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Here are my sneak peek submissions for the April Revolution playlist:

Amaranthe - "Digital World" (3:17) from Massive Addictive (2014)

As I Lay Dying - "An Ocean Between Us" (4:13) from An Ocean Between Us (2007)

Bullet for My Valentine - "Alone" (5:56) from Fever (2010)

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - "The Stronger, the Further You'll Be" (3:41) from Hypertoughness (2019)

Fit for a King - "Pissed Off" (3:31) from Deathgrip (2016)

Hatebreed - "Instinctive (Slaughterlust)" (2:52) from Weight of the False Self (2020)

Ice Nine Kills - "Someone Like You" (4:35) from The Predator (2013)

Total length: 28:05


Some more metalcore bands I now enjoy thanks to some amazing discoveries, including the dark brutal epic-ish deathcore of Carnifex:

The light pleasant yet wild mathcore of Rolo Tomassi:

The djent-ish modern metalcore of Oceans Ate Alaska:

And the modern alt-metalcore of Bad Omens:

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Before I Turn - "Beginning My Descent to Hell" from The Devil Exists (2024)

4.5/5. Continuing from last month's playlist, the Hellfire spreads all over the land and everyone and everything falls. This track almost reminds me of Mechina's "Tyrannos" in the symphonic-ish metalcore instrumentation.

Sonic Syndicate - "Aftermath" from Only Inhuman (2007)

5/5. Then we head into the aftermath. I love this song, and I can't believe I wasn't fully interested in this band until just a few months ago.

As Blood Runs Black - "In Dying Days" from Allegiance (2006)

5/5. Some more melodic awesomeness, this time diving into a bit of deathcore and giving me a reason to enjoy that subgenre. "BRING THE MOTHERF***IN' RUCKUS!"

War of Ages - "The Awakening" from Fire From the Tomb (2007)

5/5. This is the only song from this album that is a new song instead of re-recorded from the band's 2005 self-titled debut, and it was re-recorded for their next album Arise and Conquer. Do I enjoy this song? H*ll yes!

In This Moment - "This Moment" from Beautiful Tragedy (2007)

4.5/5. This one can greatly work as this band's theme song, as least in this early era. It summarizes harsh vocals harmonizing the cleans and blending Swedish melodeath with metalcore breakdowns in this upbeat tune.

The Amity Affliction - "Pittsburgh" from Let the Ocean Take Me (2014)

5/5. I'm really thankful about finding this band via music videos for this song and "The Weigh Down". I really am!

Malevolence - "Higher Place" from Malicious Intent (2022)

4.5/5. That's right, a f***ing metalcore ballad! And one you can definitely sway your phone light to back and forth.

VENUES - "Unspoken Words" from Unspoken Words (2024)

4/5. Unspoken words are what you need to build up strength against toxic situations and become more mentally healthy. This is quite a catchy emotional banger, and almost like Lacuna Coil would sound like if they've expanded their metalcore influences.

Thrown - "Backfire" from Backfire (2024)

3.5/5. If Thrown decide to make their own album, it would just be like 8 songs in 12 minutes. And this one's breakdown at the end goes down HARD.

Acres, Silent Planet - "Nothing." from Burning Throne (2023)

4/5. A great song featuring Garrett Russell of Silent Planet. His screams are addictive and never a disappointment. They really add heaviness to the beautiful colors. I almost feel like crying. The heaviness in the song builds up, leading up to that killer breakdown. The drums, guitars, and bass stand together in unison to guide the vocals. A d*mn powerful song with different aspects of Bad Omens, Royal Blood, and Devin Townsend all in one.

One Morning Left - "Emerald Dragon" from Emerald Dragon (2024)

4.5/5. This band and Blessed by a Broken Heart know how to blend metalcore with 80s synths and a bit of the power metal of DragonForce. Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red conquers this fun banger with his screamed vocals. Their glam-ish aspects stand out quite a bit. You never really hear them in metalcore frequently.

Miss May I - "Gone" from Rise of the Lion (2014)

5/5. One of the best songs I've heard from this band! The screaming and singing make a perfect contrast with each other.

Unearth - "Zombie Autopilot" from The Oncoming Storm (2004)

5/5. This one totally rules! The extreme action starts with an awesome melodic riff and dueling leads. The band really shines there, giving them the fame they deserve! As if the song title doesn't tribute to In Flames enough, the song soars with an amazing soaring duel solo that the band was missing out in their debut. However, if there are a couple very small flaws to point out, they would be the spoken section ("all days are lost") and the overused breakdowns breaking part of the melodic flow. Remove those small flaws and that's an awesome extreme metalcore song!

Drown in Sulphur - "Eclipse of the Sun of Eden" from Dark Secrets of the Soul (2024)

4.5/5. A crushing modern blackened riff commences in this track with spectacular growling vocals.

Osiah - "Street Justice" from Terror Firma (2016)

4/5. When it comes to brutal deathcore, there's bound to be a face-melting blast break like that at the one and a half minute mark, followed then by an explosive breakdown less than 30 seconds later.

Monasteries - "Dreadwaste" from The Empty Black (2015)

4/5. Early Lamb of God gone f***ing brutal deathcore. Enough said!

Humanity's Last Breath - "Human Swarm" from Humanity's Last Breath (2013)

4.5/5. You can't go wrong with brutality in deathcore, that's what most of the subgenre is made of. They know how to bust sh*t hard. After a spoken line of "We stop the wind from blowing", then comes a f***ing massive breakdown near the 3-minute mark. A nice surprise for the more extreme 'core listeners. Practically heavier than all that's heavy! Quite hard and evil for the moshpit.

Deadguy - "Nine Stitches" from Fixation on a Co-Worker (1995)

5/5. This early mathcore highlight has the kind of bridge you wish to have in music class, with as many time changes as The Dillinger Escape Plan can have, enough to induce f***ing confused headbanging.

Circuit Circuit - "I Dream the World Awake" from Body Songs (2023)

4.5/5. This one opens with a guitar riff loop before vocals crash in. Then the guitar halts for a bit of drum tapping before exploding into total riff noise. The riffing basically mashes together the early 2000s eras of Converge and Linkin Park.

Great Falls - "Born As An Argument" from Objects Without Pain (2023)

4/5. This song is from a sludge metal band and album. I've given it some listening, and I agree with Daniel that it has the sludgy mathcore sound of 2000s Converge and Gaza. And it sound quite killer.

Car Bomb - "The Sentinel" from w^w^^w^w (2012)

4.5/5. This one shows the drumming action pummeling over complex riffing and bass strokes.

Zao - "Xenophobe" from The Well-Intentioned Virus (2016)

5/5. The vocals by Dan Weyandt are quite haunting. I'm glad this band is still alive along with fellow metalcore forerunners Converge. And they still have the glory from their earlier albums like Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest.

Invent Animate - "Indigo" from Stillworld (2016)

4.5/5. Ex-vocalist Ben English has the heart of a f***ing wolf. A metalcore wolf!


4/5. I'm proud of how well the band can put some f***ing massive great sh*t. Over a minute in is when they get more emotional while staying brutal.

Feed the Addiction - "Thorn" from Rebirth (2023)

3.5/5. The metalcore sound of Volumes can go quite big in this song. You can pretty much travel through space with this ambient deathly metalcore sound. It's almost a solid sequel to that Before I Turn song at the start of this playlist. The f***ing heavy breakdown is worth jamming to as all the members break through with their instruments.

Sail's End - "Wishful Thinking" from Live and Die (2023)

4/5. Another song with Before I Turn vibes! The cleans and screams are amazing, fitting well with the production. And that breakdown at the last minute is f***ing monstrous.

Architects - "Doomsday" from Holy Hell (2018)

4.5/5. A smooth cool example of Architects sound after the passing of guitarist Tom Searle (RIP). Soft verses make a brilliant contrast with the soaring chorus.

Trivium - "The Phalanx" from In the Court of the Dragon (2021)

5/5. The triumphant closer of Trivium's latest album starts with grand intro riffing before a mid-tempo verse that starts building up speed when Heafy starts his usual screaming. Strings return to prominence again in the pre-chorus before the chorus of heroic glory. This epic pretty much summarizes everything they've had in the album, with sublime soloing by Corey Beaulieu. Drummer Alex Bent really keeps his pace with the riffs and elevating them. The song's lyrical theme of fighting demons fit the song's music video like a glove, and that video is a collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios based on the Elder Scrolls Online. And to cap it all off beautifully is an ultra-epic two-minute outro as Matt's vocals lead the band and the one-man orchestra to victory, until next time...

For the Fallen Dreams - "Through the Looking Glass" from Changes (2008)

5/5. Actually, there's still the last bit of the metalcore war in this awesome 6-minute epic. The one-minute intro is beautiful, but not as much as the final two minutes of epic glory, concluding the song and the album with synthesized strings that fade into a solitary snare drum, as the war ends and the surviving soldiers march home...

Pretty good playlist I've made, huh? Despite some bumpiness in a couple places. Anyway, I recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but is up to getting into a great start for the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!


