more accessible", which I do not have a problem with on its own, but pairing it with heavier, bone shaking metalcore breakdowns has the added effect of scaring normies away in addition to putting the heads of their fans on a swivel.

The being said, the albums attempts at becoming more mainstream are pretty good as the vocal timbre is very sultry for this type of music, and the glitchy percussion rarely feels like it's taking over the production. Otherwise, my biggest issue is that The Above feels very immature as it appears to be calling upon the dreaded nu metal palette. This is obviously a subjective take, but nu metal rarely works for me in the modern age because of its immaturity. And hearing what was once a promising metalcore band starting to use it liberally is a wee bit disappointing.


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Ben, please add Withdrawn. Their sole album Seeds of Inhumanity is an early example of deathcore mixed with metalcore, was released as a CD, and can be found on Spotify.

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

I've done my review, here's its summary:

Omega Lithium can make songs to get stuck in your mind, and I was certainly hooked! This is full-on industrial/gothic metal to please your ears. As this young cyber-sorceress Mya Mortensen guides you with her serene clean vocals through this dark sci-fi apocalyptic realm, you can hear evil bleak synths mixed with dark heavy riffing, along with lyrics detailing terrifyingly pleasant stories of love, horror, and destruction. I really love this album, and there's nothing here I don't like! Well, except for a small bit of the bonus track. Although this band is no more, their music shall continue shining in the future!


Recommended tracks: "Infest", "Stigmata", "Nebula", "Snow Red", "Hollow March", "Point Blank"

For fans of: Deathstars, Genitorturers, Theatre of Tragedy's 2000s albums

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Strapping Young Lad - "Imperial" from Alien (2005)

4.5/5. Kicking off this playlist with a bang is this fantastic crushing intro. The song features humans within this machine; drummer Gene Hoglan, guitarist Jed Simon, bassist Byron Stroud, and Devin Townsend who also plays guitars while screaming with a bit of clean vocals. Great start!

PAIN - "Revolution" from Revolution (2023)

5/5. I only became interested in PAIN this year, and there's never a boring song. This is a beautiful inspiring masterpiece of a song. Peter Tagtgren is such a creative dude.

In This Moment - "Godmode" from Godmode (2023)

5/5. Maria Brink is a beautiful talented leader of her amazing band. Godmode already hints at a return to their heavier feel.

Rammstein - "Zeit" from Zeit (2022)

4.5/5. Mourning this virus-ridden cruelty, this ballad has soft piano and vocals, sounding restrained while still beautiful and remarkable.

Danzig - "Sacrifice" from Danzig 5: Blackacidevil (1996)

4/5. This one starts with a Nine Inch Nails-like intro before launching into a perfect industrial metal single that should've ended up in the 1997 Spawn film soundtrack.

Fall of Because - "Life is Easy" from Life is Easy (1999)

4.5/5. This song was re-recorded for Godflesh's Streetcleaner, with an approach easily compared to Swans before they moved out of their original industrial-noise sound at that time. Thanks to the dual guitar attack, bands like Pitchshifter would be able to emphasize their discordant lead work and help develop industrial metal.

Misery Loves Co. - "My Mind Still Speaks" from Misery Loves Co. (1995)

4/5. At the start of this track, you already know what a great industrial metal journey this is gonna be. The abrasive metal guitars play through the vocal blend of the growls of death metal and the singing of alternative metal.

White Zombie - "Electric Head, Part 1 (The Agony)" from Astro-Creep: 2000 - Songs of Love, Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head (1995)

4.5/5. This one starts the album with awesome rock/metal riffing. There's intense speed, though not in faster metal levels, giving the track mighty power. This album and Fear Factory are great examples of industrial metal getting you higher than stoner metal listeners, without ever having to use drugs.

Genitorturers - "Sin City" from Sin City (1998)

4/5. This aggressive track offers some stylistic tricks up their sleeve.

16volt - "Motorskill" from Wisdom (1993)

4.5/5. This is an amazing industrial metal track like none other. The coldness of the riffing and beats march on with no fear. Anyone who thought this kind of mix shouldn't exist would be wrong!

OLD - "Marzuraan" from Lo Flux Tube (1991)

5/5. One of my favorite songs from this band with innovative catchy noise, surpassing some of Godflesh's greatness.

Fear Factory - "Soul Hacker" from Genexus (2015)

4.5/5. Another groove-powered anthem worth it for the mosh pit.


