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I gave this album four spins over the last few days & I'm not sure I agree that it should qualify as a metal release. It's worth noting that I don't consider Kyuss to be a metal band either though. For "Reflections Of A Floating World" I'd go with a dual Progressive Rock & Stoner Rock tag with a Heavy Psych secondary. I think the psychedelic component is being overstated on RYM. To my ears the most prominent attribute is progressive rock (with Yes being a major influence) so it's really surprising that there's no progressive primary.

I must have missed your original request. I never want incorrect data on Metal Academy!
I still enjoy the artworks made by Travis Smith. Remember this thread celebrating his birthday: https://metal.academy/forum/23/thread/301

I also like to feel my rating system is absolute, in that it holds for all genres of music, so a rating of 0.5 is for absolute shit that I really can't stand, probably the likes of Justin Bieber, Crazy Frog or some other crime against music. A 0.5 or 1.0 is only meted out to metal albums on extremely rare occasions ( Adema and Atreyu are the only metal bands that I've ever given 0.5s to).

Quoted Sonny92

My feelings exactly. I remember having a debate with a couple of mates about the fact that my scoring tends to be in a bell curve with 3.5/5 at the centre. One believed that 2.5/5 should be the centre of the bell & the other thought that my rating distribution should be equal across the various possibilities. My argument was pretty simple really. I know what I'm likely to enjoy after all these years so I expect that I won't be selecting too many releases that I'm gonna hate. In reality I expect to enjoy the stuff I listen to more often than not & that naturally leads to an average of around 3.5/5.

Quoted Daniel

Yeah, I think that makes sense. After all, most of us are usually listening to things we think we'll enjoy. Occasionally something will be a letdown, or we might be trying something different on a whim or because it got a lot of attention elsewhere, or we might be reviewing something for a publication, but or the most part I don't listen to stuff without expecting to at least somewhat enjoy it.

Looking at it, my most common rating is 4 (though 3.5 is close behind) so I guess I lean on the generous side :p


Fellow Guardian here! Love me some good old school power/heffy metal from time to time and even symphonic has a place in my heart. 

Daniel, I'm the opposite of you with The North. I love Folk/Viking metal but not a fan of black metal too much but slowly growing into it. 

The clan system is personally refreshing, it's a cheap way to get rid of bots at the same time makes sense when looking at the broad picture of what a clan can do for a respectful release. I almost feel like this could be a really good scientific study  to see how music genres are better represented by those that spend more time with it then others who don't. It's a cool research project to me haha. I too want to join a 4th clan at some point (The Horde i'm looking at you) but for now I really like this concept and see where it goes. Hopefully we'll all see each other around on here. :)