March 2024

1. Before I Turn - "Beginning My Descent to Hell" from The Devil Exists (2024)

2. Sonic Syndicate - "Aftermath" from Only Inhuman (2007) [submitted by Shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

3. As Blood Runs Black - "In Dying Days" from Allegiance (2006)

4. War of Ages - "The Awakening" from Fire From the Tomb (2007) [submitted by Shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

5. In This Moment - "This Moment" from Beautiful Tragedy (2007)

6. The Amity Affliction - "Pittsburgh" from Let the Ocean Take Me (2014)

7. Malevolence - "Higher Place" from Malicious Intent (2022)

8. VENUES - "Unspoken Words" from Unspoken Words (2024)

9. Thrown - "Backfire" from Backfire (2024)

10. Acres, Silent Planet - "Nothing." from Burning Throne (2023)

11. One Morning Left - "Emerald Dragon" from Emerald Dragon (2024)

12. Miss May I - "Gone" from Rise of the Lion (2014) [submitted by Shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

13. Unearth - "Zombie Autopilot" from The Oncoming Storm (2004) [submitted by Shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

14. Drown in Sulphur - "Eclipse of the Sun of Eden" from Dark Secrets of the Soul (2024)

15. Osiah - "Street Justice" from Terror Firma (2016)

16. Humanity's Last Breath - "Human Swarm" from Humanity's Last Breath (2013)

17. Monasteries - "Dreadwaste" from The Empty Black (2015)

18. Deadguy - "Nine Stitches" from Fixation on a Co-Worker (1995) [submitted by Shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

19. Circuit Circuit - "I Dream the World Awake" from Body Songs (2023)

20. Great Falls - "Born As An Argument" from Objects Without Pain (2023) [submitted by Daniel]

21. Car Bomb - "The Sentinel" from w^w^^w^w (2012)

22. Zao - "Xenophobe" from The Well-Intentioned Virus (2016) [submitted by Shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

23. Invent Animate - "Indigo" from Stillworld (2016)


25. Feed the Addiction - "Thorn" from Rebirth (2023)

26. Sail's End - "Wishful Thinking" from Live and Die (2023)

27. Architects - "Doomsday" from Holy Hell (2018)

28. Trivium - "The Phalanx" from In the Court of the Dragon (2021)

29. For the Fallen Dreams - "Through the Looking Glass" from Changes (2008) [submitted by Shadowdoom9 (Andi)]


This Earth Crisis EP is a decent start to their career and early example of the metallic hardcore sound the band is known for, but not as much impact as their subsequent releases. More info in my short review here:


I think that ultimately it must come down to the site owners to decide the policy for genre differentiation as ultimately it comes down to their vision for how they want the site to operate with respect to genres and how broad or narrow they wish the site's genre focus to be. Sure we could pick every release apart and debate the minutiae to arrive at a definitive sub-sub-genre, but what's the point, when you could just be digging on some cool sounds instead of stressing over whether something needs yet another new pigeonhole to be put into.

I get the whole "the listener may not like sub-genre A, but love sub-genre B" argument, but give people credit for being able to pick out what they do and don't like from within a reasonably broad genre definition. It sometimes sounds like we are saying that new music discovery is a trial rather than something exciting and we fear that  some listeners may be too fragile to accidentally hear something they don't enjoy and need to be shielded from the possibility.

All this deep-genre talk feels to me like reading an operating manual for a Ferrari rather than actually driving a Ferrari. Personally, I'd rather we kept the genres reasonably broad and let people make their own minds up. 


The whiny cleans here turn this song into a draggy disaster:

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Brojob - "Into the Hellfire (Kris Kringle Special)" from A Very Deathcore Christmas With Brojob 2 (2023)

4.5/5. Beginning this playlist is Brojob's brutal humorous Christmas parody of Lorna Shore's breakthrough hit "To the Hellfire". And HOLY SH*T, it hits f***ing hard! Will Ramos should definitely react to this, especially during the final demonic shrieking. I still prefer the original through.

Imminence - "Heaven Shall Burn" from Heaven Shall Burn (2023)

5/5. Honestly another godly piece of metalcore to enjoy! I need more of this band.

After the Burial - "Behold the Crown" from Evergreen (2019)

4.5/5. After the Hellfire has burnt Heaven, the Lord's crown still stands. When that awesome djenty harmonic riff strikes after, you know some brutal sh*t is going down on you. This even has some recent Trivium vibes. F***ing killer!

The Amity Affliction - "It's Hell Down Here" from Not Without My Ghosts (2023)

5/5. The chaos of Hell spreads into Earth, especially during the pandemic, and you wonder if there will ever be Heaven on Earth. F***ing thumbs up for this song!

Like Moths to Flames - "Fluorescent White" from No Eternity in Gold (2020)

5/5. This band and Fit for a King know how to write lyrics about personal struggles, with this song being about vocalist Chris Roetter's wife battling an auto-immune disease, and the "fluorescent white" referencing the lights in the hospital she is in. This fantastic original song is one of my favorites from this band. They sure know how to please their fans with their groove-ish metalcore sound that's almost as progressive as ERRA and Invent Animate. Absolutely wonderful! From the first 30 seconds, you know how technical the guitars and drums can get. They can really rock this sh*t f***ing hard with killer djent vibes.

Resolve - "Death Awaits" from Human (2023)

4.5/5. Another great banger to love. Enough said!

Underoath - "In Division" from Ø (Disambiguation) (2010)

5/5. Now this is superb! Aaron Gillespie was absent for this album in both the drums and clean vocals, but Spencer's cleans that he uses with his usual screams keep the manliness factor going. No lie, I watched the music video for this song on TV long ago (at around the same time as "Writing on the Walls") during my earlier epic metal taste, but it was until in the center between then and now when I became fully interested in this band during my current modern heavier era. While I enjoy this exciting sound, I love the band in the albums where Aaron is around, though their older stuff. This album is brilliant killer face-blasting metalcore, though it hasn't reached the epic height of Lost in the Sound of Separation but it's very close. They should definitely have more success than Tool. Christian metalcore for the win!

The Devil Wears Prada - "First Sight" from 8:18 (2013)

5/5. Another perfect metalcore song that I've seen the music video for many years ago. Mike Hranica can perform insane screams that would repel my mother who doesn't care for this extreme kind of music. Although I'm not Christian, the music and lyrics are easy to love and believe. The emotion really matches those lyrics. Truly there's nothing highly disappointing this band has done.

Emmure - "Gypsy Disco" from Hindsight (2020)

4.5/5. Frankie Palmeri knows how to let out his unsteady emotions in the anger of his music. I'm sure anyone who has been around in COVID times felt the same thing. Just don't give up on life, people. Stay alive!

Any Given Day, Annisokay - "H.A.T.E." from H.A.T.E. (2023)

4.5/5. Talk about an insane collaboration by two of my brother's current favorite metalcore bands! With that and their collaboration with Within Temptation in "Shed My Skin", Annisokay should team up with Imminence next.

Zao – "To Think of You Is to Treasure an Absent Memory" from Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest (1998)

5/5. This one has vicious drumming. That song was written in memory of a friend of the band who committed suicide. Those lyrics pay great tribute to the fallen, "When you shut your eyes and fell asleep, Dark clouds descended on the souls of the ones who held you close to their hearts."

Cave In - "The End of Our Rope is a Noose" from Until Your Heart Stops (1999)

5/5. In this 8-minute epic, there's an ambient soundscape Isis would have later, before a mid-paced blend of progressive metal and metalcore, sounding slow before a ricochet into chaos. Then we have a psychedelic stoner bridge before the nastily great heaviness rises once more.

Norma Jean - "Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste" from Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (2002)

4.5/5. This is from Norma Jean's first album since changing out of their original name Luti-Kriss. Legendary breakdown there!

Fit for a King - "Keeping Secrets" Keeping Secrets (2024)

5/5. I'm glad to have discovered this band recently. Their Christian modern metalcore sound never disappoints!

Veil of Maya - "Red Fur" from [m]other (2023)

4.5/5. Another great sick track, especially the killer djentstep breakdown at the 2-minute mark.

Of Mice & Men - "My Understandings" from The Flood (2011)

4/5. A beautiful mellow song that can work as this playlist's intermission.

We Came as Romans - "Never Let Me Go" from Tracing Back Roots (2013)

4.5/5. RIP Kyle Pavone, a tragically fallen vocalist/keyboardist. This song is so wonderful, from the f***ing amazing intro. I'll never let go of this band's music. Those lyrics shall be fun more to sing and scream along to.

Killswitch Engage - "The Crownless King" from Atonement (2019)

5/5. Ever since Howard Jones left the band and Jesse Leach rejoined, Killswitch Engage has been bringing back some of the earlier heaviness. Chuck Billy of Testament has brought forward enough fury for this song to have potential in the DOOM soundtrack.

xNOMADx - "Acéphale" from Of Skylines and Embers (2023)

4.5/5. A sick track with otherworldly riffing and that clean/scream duet at the end, both marking this song an amazing gem.

Sonic Syndicate - "Jack of Diamonds" from Love and Other Disasters (2008)

5/5. One of the most bada** songs from this band, blending metalcore with the pure melodeath In Flames steered away from since Clayman. There are also some cool subtle keyboards, that are done a little better than Asking Alexandria at that time. The cleans and screams rule!

As I Lay Dying - "My Own Grave" from Shaped by Fire (2019)

4.5/5. Nice song from As I Lay Dying's comeback offering.

Abigail Williams - "Procession of the Aeons" from Legend (2006)

4.5/5. This one has intense speed, as guitar melodies shine over blast beat insanity. Everything's well-placed there!

Carnifex - "Infinite Night Terror" from Necromanteum (2023)

5/5. I think I just have a newfound favorite of deathcore. Carnifex is a brutal beast, especially in the drumming. The breakdown midway through is a total ripper. Man I just love this sh*t to bits!

Slaughter to Prevail - "1984" from 1984 (2022)

4.5/5. Did deathcore or even music this angry or violent even exist in the year 1984? Definitely not for the former. This song is actually about stopping violence and war, which is ironic for a band called Slaughter to Prevail. Still this is quite insane!

Whitechapel - "Without Us" from Kin (2021)

4.5/5. This one mixes clean atmosphere with stomping djenty deathcore aggression.

Converge - "Grim Heart/Black Rose" from No Heroes (2006)

5/5. If you're up for some sludgy mathcore, listen to this two-part almost 10-minute centerpiece! This epic once again proves the band's distinct brilliance in expanding their territory into epic horizons as they did with the title track of Jane Doe, while maintaining their identity to not sound like a Neurosis clone. The first part, "Grim Heart" is a song of evocative mourning performed by guest vocalist Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness and other bands) whose emotive vocals fit perfectly with the slow bleak march to give it a Mastodon vibe. Then at around the 6-minute mark begins the second part "Black Rose" which after calming down for a bit blasts off into rhythmic frenzy, ethereal guitar notes, and the torturous howls of Jacob Bannon. One of the most impressive Converge moments, though it can't beat the superior "Jane Doe" epic. And there's one more slow mathcore epic to come...

Rolo Tomassi - "Illuminare" from Astraea (2012)

5/5. An uplifting heart-stunning mathcore epic. The only other band that can blend screamed vocals with atmospheric melody is Architects. I'm starting to love this song and band! A unique journey through the astral plane...