4/5. A powerful jam of dark synthwave metal.

Static-X - "Z0mbie" from Z0mbie (2023)

4.5/5. Xero's smashing vocals may have a bit of a Rob Zombie vibe, but they help keep Wayne's legacy alive. RIP Wayne Static

Celldweller - "ShutEmDown" from Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 02 (2012)

5/5. Awesome metalstep that should fit well for a boss battle.

Sybreed - "The Line of Least Resistance" from God is an Automation (2012)

4.5/5. Holy f***, this cyber metal sound is just too good not to listen!

Illidiance - "Breaking the Limit" from Damage Theory (2010)

4/5. F***ing great piece of modern metal history! Those drums shall unleash a dark vortex as part of the bad-a** music.

Minority Sound - "Hate Circulation" from Drowner's Dance (2015)

4/5. More of this cyber metal potential to follow up from the Sybreed and Illidiance tracks.

T3CHN0PH0B1A - "Abduction Starfleet" from Grave New World (2008)

4.5/5. Sounds like this band has more of a harsher electronic sound, a bit like Psyclon Nine with Cradle of Filth vocals. The vocalist performs ungodly shrieks to unleash the industrial beast. I guess this can be spacey blackened electro-industrial metal. This is a different example of cyber metal from, say, Herrschaft, and it works well. You can also think of this as Blood Stain Child gone Immortal/Mayhem for a Kovenant-like blend. Still a bit of the energy from the keys and drums is missing, needing a bit of a kick.

Aborym - "Mental Striken Terror Action" from With No Human Intervention (2003)

5/5. Now there's the industrial black metal energy kick that I needed. Bravo!

ASP - "Furst der Finsternis" from Horrors - A Collection of Gothic Novellas (2023)

4.5/5. I was wondering when some more of the Neue Deutsche Härte would show up. This one's quite excellent though.

Hanzel Und Gretyl - "Aufweiderschen" from Uber Alles (2003)

4/5. This one fits well for when you're moving out of your childhood home and starting an independent path. I haven't had that experience yet, but I'll keep this song in mind for when I do. Beautiful whispers in a city in ruins before one final divebomb destroys the remains.

KMFDM - "WWIII" from WWIII (2003)

4.5/5. A great song to love, especially in the banjo intro before turning up the heavy volume. Seeing how this decade was suffering from COVID, followed by a couple wars in different regions, it may seem like WWIII may happen in the future. Stay peaceful, everyone! I can barely dig any of KMFDM's songs, but this one I can.

Tyrant of Death - "Nuclear Nanosecond" from Nuclear Nanosecond (2013)

4/5. The razor-sharp drumming blows my mind as much of the rest of the track that would fit well in a sci-fi movie/video game soundtrack set 100 years from now. This is pretty much instrumental atmospheric industrial deathgrind/progressive metalcore that sounds like if Celldweller and Mick Gordon made a collaboration for the Devil May Cry or Blade Runner soundtrack. The last minute of the track is certainly worth headbanging to. This can almost surpass the extreme factor of Strapping Young Lad's City!

Die Krupps - "Road Rage Warrior" from V - Metal Machine Music (2015)

3.5/5. Road Rage! He's a Road Rage Warrior!

Andrew Hulshult - "Keepers of the Gate" from Dusk (Original Game Soundtrack) (2018)

4/5. Some kick-A DOOM-like gaming metal with horror-filled atmosphere. Near the 3-minute mark, we switch to an eerily beautiful section with shotgun rhythm.

Godflesh - "The Infinite End" from Post Self (2017)

4.5/5. This track lets everything out from the band before ending with eerie synths, though it sounds like there should be more to come from the band. But at least there are a couple tracks to give this playlist a more complete ending.

Acumen Nation - "Bleed for You" from More Human Heart (1997)

4/5. This one makes me think of Red Harvest blended with the groove-ish instrumentation of Vision of Disorder at that time.

2wo - "Bed of Rust" from Voyeurs (1998)

3.5/5. Closing the playlist is the original album's epic-sounding climax. Seriously, you should stick around and be rewarded, despite a bit of trouble!