I, Valiance - "Pure Misanthrope" from The Reject of Humanity (2015)

4.5/5. ...Until the Hellfire burns it down and starts to destroy everything in nothing but a f***ing heavy breakdown. Now that's the sickest way to end this playlist. A heavy banger of pure f***ing hate!

HOLY SH*T, this is probably close to the best metalcore playlist I've ever done, with every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars, except for one 4-star track in the middle. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

I've done my review, here's its summary:

This perfectly equal blend of melodies, riffs, and breakdowns is what makes this underrated band so unique. The breakdowns are made beyond imagination and they would make you get on your knees and beg for more. You'll find a lot of this awesomeness if you give the album a go. The wonderous melodies and riffs would guide you through, and the brutal breakdowns touch down hard and pummeling. The lyrics are so positive and mature, and they detail a revolutionary war in a story throughout the album. I could probably write a novel based on that. This band and album was missing in my life until last year, and I would love to continue listening to Changes any time. A true masterpiece in my ongoing metalcore quest!


Recommended tracks: "New Beginnings", "Last Dying Breath", "Never Again", "Vengeance", "Through the Looking Glass"

For fans of: August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Crystal Lake


A new live video from San Jose metalcore act Sunami whose 2020 self-titled E.P. I had some time for:

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

The frontrunners for The Revolution Release of 2023 Award are August Burns Red's "Death Below", Will Haven's "VII" & Unearth's "The Wretched; The Ruinous" at the moment with less than a week to go so get those ratings in.


I've just checked out this EP, and my thoughts about this might be a bit of a shocker. Here's my review that you can also find here:

Melodic hardcore/metalcore has indeed been underappreciated in the present when bands have gone the more djenty route. As rare as it would be to find an EP like this one from xNOMADx released in this decade, I personally don't think of On Skylines of Embers as the legendary classic that people in the future will consider it. It's quite decent, but it's missing the spark that similar-sounding bands had in the 2000s such as Shadows Fall, For the Fallen Dreams (especially their debut Changes), and Unearth.

The songs here are good with their melodic heavy riffing and vicious vocal fury, but not enough to make highlight territory. The one exception is the sick "Acephale", with its otherworldly riffing and clean/scream duet at the end, both marking this song a perfect gem. But the rest of the EP? Not really the best, but worth a try....

Favorites (the one highlight to really stand out for me): "Acephale"


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Polaris - "Harbinger" from Fatalism (2023)

4.5/5. Starting this playlist is this track with an atmospheric intro as bassist Jake Steinhauser sings his clean vocals over building synths. Soon the drums and guitars come in, and finally the moshing riffs and vocalist Jamie Hails' screams. The perfect opening storm that should work well live!

Born of Osiris - "Torchbearer" from Torchbearer (2023)

5/5. I'd like to thank Born of Osiris for continuing their djenty metalcore journey, and I hope there will be more of their music to come. They never cease to amaze me, and I might try exercising with this song in their playlist.

Upon a Burning Body - "King of Diamonds" from Southern Hostility (2019)

4.5/5. Here's some more of this Texas band's killer groove metalcore!

Imminence - "Temptation" from Heaven in Hiding (2021)

5/5. Once again, Imminence f***ing rules with their music! My favorite part is the heavy riff at the one and a half minute mark.

Norma Jean - "If You Got It at Five, You Got It at Fifty" from Wrongdoers (2013)

4.5/5. I can't get enough of this band's f***ing moshpit-worthy music. The buildup at over the one-minute mark leading up to a breakdown gets me every time.

Half Me - "Concrete Ceiling" from Concrete Ceiling (2023)

4/5. Back again for some more noise is this band Half Me. This almost makes me think of late Betraying the Martyrs but more brutal and less symphonic, with the vocalist sounding a bit like Ben English (ex-Invent Animate), sound the most brutal with his growling in the final breakdown throughout the last 30 seconds. One h*ll of a headbanger, right from the first verse, "THE FIRST SHOT CAST WAS A F***ING DISGRACE".

Alt. - "Apep" from Abeyance (2023)

4.5/5. You can very well recognize the searing screamed vocals by Jack Bergin from Void of Vision. His guest appearance along with the glowing melody are what make this song amazing. I also love the verses in this banger. This would be another intense addition to my possible exercising playlist. And although this band is from Australia, you might end up in thinking about this sound from bands from other places like America and Europe if not for that fact. Though I prefer a bit of the earlier metalcore of bands like Underoath, and we'll get to more of that sometime later. Still these guys know how let themselves be set apart from the league.

Currents - "A Flag to Wave" from The Way It Ends (2020)

4/5. Some more sick modern metalcore. Enough said!

Annisokay - "Human" from Abyss Pt. 1 (2023)

3.5/5. This song seems to bit of a miss for me, but I love the lyrics that are nothing more than poetic.

Our Promise - "Panic Waves" from Panic Waves (2023)

4/5. Some absolute power in this one! Like d*mn, you might pray for more of this killer insanity. A bit of a similar vibe to the heavier Linkin Park there.

Emmure - "I Should Have Called Ms. Glen" from The Complete Guide to Needlework (2006)

4.5/5. Emmure's earlier material from the second half of the 2000s shows them at their best. Throughout the second minute is one of the greatest moments ever for the band. Holy sh*t, the vocal brutality is insane, in a similar vein to Carley Coma from Candiria. Emmure still have great potential in their early 2010s albums, but not the same as before then. "Won't you go for a ride? Let's drink a cerveza!!! And shed our ways..." Good stuff!

BOI WHAT - "PLAN Z" from PLAN Z (2023)

4/5. So... Plankton has his own modern metal band now. Absolutely chilling, including a powerful breakdown! Now all we need is Plankton and Karen performing a cover of Motionless in White's "Cyberhex".

Bullet for My Valentine - "Hand of Blood" from Hand of Blood (2005)

4.5/5. This one has the usual hardcore guitar riffing that stands out in the metal instrumentation. It's so great hearing the cleans and screams alternating between each other in the verses.

Abigail Williams - "The Conqueror Wyrm" from Legend (2006)

5/5. This may be the slowest track in its original EP, but it's my favorite here, having heavier bridges and a beautiful chorus. This is true emotional modern symphonic black metalcore. Nothing wrong with adding hardcore heaviness for the sake of trying something new, right?

Zao - "Fifteen Rhema" from Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest (1998)

5/5. Where would bands be like Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through, and Bring Me the Horizon without a song like this!?

Killswitch Engage - "My Curse" from As Daylight Dies (2006)

5/5. Although I didn't become fully interested in this band until last year, this song I've actually known since 10 years prior, and I still love it! There's an alternate version for radios that have all the screams replaced by cleans, but of course, you know I would choose the original version for this playlist. F***ing awesome melodic metalcore!

As I Lay Dying - "Through Struggle" from Shadows are Security (2005)

4.5/5. Unlike other metalcore bands that I've heard of from over 10 years ago that would plant the seed for my metalcore interest that began in 2018 (Bullet for My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Trivium), I didn't hear anything from As I Lay Dying until within a few years before today. It's just as well since if I started hearing about this band at the time of Tim Lambesis' arrest, I would've severed my ties with their music before even starting. But I'm glad to not miss out on this band's blend of beauty and brutality.

Parkway Drive - "Flesh, Bone and Weakness" from Don't Close Your Eyes (2004)

5/5. This can very be my favorite song in its original EP. Haunting bass kicks in followed by the drums. The growls and harmonic singing (the latter by then-bassist Brett "Lagg" Versteeg) work well for a melodic spice-up that might remind some of Evergreen Terrace. Awesomeness continues to be found in the catchy yet heavy breakdown, along with more of the audible bass riffing.

Trivium - "At the End of the War" from Vengeance Falls (2013)

4.5/5. This one contains worthwhile clean vocals while still keeping some screaming, with Matt Heafy's voice growing and becoming more powerful.

God Forbid - "Soul Engraved" from Gone Forever (2004)

5/5. A killer song with catchy riffs. What really helps it stand out is the clean chorus by guest member Thomas Cummings, later known as Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext, and Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis performing an awesome shredding solo which unfortunately fades out when it's still great.

Killwhitneydead - "Starring Robert Downey Jr. as "The Addict"" from Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet (2002)

4.5/5. The dark disturbing atmosphere works well for the riffs and samples in this two and a half minute highlight.

PROJECT: VENGEANCE, Traitors, Nik Nocturnal - "Vessel" from Vessel (2023)

4.5/5. The vocalists of deathcore bands Spite, Infant Annihilator, Left to Suffer, Lorna Shore, and Traitors have gathered together to form an insane brutal quintet. Also stepping in is I, the Breather guitarist and YouTuber Nik Nocturnal, adding in the instrumentation. HOLY SH*T, what a f***ing powerhouse this project is!

Carnifex - "Death's Forgotten Children" from Necromanteum (2023)

5/5. However, this is much more worth checking out! Carnifex have made such an evil heavy deathcore song featuring Tom Barber (Chelsea Grin, ex-Lorna Shore). This is solid perfection that has granted me the leeway to check out more of this band.

Monasteries - "Spiralled Icon" from Ominous (2023)

4.5/5. Some more underrated deathcore heaviness, featuring the insane screaming of Ingested vocalist Jason Evans. An absolutely brutal banger like a motherf***er! It's a shame that the band split up after releasing this album Ominous, so there's no more of this devastating dissonance. Maybe one day I might be up to getting that album, if my tolerance for the more brutal side of deathcore builds up more. There's even a bit of the mathcore of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Iwrestledabearonce.

Darko US - "Come Home" from Oni (2022)

4/5. Interesting how this band added in a soft ballad-ish song to a deathcore album, but it's a beautiful way to unwind. You can think of all the pleasant past memories you have that you can never bring back, as the vocals of Dayseeker vocalist Rory Rodriguez guide you through. Beautiful!

Hopesfall - "Escape Pod for Intangibles" from The Satellite Years (2002)

4.5/5. The soft break continues with one of my favorite tracks from this album. Here they transcend through the spacey alt-rock of HUM, even featuring their vocalist Matt Talbott, and while it sounds beautiful as a one-off thing, this would sadly affect their newer stuff that's almost entirely like that. The Satellite Years and their EP No Wings to Speak of are the two releases to have their earlier spacey metalcore sound that is sadly gone from them. F***, those 4 lines are so meaningful, "I left the horizon, curled up and frozen still, the tilting of the hourglass, with all this time to kill". And while this song should've been longer, that would cause those lyrics to be a little too repetitive.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - "Glory Kingdom" from Glory Kingdom (2009)

4/5. There's been talk about this song being Charlie Sheen, which is an interesting way to think about it.

Iwrestledabearonce - "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" from It's All Happening (2009)

4.5/5. And this song directly references another actor in the song title! This is the kind of music that is enjoyable but hard to explain to your future kids. The final minute is one of the most impressive moments in all of metal. Some soft harp strums are heard before a sudden honking jingle from a jalopy to start a killer breakdown.

Rolo Tomassi - "Ex Luna Scientia" from Astraea (2012)

5/5. A fantastic song to love that has given me more hope in checking out this band! The members have insanely brilliant skills, almost in the same height as fellow British hardcore band Enter Shikari. The awesome spacey sound made me think about that Hopesfall song again. That soft spacey section occurs through the second third, between the heavier first third, and the final third that brings back the earlier screaming reminding me of that of Oli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon.

Converge - "Black Cloud" from You Fail Me (2004)

5/5. A standout with the band's earlier aggression. The drumming by Ben Koller ranges from brutal to technical. The heavy guitars are incredible while Bannon continues his hard intense vocals shrieking incomprehensible lyrics. The lyrics are clearer during the structurally messy chorus ("Black cloud til' the end!!").

August Burns Red - "The Seventh Trumpet" from Thrill Seeker (2005)

5/5. I'm guessing they were influenced by old-school Avenged Sevenfold because of that song title. At 8 minutes, it is the longest track of this playlist, its' original album, and the band. The lyrics show the band's Christianity, written about the rapture, with metaphors about the blood moon, stars falling, and the incoming end of the world, a prime example being this lyric, "I take one last look at the moon and the stars begin to fall..." There's 5 minutes of brutal guitars and finally a melodic yet heavy passage that goes on until the end. That song is a total standout and my favorite song of its original album, an epic progressive song that sounds like something Meshuggah could've done. A perfect dramatic album ending!

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Parasitic Twins" from Option Paralysis (2010)

4.5/5. The playlist isn't actually over until this sinister closer that mixes eerie experimental soundtrack with doo-wop harmonic vocals. It may sound unsettling to some listeners, but a satisfying ending nonetheless.

Pretty good playlist I've made, huh? Despite some bumpiness in a couple places. Anyway, I recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but is up to getting into a great start for the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

I've certainly been aware of West Virginia metalcore legends Zao for some time now due to my past involvement with The Revolution Spotify playlists however I'd never taken the plunge with a full album before jumping into their highly regarded 1998 third album "Where Blood & Fire Bring Rest". It certainly sounded like it might be right up my alley on paper but I have to admit that I've been left with a fairly middling (if not necessarily disappointing) outcome. Here we see Zao presenting us with a punk-heavy brand of metalcore with a reasonable amount of experimentation going on that never really convinces me that the band are deserving of the praise this record inevitably seems to draw. The vocals of front man Daniel Weyandt aren't amazing to tell you the truth. He's got one of those really wet & gurgly blackened screams that sounds like he's trying too hard but hasn't really got what it takes. I felt very similarly about Converge singer Jacob Bannon during the first half of his career actually but Converge had the power to pull it off regardless. I'm not so sure about Zao as I find them to be less intense & a little easier on the ear.

To be clear, I'm not saying that I don't enjoy "Where Blood & Fire Bring Rest". It's a pretty decent metalcore record overall but the highlights ("To Think of You Is to Treasure an Absent Memory" & "Ember") don't reach the elite level & there is a flat section during the second half of the album that sees me losing interest temporarily (see "Fifteen Rhema" & "For a Fair Desire"). The musicianship is pretty decent but the song structures sometimes push the friendship, there are more generic metalcore breakdowns than I'm comfortable with & I find the Korn-ish nu metal parts to be a little tedious. So, it's fair to say that I find the album to be a decent way to pass the time but I'm unlikely to return to it in the future. I definitely prefer the more visceral material that bands like Converge, Snapcase & Disembodied were delivering at the time.


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:


4.5/5. Now here's a playlist opener not to be missed. There's something so special about this band like, HOLY SH*T, some f***ing emotional fire! Such an excellent beast they unleash in absolutely brutal momentum. This hard banger can really shine on the top of this year as you storm the gates of Hell. This will get you hooked to the Make Them Suffer-like heaviness all the way up to the final violent 15-second breakdown.

Kingdom of Giants - "Wasted Space" from Wasted Space (2023)

4/5. Great song, good vocals, far better than Slipknot, enough said.

Architects - "Naysayer" from Lost Forever // Lost Together (2014)

4.5/5. We blast through the drumming and riffing of one of Architects' heaviest songs yet, but the atmospheric chorus and clean vocals also sink in and never lose their grip.

All That Remains - "Divide" from The Order of Things (2015)

4/5. This is more of a Skillet-like rock/metal song with a catchy melody. That's probably one of the first songs where bassist Jeanne Sagan's backing vocals are prominent, singing together with vocalist Phil Labonte in the chorus.

Apparitions - "Coda" from Coda (2023)

4.5/5. First song I've heard from this band and it's already quite addictive. From the intro riff, you're already heading into amazing catchy metalcore. Music touches your soul and gives you a better future. The instrumentation sits nicely alongside the cleans and screams letting out killer lyrics, "DESTINED TO TAKE THE FINAL FALL!!!" This cool sh*t is what you wish Bring Me the Horizon would bring back.

Imminence - "Lost and Left Behind" from Heaven in Hiding (2021)

5/5. I absolutely love this one! This is symphonic metalcore that I need more of.

Polaris - "Consume" from The Mortal Coil (2017)

5/5. This brilliant standout is pure technical metalcore. It's an incredible highlight with the best of the late Ryan Siew's guitar leads. He and rhythm guitarist Rick Schneider put their work out in sharp delivery that barely any other band could.

From Autumn to Ashes - "Lilacs & Lolita" from The Fiction We Live (2003)

4.5/5. I love this band, along with this song! The only problem is the soothing singing during the last chorus that's a bit unclear. Still this band knows what they're doing and how to do it. This is the kind of metalcore I can truly accept.

Bullet for My Valentine - "Waking the Demon" from Scream Aim Fire (2008)

5/5. The ultimate extreme metalcore track of its original album is its heaviest song with a monstrous riff and a crazy shredding solo. Matt Tuck and Jason James have a total scream-off in the verses.

Winds of Plague - "Anthems of Apocalypse" from Decimate the Weak (2008)

5/5. Decimate the Weak is an awesome symphonic deathcore album, from the music to its album cover. The band reach their height of brutality in the breakdown at the 3 and a half minute mark. Think of this band like As Blood Runs Black with background symphonics.

Dragoncorpse - "Blood and Stones" from The Drakketh Saga (2023)

4.5/5. The fast relentless symphonic deathcore sound continues, in a once-thought-impossible blend with power metal, complete with a brutal chant of "Blood in, blood out".

Brojob - "Teenie Weenie" from Talk Shit Get Kissed (2018)

4/5. "THIS IS THE SOUND OF A THOUSAND CLAPPING A**ES!!!!" The more brutal side of metal has taken on a more perverted theme than satanic, and it shows that you can add humor to such an extreme genre.

Chelsea Grin - "See You Soon" from Eternal Nightmare (2018)

4.5/5. It's currently nighttime as of writing this comment, and it adds to the song's f***ing haunting relevance. I enjoy the vocals by Tom Barber who was the former vocalist of Lorna Shore before joining this band.

Emmure - "You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever" from Goodbye to the Gallows (2007)

4/5. This is some great metalcore/deathcore before taking on a more Limp Bizkit like nu-ish direction in later albums, bringing back some good memories for those who have listened to this genre earlier than I ever had. Deathcore has cool mesmerizing wonders. F*** the sh*t haters say! The brutality reaches its highlight throughout the last minute, "MY EYES STILL SCREAM... CHILDHOOD!!!" There are definitely some vibes from For the Fallen Dreams at that time, and I love both bands. Some lyrics do make historical quotes, "WHY WOULD YOU LIE TO ME? WHAT WAS THE POINT?!" "MOVIE QUOTES AND LYRICS STILL CONNECTING US LIKE CONSTELLATIONS!"

Upon a Burning Body - "Thunderheart" from Fury (2022)

4.5/5. Another amazing heavy banger, filled with hardcore chaos for your manly lifestyle, "THUNDERHEART!!!!!!" And HOLY SH*T, the chorus that first appears one minute in rules, along with the breakdown that starts the last minute.

Celldweller, The Browning - "Switchback" from Switchback (2023)

5/5. Celldweller and The Browning once again proves themselves to be a fantastic remix collaboration duo, with the latter adding a furious breakdown to enhance this Celldweller classic. This is truly powerful industrial metalcore/deathcore! I'll be headbanging a lot to this while crying tears of joy.

Parkway Drive - "Alone" from Deep Blue (2010)

5/5. This one has similar elements than that other "Alone" song from the Bullet for My Valentine album Fever; they're both the 6th and longest track in their 2010 third album considered metalcore. Coincidence?? Probably... Anyway, it blends riffing and vocals worth singing along to with a meaningful yet strange slow chorus.

Prospective - "Visions" from Beyond (2016)

4.5/5. Some more f***ing great metalcore with good screams. The bass tones make a djenty beast, straight from the first verse onwards.

We Blame the Empire - "As I Fall" from Inferno (2023)

4.5/5. I love the beautiful melancholy from the guitar melodies in this one.

The Devil Wears Prada - "Reaching" from Color Decay (deluxe edition) (2023)

5/5. I promised to listen to this band full-time, and thanks to this awesome song, that promise is finally fulfilled!

Amaranthe - "Iconic" from HELIX (2018)

4.5/5. A pleasant surprise for heavier metalheads, running wild through hyperspeed melodic thrash and powerful choruses.

Any Given Day - "Whatever It Takes" from Overpower (2019)

4/5. Another pleasant metalcore trip, with a nice soft break at the two and a half minute mark. Solid fire right here, with the growls having a bit of an Emmure vibe. I'll do whatever it takes to unearth more music like this.