Pretty good playlist I've made, huh? Despite some bumpiness in towards the end. Anyway, I recommend this to any industrial metal fan and anyone who isn't into industrial metal but is up to getting into a great start for the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX - "Bone Saw" from Gore E.P. (2016)

4.5/5. Behold, "Bone Saw". The opening track of my first Revolution playlist after my 3-month break. Interesting track submission, Daniel! From around the 45-second mark comes a funky groove for a brutal deathcore song that can work well for a zombie slasher film. And holy sh*t, what a f***ing groovy solo for a grind-ish deathcore track! Seems like they invented a new subgenre that they call "groove to the flesh grind". Stay classy, grinding gentlemen, those are some disgustingly silly lyrics that can still be enjoyed. Also even though I don't usually put the deathcore section into the beginning of a playlist, I thought it would work well as a heavy brutal comeback for me in working on the playlists, including that Xavleg submission. If you can't handle that much deathly chaos, maybe skip to track 6 or 7 and start there.

Lorna Shore - "Welcome Back, O' Sleeping Dreamer" from Pain Remains (2022)

5/5. I was originally planning on this epic track being the one to start the playlist before that Xavleg submission came in. It begins with an ominous intro, where symphonic orchestra rises as if you were expecting Two Steps From Hell. Then at the top, the band strikes in a devastating touchdown, as the guitarists conjuring a searing riff storm raining down on you. A brutal breakdown chops you down to size, then sharp riffing once again decimates you while fitting well with the brilliant cinematics.

Mental Cruelty - "Obsessis a Daemonio" from Zwielicht (2023)

4.5/5. Some might think of this total blaster as Dimmu Borgir on steroids. At over the 3 and a half minute mark, Lukas attempts some clean power metal-like singing like some of the male guest vocalists of Avantasia.

Gravemind - "Deadspace" from The Deathgate (2017)

4/5. A killer brief transition from one part of the deathcore section to another.

The Browning - "Poison" from Poison (2023)

4.5/5. As I listen to this raging new single by The Browning at night (as of this comment), I feel like f***ing kicking a hole in the wall next to me during the brutal breakdown. Fortunately, I've never done that.

Dagames - "Die Die Die" from Die Die Die (2016)

4/5. See, this is the kind of music that I've been interested throughout my early 20s, solid deathly melodic metalcore. This time, another song from the masters of making metalcore tunes based on video games "Can you feel the edge?! (DIE DIE DIE!!!)"

Any Given Day - "Unbreakable" from Unbreakable (2023)

4.5/5. One h*ll of a headbanging anthem for the live crowd! With heavy beauty and powerful lyrics, lots more attention is what this band really needs.

Parkway Drive - "Vice Grip" from Ire (2015)

5/5. This is a much stronger metalcore song than most of its original album, and it's an excellent choice for the album's lead single; a catchy anthem about perseverance rebelling against opposition.

Polaris - "Nightmare" from Fatalism (2023)

5/5. The ultimate Polaris anthem! An easy metalcore banger with all of their signature aspects; screamed verses, melodic choruses, heavy riffs, and powerful vocals, all leading up to the mighty end. This is full-on rage you just gotta experience!

Amaranthe - "Viral" from Manifest (2020)

3.5/5. This one is a little off because of the gigantic hooks being cheesy, but they're swept away by the triple-vocal attack and crushing metal.

Kingdom of Giants - "Burner" from Passenger (2020)

4/5. Although I've only given this track 4 stars, its original album should've had more fame, especially when they had Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox in a different song.

Sikth - "In This Light" from Death of a Dead Day (2006)

4.5/5. Beautiful song filled with emotional lyrics and a f***ing irresistible solo. This can easily work well as part of the Fallout soundtrack. Somehow I think of this song as The Contortionist gone Sum 41.

Trivium - "Sickness Unto You" from What the Dead Men Say (2020)

5/5. This highlight has a darker mood and breaks through technical limits with an extreme storm of riffs and drums possessing your body. Who needs MTV?! You got this song that's far more fun than any of those lame pop music videos!

All That Remains - "Dead Wrong" from For We Are Many (2010)

4.5/5. This one makes another backward turn through history with some melodeath: Fast pummeling drumming, sawing guitar leads, deep resonant bass, and evil sounding death growls. Dissonant yet pleasing! At least there's some clean signing to fit well with the howling and growling.

Left to Suffer - "Consistent Suffering" from Feral (2023)

4/5. Feral deathly metalcore right here! At over the one and a half minute mark is an unreal blend of sped up trap with the usual growled vocals. It's so crazy how much eerie brutality and clean melody can be found put together. H*ll, those lyrics may seem sad, but the vocals make them sound mad.