Withdrawn - "Striation" from Seeds of Inhumanity (1999)

4.5/5. My favorite highlight of this early deathcore album. They lose some speed but in a controlled pace, leading to a mighty breakdown, before getting moody in the end. Perhaps one of the greatest early deathcore songs besides some of the ones from Embodyment's Embrace the Eternal!

Currents - "Remember Me" from The Death We Seek (2023)

4/5. I love the haunting heaviness in this song, along with lyrics and vocals to touch my soul. Thank you, Currents!

August Burns Red - "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" from August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin' Hill (2012)

4.5/5. Merry Christmas, metalcore fans! Enjoy this Christmas metalcore song to prepare you for a holiday battle.

Norma Jean - "Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, But Something Is Going to Happen" from Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (2002)

5/5. I often listen to one of my playlists half a dozen times between when I create it and when it gets published at the start of a month. A unique thing for a metalcore band like Norma Jean is how they can easily make a 15-minute sludgy metal/mathcore epic. I have been quite familiar with epics that long since when I was listening to power metal and progressive metal in 2014. This epic is so heavy and beautiful all the way! Light and darkness blended together, if you will. It's hard to find bands of this style that can pull off a spectacular stunt like that, except maybe August Burns Red's epic from their debut album. At the 4-minute mark, the riffs become more interesting to keep you hooked. Then it all quiets down at the 10-minute mark before rising up again into a climax hitting its peak at nearly 13 minutes in. A true metalcore/mathcore epic!

Trivium - "Thrown Into the Fire" from The Sin and the Sentence (2017)

5/5. After that glorious epic, there's still one more song left for this playlist, and it's this chaotic closer. Heafy showcases a lot of his screaming potential with not as many clean vocals as the previous songs. The song has an epic aggressive chorus and some flaming high-pitched progressive guitar solos which, to be honest, sound almost like part of the chorus from "The Root of All Evil" by Dream Theater.

HOLY SH*T, this is probably close to the best metalcore playlist I've ever done, with every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars, except for a few tracks throughout the playlist. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!


Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing (1998)

My only previous experience of Converge is their 2021 collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe, Bloodmoon: I, an album I enjoyed very much. As you all know by now, I am not much of a fan of metalcore and, in all honesty, When Forever Comes Crashing has done very little to change that. There were times, especially when the band would drop into a groovy, chugging riff, that I was thinking "OK, now here we go", but soon the ascerbic dissonance reasserts itself and the album loses me again. I understand that Converge are a big deal in the metalcore scene and especially, considering the early release date, that they were a seminal band in the development of that genre, but they also manifest those aspects of the genre that are the basis for my reticence towards it, which is the seemingly spasmodic guitar work, screamy vocals and general aura of chaotic dissonance. Ultimately I respect what the band were doing and they do sound proficient but, unfortunately, the genre they were pioneering does very little for me and when they do appeal, it is when they drop into those chugging riffs they occasionally unleash. This is a release that ultimately I can respect, but not enjoy that much.


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX - "Bone Saw" from Gore E.P. (2016)

4.5/5. Behold, "Bone Saw". The opening track of my first Revolution playlist after my 3-month break. Interesting track submission, Daniel! From around the 45-second mark comes a funky groove for a brutal deathcore song that can work well for a zombie slasher film. And holy sh*t, what a f***ing groovy solo for a grind-ish deathcore track! Seems like they invented a new subgenre that they call "groove to the flesh grind". Stay classy, grinding gentlemen, those are some disgustingly silly lyrics that can still be enjoyed. Also even though I don't usually put the deathcore section into the beginning of a playlist, I thought it would work well as a heavy brutal comeback for me in working on the playlists, including that Xavleg submission. If you can't handle that much deathly chaos, maybe skip to track 6 or 7 and start there.

Lorna Shore - "Welcome Back, O' Sleeping Dreamer" from Pain Remains (2022)

5/5. I was originally planning on this epic track being the one to start the playlist before that Xavleg submission came in. It begins with an ominous intro, where symphonic orchestra rises as if you were expecting Two Steps From Hell. Then at the top, the band strikes in a devastating touchdown, as the guitarists conjuring a searing riff storm raining down on you. A brutal breakdown chops you down to size, then sharp riffing once again decimates you while fitting well with the brilliant cinematics.

Mental Cruelty - "Obsessis a Daemonio" from Zwielicht (2023)

4.5/5. Some might think of this total blaster as Dimmu Borgir on steroids. At over the 3 and a half minute mark, Lukas attempts some clean power metal-like singing like some of the male guest vocalists of Avantasia.

Gravemind - "Deadspace" from The Deathgate (2017)

4/5. A killer brief transition from one part of the deathcore section to another.

The Browning - "Poison" from Poison (2023)

4.5/5. As I listen to this raging new single by The Browning at night (as of this comment), I feel like f***ing kicking a hole in the wall next to me during the brutal breakdown. Fortunately, I've never done that.

Dagames - "Die Die Die" from Die Die Die (2016)

4/5. See, this is the kind of music that I've been interested throughout my early 20s, solid deathly melodic metalcore. This time, another song from the masters of making metalcore tunes based on video games "Can you feel the edge?! (DIE DIE DIE!!!)"

Any Given Day - "Unbreakable" from Unbreakable (2023)

4.5/5. One h*ll of a headbanging anthem for the live crowd! With heavy beauty and powerful lyrics, lots more attention is what this band really needs.

Parkway Drive - "Vice Grip" from Ire (2015)

5/5. This is a much stronger metalcore song than most of its original album, and it's an excellent choice for the album's lead single; a catchy anthem about perseverance rebelling against opposition.

Polaris - "Nightmare" from Fatalism (2023)

5/5. The ultimate Polaris anthem! An easy metalcore banger with all of their signature aspects; screamed verses, melodic choruses, heavy riffs, and powerful vocals, all leading up to the mighty end. This is full-on rage you just gotta experience!

Amaranthe - "Viral" from Manifest (2020)

3.5/5. This one is a little off because of the gigantic hooks being cheesy, but they're swept away by the triple-vocal attack and crushing metal.

Kingdom of Giants - "Burner" from Passenger (2020)

4/5. Although I've only given this track 4 stars, its original album should've had more fame, especially when they had Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox in a different song.

Sikth - "In This Light" from Death of a Dead Day (2006)

4.5/5. Beautiful song filled with emotional lyrics and a f***ing irresistible solo. This can easily work well as part of the Fallout soundtrack. Somehow I think of this song as The Contortionist gone Sum 41.

Trivium - "Sickness Unto You" from What the Dead Men Say (2020)

5/5. This highlight has a darker mood and breaks through technical limits with an extreme storm of riffs and drums possessing your body. Who needs MTV?! You got this song that's far more fun than any of those lame pop music videos!

All That Remains - "Dead Wrong" from For We Are Many (2010)

4.5/5. This one makes another backward turn through history with some melodeath: Fast pummeling drumming, sawing guitar leads, deep resonant bass, and evil sounding death growls. Dissonant yet pleasing! At least there's some clean signing to fit well with the howling and growling.

Left to Suffer - "Consistent Suffering" from Feral (2023)

4/5. Feral deathly metalcore right here! At over the one and a half minute mark is an unreal blend of sped up trap with the usual growled vocals. It's so crazy how much eerie brutality and clean melody can be found put together. H*ll, those lyrics may seem sad, but the vocals make them sound mad.

Demon Hunter - "The End" from Outlive (2017)

3.5/5. While this track sounds metal in the verse and breakdown, the rest of that song just sounds like straightforward rock. Still a nice way to break the flow a little bit.

Every Time I Die - "Revival Mode" from Ex Lives (2012)

4/5. "There's only room on this rescue boat for butchers and bakers and men with hope! And will machine gunners please step forth?!" Holy sh*t, those lyrics towards the end are timeless, right before the last of the chorus that's also good, "Thanks Lord but I don't need anymore poor advice, poor advice." The solo by John Christ of Danzig during the aforementioned bridge is super cool!

Of Mice & Men - "Purified" from The Flood (2011)

4.5/5. Scr*w the haters who attack this album. The Flood is the best album by the band, and this is one of many great songs there.

Invent Animate - "Naturehold" from Everchanger (2014)

5/5. Another golden highlight! ERRA clean vocalist Jesse Cash adds pure beauty to this Invent Animate track.

Termina - "Blood Echo" from Dysphoria (2021)

4.5/5. My favorite part of this track is the clean singing at the one and a half minute mark. And the rest of the song is so insane!

Rising Insane - "Demons" from Demons (2023)

4/5. And speaking of insane, it's crazy how this band can add a lot of texture to the modern metalcore template for something so beautiful and brutal. Great lyrics too! There's so much in this killer banger you just can't miss. Raising your hammer of fire high against those demons! It's just so great. The screams and higher cleans are some good sh*t there with a similar vibe to Architects vocalist Sam Carter. There's also the wildness of the newer albums by Northlane. A bit generic and overdone in the execution of the vocal melodies, but standing high all the same.

Annisokay - "Monstercrazy" from The Lucid Dream (Er) (2012)

3.5/5. Pretty good, though not really the best I've heard from this band. However, the quality increases throughout the last minute.

Hollow Front - "Letting Go" from Letting Go (2023)

4/5. A more well-made modern metalcore track. Moving on...

Heart of a Coward - "Around a Girl (in 80 Days)" from Hope and Hindrance (2012)

4.5/5. Better riffing and raw vocals, all in heavy instrumentation, plus some clean vocal emotion. F***ing sh*t-loads of destruction!

Johnny Booth - "Follower" from Firsthand Accounts (2019)

4/5. Solid blend of beauty and chaotic energy right here! This might reminds some of the band Beloved. And G****MN, the final third of this song is so awesomely brutal, ending with perhaps one of the most destructive breakdowns I've heard in metalcore.

Knut - "Shine" from Leftovers (1997)

4.5/5. Another song to love from this band. RIP Didier Séverin

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "The Running Board" from Calculating Infinity (1999)

5/5. This mathcore standout probably works better in the Under the Running Board EP. After a chaotic minute, the song switches to a western noir theme that escalates into some more jazz fusion. Still there's no denying that the song is a hardcore anthem for metalheads.

Converge - "Drop Out" from You Fail Me (2004)

5/5. Continuing the hardcore metal insanity, guitarist Kurt Ballou shows his versatile talent with an incredible ending riff.

Frontierer - "Tumoric" from Unoxidized (2018)

4.5/5. A f***ing mathcore gamechanger of intense destruction! This shall make up for the loss of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. And speaking of that band...

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - "Sammy Jankis" from Danza 3: The Series of Unfortunate Events (2010)

4.5/5. Holy h*ll, this is amazing furious djenty mathcore sh*t with Joshua Travis on guitars. Nothing but the sweet sound of f***ing crushing chaos! Especially in the final minute with the most of the djent. Remember Sammy Jankis!

Betraying the Martyrs - "THE VEIL" from GODSPEED (2023)

5/5. There's no better way to end this playlist than with a farewell song from this incredible symphonic metalcore band. It was shocking hearing about the breakup of this band that I've listened to 5 years, but I hope the members go on with their future projects. This is a total masterpiece of a banger! Thank you for everything, BTM....

Pretty good playlist I've made, huh? Despite some bumpiness in a couple places. Anyway, I recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but is up to getting into a great start for the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Not a fan of this to be quite frank. There are some decent moments throughout Fatalism, but they come few and far between. The bands more alternative metal and quasi post-metal tunes are a nice touch around the very standard, unoriginal metalcore breakdowns. Songs like "Harbinger" and "Aftertouch" feel like an advancement of a predictable sound and I wish the rest of the record did the same. The untimely passing of Polaris' guitarist, Ryan Siew does not actually make a large impact in this albums release as it was basically complete and ready to ship out the door before the sad news. I'm sure for the band themselves, Fatalism is a heartfelt goodbye to a great friend, but all I hear is a mostly unoriginal metalcore album. 



Carnifex - Necromanteum (2023)

Genres: Deathcore

So I'm seeing people on the reddit Metal for the Masses, as well as a couple suggestions from my reddit page for other metal reddits, claiming that Necromanteum might be the best Carnifex album thus far.  I'm not really into Carnifex, as they were one of those bands I just got through the catalogue of to complete a discography and put some more deathcore under my belt, as well as balance out the overly positive ratings on my log with (hopefully) lesser quality albums.  But since I completed their studio catalog, I decided to keep it that way.

But damned if I say that I didn't wish Carnifex would try SOMETHING, ANYTHING new.  And my wish was ignored.  What is with deathcore bands and that same 360-beat tempo (doubling because "speed speed speed") as if it's a religion?  These are the kind of deathcore artists who treat variety like a Jewish priest treats bacon grease.  While there's an incredible amount of energy that keeps the album tolerable, the symphonic black elements are so undeutilized that they pretty much don't matter.  If something's going to be "blackened," I'd like a stronger dose, please.  There are only faint moments of prog metal which are only placed there to keep things edgy.

Anyway, this is all I can really say about such a generic album.  I can't even give this a 60/100 because I can pick any other Carnifex album and still get all of this.  Carnifex is lost in the so-called art of keeping up a one-trick image for street cred from overly edgy dudebros who's idea of a fine red wine is Code Red Dew.


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Thank you once again Saxy for taking my place in assembling the Revolution playlists when I was having my break. Here are my thoughts on some tracks:

Crossfaith – "Xeno" (from XENO)

5/5. What a way to start this playlist, with an epic masterpiece of a trance-metalcore song!

Earth Crisis – "All Out War" (from All Out War)

4.5/5. The title opener of Earth Crisis first EP stands against its sloppy production and comes close to surpassing "Firestorm" as the band's best classic track.

Electric Callboy – "Parasite" (from TEKKNO)

4/5. My brother likes this track, and I like it too. However, the only problem is, the clean singing isn't that fun and instead rather unfocused.

Enda Vinera – "Unholy Incarnate" (from Unholy Incarnate)

4.5/5. I can understand people think this band is a Lorna Shore copy because of their "Death's Calling" single. However, "Unholy Incarnate" makes the similarities much less obvious, and even adding different aspects like clean singing in the chorus. Don't just stand there, get this epic extreme single NOW!!!

Miss May I – "Under Fire" (from Shadows Inside)

5/5. Metalcore is a genre that may sound cliche at first, but as you give it some chance, you end up loving that genre. That's what happened when I first got into metalcore, but I didn't actually get interested in Miss May I until 5 years later. Anyway, this is one of the best songs by this band with lots of beauty and chaos, and the chorus reminding me of Killswitch Engage. Miss May I have been standing strong since their debut Apologies are for the Weak. I heard that the intro and verses sound identical to Metallica's "Moth Into Flame", but personally I think they sound closer to the band Like Moths to Flames.

Parkway Drive – "Atlas" (from Atlas)

4.5/5. This one is more progressive, having the classical vibe of acoustic guitar over orchestral background.

Trivium – "Beauty in the Sorrow" (from The Sin and the Sentence)

4/5. This is another mid-tempo song but still has a good balance between heaviness and melody.

Premonitions of War – "Black Den" (from Left in Kowloon)

4.5/5. Then we have the second longest track of the playlist, taking the brutal sludge of the first two Isis albums.

Full Blown Chaos – "Heavy Lies the Crown" (from Heavy Lies the Crown)

4/5. An underrated song for metalcore fans to like. The lyrics sound great, and the music is different from what more modern metalcore bands have nowadays. I'm really getting some As Blood Runs Black and Hatebreed vibes from this. The breakdown at the 3-minute mark is f***ing sick!

Unearth – "This Glorious Nightmare" (from III: In the Eyes of Fire)

3.5/5. An aptly-titled song that's a little weaker than the other songs and should've been placed at the end of the playlist.

Lamb of God – "Black Label" (from New American Gospel)

4/5. OK, this is an interesting track to add here because I submitted it as an earlier Revolution playlist suggestion, back when Daniel was doing these playlists. He told me that he was gonna add that track to that month's Pit playlist and it fits much better there, so I had to replace that submission with a different one. I think that was the right call, because Lamb of God is never really a metalcore band. Anyway, enjoy this raw groove metal hellfire!

Bad Omens – "F E R A L" (from Bad Omens)

3.5/5. Now this one has potential to be in a soundtrack for a movie similar to Queen of the Damned. A nice way to end this playlist. Not a complete run-through of this playlist but I'm satisfied all the same.


I've done my review, here's its summary:

When I was still enjoying this band, their 2002 self-titled debut was a solid start that showed their metalcore side at their rawest. The Silent Circus began to display their more progressive tendencies. Then Alaska was a perfect phenomenon of progressive metalcore innovation. This is only surpassed by a few points by the stunning diamond gem that was Colors, in which their experimental deathly progressive metalcore sound is in full prodigious force throughout basically a 64-minute epic split into 8 tracks. And then came this live rendition of that colorful journey, as you get to hear to all the different twists into other genres while standing by their progressive metalcore. Pretty much all of the instruments and vocals have different variations that seamlessly transcend from one place to another, all in a range from beauty to brutality. The DVD version includes their second set songs from their first 3 albums voted by fans in a special online poll. And it's an amazing selection, I must say, a trip through their earlier, more metalcore days. Colors Live is a monstrous live experience like none other from this modern progressive metal fivesome BTBAM. This is an excellent live journey you just gotta hear to believe!


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Rorschach - "Mandible" from Protestant (1993)

4.5/5. Let's start this playlist with abrasive guitar that might make you think of the industrial metal wave that was also shaping up at that time. However, the band is still in the metalcore zone with hysterical shrieks to accompany the abstract madness that gets more melodic midway through.

Trivium - "The Sin and the Sentence" from The Sin and the Sentence (2017)

5/5. This track begins with a 30-second build-up intro that was removed on Spotify, before heading straight to the song itself, which brings back a lot about Trivium you've missed; searing screaming vocals, greatly fired-up guitar solos, and blazing blast beats.

Converge - "The Broken Vow" from Jane Doe (2001)

4.5/5. This one has remarkable lyrics from not just Bannon but also from other hardcore vocalists like Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy), Tre McCarthy (Deathwish Inc.), and Caleb Scofield (Cave In) (RIP), especially during the final screaming line, "I'll take my love to the grave!!"

Botch - "Mondrian was a Liar" from We are the Romans (1999)

4.5/5. I'm not lying when I say there's a jazz passage here. You gotta listen to believe!

Burst - "Two-Faced" from Two-Faced (1997)

5/5. This highlight has a simpler direction than what they would have later, while more adventurous than many of the more traditional hardcore bands out there. There's some melody in the music while having the usual vocal aggression that would be lessened as the band progresses.

Earth Crisis - "Unseen Holocaust" from Firestorm (1993)

4.5/5. This one has a catatonic breakdown, but the rest of the song drives on through the sonic assault of Karl's vocals as he addresses indigenous people and their risk of genocide and relocation.

Unbroken - "The Setup" from Life. Love. Regret (1994)

4.5/5. Here we have the best setup for some of the most explosive music in this album.

Vision of Disorder - "D.T.O." from Vision of Disorder (1996)

5/5. Another heavy highlight, recently covered by Eighteen Visions in their own cover album named after the year the Vision of Disorder album was released, 1996.

Living Sacrifice - "180" from Reborn (1997)

5/5. This one shows the band's 180-turn away from their earlier death metal while keeping a bit of the much earlier thrash rhythm.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You - "Texas Dolly" from Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear. (2005)

4.5/5. Now here's a great mathcore creation I enjoy. There are some people who started listening to this band as young as age 14, though I was listening to an entirely different metal genre when I was that age. I might try singing/screaming this song some time. One similar band that I haven't fully checked out yet is The Fall of Troy. #12's lineup since reuniting is not as big as it was originally. This band and Horse the Band should have more material to make up for both bands' hiatus. At over the one-minute mark, there's a brief soft break before the f***ing sudden return of the heaviness. Then there's some grindcore for 40 seconds. After that, the other vocalist steps in and descends into Vader-like brutality (both the death metal band and Darth Vader's voice). Now for those who don't know, Texas Dolly is the nickname of a famous poker player Doyle Brunson who passed away just 4 months before this comment. RIP

Demon Hunter - "Storm the Gates of Hell" from Storm the Gates of Hell (2007)

5/5. A brutal thrash-metalcore feast of screams and blasting chorus that would give you a headbanging headache. That song starts its original concept with an army of Christian angel warriors storming the gates of Hell to battle Satan's demon knights. Killer beginning!