Demon Hunter - "The End" from Outlive (2017)

3.5/5. While this track sounds metal in the verse and breakdown, the rest of that song just sounds like straightforward rock. Still a nice way to break the flow a little bit.

Every Time I Die - "Revival Mode" from Ex Lives (2012)

4/5. "There's only room on this rescue boat for butchers and bakers and men with hope! And will machine gunners please step forth?!" Holy sh*t, those lyrics towards the end are timeless, right before the last of the chorus that's also good, "Thanks Lord but I don't need anymore poor advice, poor advice." The solo by John Christ of Danzig during the aforementioned bridge is super cool!

Of Mice & Men - "Purified" from The Flood (2011)

4.5/5. Scr*w the haters who attack this album. The Flood is the best album by the band, and this is one of many great songs there.

Invent Animate - "Naturehold" from Everchanger (2014)

5/5. Another golden highlight! ERRA clean vocalist Jesse Cash adds pure beauty to this Invent Animate track.

Termina - "Blood Echo" from Dysphoria (2021)

4.5/5. My favorite part of this track is the clean singing at the one and a half minute mark. And the rest of the song is so insane!

Rising Insane - "Demons" from Demons (2023)

4/5. And speaking of insane, it's crazy how this band can add a lot of texture to the modern metalcore template for something so beautiful and brutal. Great lyrics too! There's so much in this killer banger you just can't miss. Raising your hammer of fire high against those demons! It's just so great. The screams and higher cleans are some good sh*t there with a similar vibe to Architects vocalist Sam Carter. There's also the wildness of the newer albums by Northlane. A bit generic and overdone in the execution of the vocal melodies, but standing high all the same.

Annisokay - "Monstercrazy" from The Lucid Dream (Er) (2012)

3.5/5. Pretty good, though not really the best I've heard from this band. However, the quality increases throughout the last minute.

Hollow Front - "Letting Go" from Letting Go (2023)

4/5. A more well-made modern metalcore track. Moving on...

Heart of a Coward - "Around a Girl (in 80 Days)" from Hope and Hindrance (2012)

4.5/5. Better riffing and raw vocals, all in heavy instrumentation, plus some clean vocal emotion. F***ing sh*t-loads of destruction!

Johnny Booth - "Follower" from Firsthand Accounts (2019)

4/5. Solid blend of beauty and chaotic energy right here! This might reminds some of the band Beloved. And G****MN, the final third of this song is so awesomely brutal, ending with perhaps one of the most destructive breakdowns I've heard in metalcore.

Knut - "Shine" from Leftovers (1997)

4.5/5. Another song to love from this band. RIP Didier Séverin

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "The Running Board" from Calculating Infinity (1999)

5/5. This mathcore standout probably works better in the Under the Running Board EP. After a chaotic minute, the song switches to a western noir theme that escalates into some more jazz fusion. Still there's no denying that the song is a hardcore anthem for metalheads.

Converge - "Drop Out" from You Fail Me (2004)

5/5. Continuing the hardcore metal insanity, guitarist Kurt Ballou shows his versatile talent with an incredible ending riff.

Frontierer - "Tumoric" from Unoxidized (2018)

4.5/5. A f***ing mathcore gamechanger of intense destruction! This shall make up for the loss of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. And speaking of that band...

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - "Sammy Jankis" from Danza 3: The Series of Unfortunate Events (2010)

4.5/5. Holy h*ll, this is amazing furious djenty mathcore sh*t with Joshua Travis on guitars. Nothing but the sweet sound of f***ing crushing chaos! Especially in the final minute with the most of the djent. Remember Sammy Jankis!

Betraying the Martyrs - "THE VEIL" from GODSPEED (2023)

5/5. There's no better way to end this playlist than with a farewell song from this incredible symphonic metalcore band. It was shocking hearing about the breakup of this band that I've listened to 5 years, but I hope the members go on with their future projects. This is a total masterpiece of a banger! Thank you for everything, BTM....

Pretty good playlist I've made, huh? Despite some bumpiness in a couple places. Anyway, I recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but is up to getting into a great start for the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

So those 3 Riot albums really show their hard rock/heavy metal sound for me, even though their is some debate over their first two albums being metal. If I'm ever up to making an exploration through another metal band starting out in the 70s, I might continue this thread later. But I'm done here for now...