36 Crazyfists - "Kenai" from A Snow Capped Romance (2004)

4.5/5. Another great band performing amazing tracks like this, hailing from Anchorage, Alaska.

Strife - "Will to Die" from In This Defiance (1997)

5/5. This amazing highlight has a bit of a Black Sabbath kind of soundscape, with a few prominent guests assisting in the action; ex-Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, and most notably, Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno.

Morning Again - "Minus One" from The Cleanest War (1996)

5/5. This grand 6-minute epic marks the perfect blend of beautiful and heavy.

Ice Nine Kills - "The Nature of the Beast" from Every Trick in the Book (2015)

5/5. In an Animal Farm, a circus ringleader (lead vocalist Spencer Charnas) invites you to the act that opens the album. Spencer and co-frontman Justin DeBlieck sing the evocative chorus for the first time, as you begin to realize that the audience aren't people, they're animals! As Spencer begins his screaming, the ringleader reveals himself to be a wild boar, and you've been tricked into a trap by the animal rebellion. Through the twisting and turning epic chaos, the animals chase you all over the farm, determined to seize control and destroy any humans who get in their way. A compelling start to the album!

Bullet for My Valentine - "Eye of the Storm" from Scream Aim Fire (2008)

4.5/5. This one continues the thrash-metalcore action with a thunderous riff and another signature guitar solo.

Amaranthe - "Dynamite" from Massive Addictive (2014)

5/5. This one has an explosive start! After lighting the fuse, it explodes into a very powerful trance-metal song. Elize's vocal performance is energetic and overpowers the other vocalists who still sound great.

The Browning - "Cryosleep" from Isolation (2016)

4.5/5. H*ll yeah, some more trance-metalcore in the house!

Parkway Drive - "The River" from Atlas (2012)

5/5. This song can be considered the long middle epic of its original album, a bit like the previous album's "Alone", except there's a longer song later in that album. The intro sounds similar to that song's intro, this time with clean female background vocals. After that intro, the next couple minutes with the riff, verse, and chorus are a great blend of epic and extreme. More clean female vocals come later in this song.

Polaris - "No Rest" from The Guilt and The Grief (2016)

4.5/5. If I had more time to change this song to a slightly more appropriate one after the passing of guitarist Ryan Siew, I would've done that. Then again, it fits well for that difficult struggle for the band, and relates to anyone whose life is f***ed up by the loss of a friend/bandmate. From the fantastic intro onwards, you get to hear some amazing sh*t to make you pleased. Intense emotional metalcore right here, especially in the underrated breakdown under the 3-minute mark. F***ing strong melody in this song! This band, along with other metalcore bands, can make songs that fit well in 3 categories; short, fast, and loud. I'm telling you, that intro is filled with entrancing heaven! This band has definitely made up for Bring Me the Horizon's move out of metalcore. You can almost think of this as Currents with Lamb of God-like unclean vocals. RIP Ryan

As I Lay Dying - "Shaped by Fire" from Shaped by Fire (2019)

4.5/5. This track is heavier, sounding closer to djent. It's a fun djenty song to listen to for some low-tuned headbanging joy.

Make Them Suffer - "Ghost of Me" from Ghost of Me (2023)

5/5. A well-done standout single with amazing lyrics! Sean's incredible vocals help maintain the band's bad-a** single streak they've had alongside "Contraband" and "Doomswitch". Absolutely marvelous!

Any Given Day - "Diamonds" from Diamonds (2022)

4.5/5. H*ll yeah, you know how much I love these kinds of metal covers, full-on metalizing pop songs! This cover is actually from 10 years ago. I can definitely recommend this track to my brother who enjoys this band. It's so powerful that it can obliterate the original Rihanna song. Quite a hammering banger! Now I need to check out their other cover, the one of Scorpions' "Winds of Change". Metal can definitely enhance any pop/R&B hit.

Brojob, Enda Vinera - "BARBIE GIRL" from BARBIE GIRL (2023)

4/5. Now this is quite wild! Two deathcore bands have collaborated with each other to turn a 90s pop single about the popular doll into a deathcore track. And it's already f***ing different with its brutal breakdown in the last 30 minutes or so. One other Brojob song I've heard is "Teenie Weenie". And yes, I've seen the Barbie movie.

Shadow of Intent - "The Coming Fire" from Elegy (2022)

4.5/5. The ending of this track is one of the most memorable parts of its original album. It's "Gravesinger 2.0" (yes, I've listened to that song as part of the playlists)!

Whitechapel - "Breeding Violence" from A New Era of Corruption (2010)

5/5. The guitar soloing that should level up deathcore's appealing factor appears in this violently pleasant highlight.

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - "Vicki Mayhem" from Danza 3: The Series of Unfortunate Events (2010)

4.5/5. Again I probably would've chosen a different song after the passing of TDTE guitarist Brad Thomson who performed with the band in the two albums before this one. RIP... This band can unleash unique talented mayhem. Things get physical at near the one and a half minute mark, then 45 seconds later, there's one of my favorite parts of a a TDTE song! This band is filled with brutal experimental mathcore in 7-string slaughter. "THEY. WILL. NEVER. TAKE US ALIVE!!!" You can almost think of this as Whitechapel gone Animals as Leaders, with a bit of BTBAM and Hatebreed.

Iwrestledabearonce - "Button It Up" from Ruining It for Everybody (2011)

4/5. Now here's a clever entertaining mathcore adventure to make your day and not have to worry about what other people think. Ruining It for Everybody is filled with weird yet fun songs. So come join this party in your head! I'm glad their material is in major streaming platforms like Spotify.

Invent Animate - "Immolation of Night" from Heavener (2023)

4.5/5. Some g****mn sick djenty metalcore with great lyrics and effective breakdown. Emotional fury right there!

Lorna Shore - "Pain Remains III: In a Sea of Fire" from Pain Remains (2022)

5/5. The climatic final part of this epic suite, its original album, and this playlist, is a highlight you can never skip. It shows the band at their most epic, then wraps it all up with a soft outro of ethereal atmosphere. The dream is over, wake up!

HOLY SH*T, this is probably close to the best metalcore playlist I've ever done, with every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars, except for a few tracks towards the end. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had! I'm also glad to finally catch up with all of my July playlists, along with having just entered the last month of my busy schedule, so look out for my usual playlist thoughts for all of my clans continuing next month...

Saxy S

1. Whitechapel – Single File to Dehumanization (2010)

2. Botch – Frequency Ass Bandit (1999)

3. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Symptom of Terminal Illness (2016)

4. Any Given Day – Endurance (2016)

5. Typecaste – Traverse (2020)

6. As I Lay Dying – Blinded (2019)

7. Fit For A King – Hollow King (Sound of the End) (2013)

8. Electric Callboy – Best Day (2015)

9. The World Is Quiet Here – Ossuary (2023)

10. blessthefall – The Reign (2011)

11. Emmure – A Gift A Curse (2014)

12. iwresledabearonce – Green Eyes (2015)

13. Northlane – Corruption (2011)

14. MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE – Headshot! (2008)

15. The World Alive – Your Mirage (2014)

16. Animations – My Private Ghetto (2013)

17. The Eyes Of A Traitor – The Birth (2010)

18. Unbroken – Zero Hour (1993)

19. A Black Rose Burial – A Baleful Aura in the Graveyard of Broken Gears (2020)

20. ERRA – Vanish Canvas (2021)

21. The Agonist – Blood as My Guide (2019)

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

After doing my top 20 list of favorite tracks by Trivium, I decided to do a genre analysis of each and every track from my list to see if they really live up to their melodic metalcore sound that I enjoy so much. Though I won't do the same with August Burns Red because their metalcore sound stays almost the same in each song, nor Strapping Young Lad because their sound has different sounds all over the place, making it difficult to dissect. Anyway, here's how I would tag the genres in these 20 Trivium tracks:

1. In Waves - melodic metalcore

2. Becoming the Dragon - thrash/melodic metalcore

3. Strife - heavy/thrash/melodic metalcore

4. The Sin and the Sentence - melodic metalcore/thrash metal

5. Watch the World Burn - melodic metalcore/thrash/progressive metal

6. The Heart From Your Hate - heavy metal

7. Ember to Inferno - melodic metalcore/thrash/melodic death metal

8. Forsake Not the Dream - melodic metalcore/thrash metal

9. Pillars of Serpents - melodic metalcore

10. Like Light to the Flies - melodic metalcore

11. Throes of Perdition - melodic metalcore/heavy/progressive metal

12. Endless Night - heavy metal/hard rock

13. In the Court of the Dragon - melodic metalcore

14. Inception of the End - melodic metalcore/thrash metal

15. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr - melodic metalcore

16. Silence in the Snow - heavy/power metal

17. Built to Fall - heavy/melodic metalcore

18. The Shadow of the Abattoir - heavy/power/symphonic/melodic metalcore

19. Blind Leading the Blind - heavy metal

20. What the Dead Men Say - melodic metalcore/thrash metal

So based on what I've analyzed, I enjoy a lot of Trivium's melodic metalcore sound, which is the main genre in most of their albums. Though there's a solid amount of classic heavy/thrash metal tracks from this band that I enjoy. They also seem to experiment with progressive/power metal, and to a lesser one-time extent, melodic death/symphonic metal/hard rock. All in all, Trivium still reigns as one of the most diverse melodic metalcore bands around, and I'm glad their music still touches my metal heart.


Here's my review summary:

Converge is known as one of the pioneers of the metal/hardcore mix that is metalcore, and a developer of its mathematical subgenre mathcore. They're highly popular in the metalcore community despite the lack of mainstream attention. Its extreme taste might take a while to get used to but it has gotten better as time went on and the band would reach bigger labels for a bigger audience... I'm definitely sure you won't get straight into Converge right away. Listening to a band that extreme takes time for its full pleasure. I thought When Forever Comes Crashing only deserved a lower rating at first, but now I realize how incredibly extraordinary it is! I think another math/metalcore band this good is The Dillinger Escape Plan. Many of the songs strike with dissonant guitars and pummeling drums, and no metalcore fan can ever complain about the strong outstanding vocals, though it's astonishing how Jacob Bannon's vocal chords can survive his screaming sounding so intensely harsh. The songs are all strong for the most part with almost nothing being bad or week. And I think both the original album artwork created by Bannon and the reissue artwork by Aaron Turner (Isis) are amazing. However, the album and the band might not appeal to everyone in the world. Nonetheless, When Forever Comes Crashing is another fine metalcore album worth your money!


Saxy S

1. All That Remains – Not Alone

2. Amaranthe – Countdown

3. Suicide Silence – Witness the Addiction

4. Electric Callboy – Everytime We Touch

5. Emmure – Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

6. Iris Official – I’m the Animal

7. Killswitch Engage – The Signal Fire

8. Trivium – Brave This Storm

9. All Shall Perish – Awaken the Dreamers

10. Whitechapel – When a Demon Defiles a Witch

11. As I Lay Dying – Parallels

12. Fit For A King – Anthem of the Defeated

13. Adept – Shark! Shark! Shark!

14. To The Grave – Red Dot Sight

15. Fit For An Autopsy – Iron Moon

16. Imminence – Jaded

17. Unearth – Mother Betrayal

18. Like Moth To Flame – Real Talk

19. Hatebreed – Weight of the False Self

20. Within Destruction – Plage of Immortality (feat. Dean Lamb)

21. After The Burial – To Carry You Away

22. Sea Of Treachery – Unleash The Serpents

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Following my enjoyment of the Suicide Silence feature release last month I was intrigued to see if I was about to go on a deathcore streak with the arrival of Whitechapel in The Revolution hot seat this month. After 3 or 4 listens I remain distinctly underwhelmed in comparison to the more immediate entertainment I found with The Black Crown. First off the bat though, it is important to say I do not hate A New Era of Corruption. It lacks any real depth or grit overall for me though. Despite some interesting breakdowns that allow for the vocals to play just a big a part as the guitars I find them still to be nothing more than a welcome distraction to what I deem to be otherwise quite a monotonous record.

There is an almost mechanical (sadly lacking the "necro" aspect promised by the penultimate track) undertone to this album for me, a real sense of going through the motions. Punctuated only by the all too brief moments of true death metal guttural gurns and the hint of groove to a riff every now and again, this machine-like edge to proceedings soon becomes all I am focusing on. Album closer Single File to Dehumanization is the least enjoyable of all the eleven tracks on offer here and is perhaps the best example of the challenges I have with this record. The added frustration is that it sounds like these guys are better than this record actually shows them to be and that they somehow along the way lost any sense of soul or even fun in what they were doing and fired out a technically proficient yet ultimately boring album.



When I saw that The Black Crown was a deathcore release I went to RYM to check my rated releases to see if I had anything against which to reference it. Turns out I have never knowingly listened to a deathcore album before, which is not really that surprising as I will admit that I often struggle with 'core-related releases, chiefly because I struggle with the vocals. Well, first point goes to Suicide Silence, because I had no issue at all with Mitch Lucker's vocals as they stayed well below the "shouty teenager" level that is my cut-off point, whilst remaining particularly savage and pissed-off sounding. Musically, I actually had a pretty decent time with this, although it is aimed a fair distance from my metal sweet spot. I don't aim to pretend I know what I am talking about regarding a release like this that is so far removed from my usual fare, but I did find myself getting into the groove with a fair few of the riffs and, generally, the whole did provide me with a decent amount of enjoyment on a day when I may well have been in a frame of mind for something a bit different. On several occasions I found myself thinking, oh that sounds a bit like early Slipknot, a band not to everyone's taste I know, but I think they wrote some pretty decent metal tunes and it is meant as a compliment to Suicide Silence, not as a gripe against them. There is a surfeit of angst and vitriol on display and although such anger doesn't really translate to a retired sixty-year-old walking his dog on a beautifully sunny June morning, I can still relate to the sentiment.

As a band Suicide Silence seem very tight and economical - there is very little by way of  superfluous embellishment, the rhythm section is there to drive the tracks forward, not to impress the listener with fancy fills or bass runs. The guitar sound is pretty dense and the riffs are effective with one or two killers - You Only Live Once, for example. Personally I enjoyed the second half of the album more than the first as it adds a couple of small, but cool touches that enhance the experience for me. The opening few songs feel like a band blowing off steam and are totally focussed on aggressive delivery, but after the interlude of March to the Black Crown, which provides a nice mid-album breather with it's ominous sound and choral-style vocalisations, things get a bit more interesting. The interlude is followed by my personal favourite, "Witness the Addiction" which maintains the pissed-off aura of the album, but feels more considered with it's clean vocal sections providing more accesibility without compromise. The acoustic guitar parts of The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart fit into the song very nicely too and is a nice touch.

Overall, I would contend that whilst The Black Crown will probably never feature in my top 100 metal albums, it did provide sufficient enjoyment for me to return to it at some point in the future and, rather like Trivium's In Waves, it may well be an album I turn to when I fancy something outside my usual listening fare. I must also add my agreement with both Daniel and Vinny that, whilst respecting Metal Archives right to regulate their own content, it doesn't follow that this is unwelcome there whilst Rush, Deep Purple and Scorpions are all represented. Metal is metal surely and The Black Crown is certainly worthy of it's inclusion here at Metal Academy.


That's two positive experiences with Revolution features in consecutive months. Maybe I need to reassess my general feeling towards the clan and perhaps I have misunderstood it all along. Conversely, maybe the last two features have just been outstanding choices.

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Enda Vinera - "Death's Calling" from Death's Calling (2022)

5/5. There's no better way to start this playlist with a brand new Lorna Shore-inspired epic deathcore band my brother and I both discovered. This is basically "To The Hellfire 2.0", in a way that sounds like far more like a tribute than the rip-off. I wonder if their next couple songs will be similar to "Of the Abyss" and "And I Return to Nothingness"...

Beartooth - "Sunshine!" from Sunshine! (2023)

5/5. Here's another fantastic single, this one being poppy metalcore! Beartooth is where I prefer to get that sound rather than Falling in Reverse. A f***ing killer song to love!

Premonitions of War - "Correspondences" from The True Face of Panic (2002)

4.5/5. This one has some of the most metal blast-beats I've heard from a metal/hardcore band. The deathgrind sound has some abstract chords, opening a wide tunnel with devastating chaos at its end.

Earth Crisis - "Born From Pain" from Destroy the Machines (1995)

5/5. Up next is this introspective blast of heavy weight in the music and lyrics. It was also recently covered by Eighteen Visions in their own cover album.

Code Orange - "I Am King" from I Am King (2014)

4.5/5. This track starts with opening and closing walls of distorted sound before the volume and power increase for their usual hardcore/metalcore.

Shai Hulud - "Outside the Boundaries of a Friend" from Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion (1997)

5/5. This one has excellent guitar intricacy that would make me say the Owen Wilson "WOW." The perfect devastation comes during the breakdowns in contrast to lightning fast rhythms that sear through.

Strongarm - "Stand Together" from Atonement (1995)

4.5/5. One of my favorites here, with a message of never giving up on grace.

Burst - "Rain" from Prey on Life (2003)

4/5. A beautiful prog-ish metalcore track. What else can I say?

Atreyu - "Ain't Love Grand" from Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002)

4.5/5. This song from the band's debut album is greatly addictive! When I was in my late teens, my brother was playing some of his favorite songs on his guitar. This song ain't one of them, but it should've been. I'm barely complaining at all!

Animosity - "Grey Skies" from Shut It Down (2003)

5/5. This nearly 3-minute-long song unleashes the might of their deathcore groove from the two different coasts, even having some Undying-like melody. There isn't anything acoustic, just brutal deathly weight.

Hatebreed - "Not One Truth" from Satisfaction is the Death of Desire (1997)

5/5. One of the best tracks in the playlist, blasting through rebellious lyrics and chorus rhythm.

Cable - "Steel Cage Match" from Variable Speed Drive (1996)

4.5/5. A highlight in which the anger and passion makes up for the slight unpolished mistakes.

Converge - "Homewrecker" from Jane Doe (2001)

5/5. This one cranks the chaos back to full throttle. It is a definitely a killer standout in everything from the lyrics to the vocals and instruments with higher versatility than bands like Botch. There's some more brilliant guitar work and drumming. The brilliant chorus kick a** with drums, riffs, and vocal howls that can really wreck your home if you play it at full blast.

Zao - "Lies of Serpents, a River of Tears" from Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest (1998)

5/5. Continuing that metallic direction is this awesome track, especially in the guitar duo's atonal riffing.

Ice Nine Kills - "Thank God It's Friday" from The Silver Scream (2018)

4.5/5. This song continues the tempo and execution in epic chaotic atmosphere

All That Remains - "Victory Lap" from The Order of Things (2015)

5/5. This is another heavy rock/alt-metal anthem with easier instrumentation. It's actually the song that got me into this band, thanks to my brother who also likes this band (he likes metalcore as well but when it's closer to his usual hard rock/alt-metal taste).

Trivium - "Catastrophist" from What the Dead Men Say (2020)

5/5. There are some risks that end up paying off greatly, such as a radio-friendly singalong chorus. Then at the halfway mark, the mosh pit opens with a face-tearing assault. The furious drumming is what keeps everything together and not fall out of place.

Eighteen Visions - "Prelude to an Epic/Flowers for Ingrid" from Until the Ink Runs Out (2000)

4.5/5. The first part is an epic intro that sounds the intro for one of the songs by Brandan Schieppati's main band Bleeding Through, especially in the background keyboards. Then the second part has the band's usual metalcore.

Prayer for Cleansing - "A Dead Soul Born" from Rain in Endless Fall (1999)

5/5. This one attacks with fantastic black-metalcore that makes you forget that some of these guys are from BTBAM.

Celldweller, The Browning - "A Matter of Time - The Browning Remix" from A Matter of Time (The Browning Remix) (2019)

5/5. A heavy DOOM-style death/metalcore remix of a Celldweller song! If The Browning and Celldweller ever tour together, they should definitely perform this remix live. Although there are a couple slow djenty deathcore breakdowns, at the two-minute mark is a different kind of breakdown, one of aggrotech adrenaline. Total electronic fire! Celldweller has also remixed one of Asking Alexandria's songs. I guess you can consider this remix industrial djenty death/metalcore. I definitely prefer to find electronics in metal rather than pop. This certainly is heavier than Metallica has ever gone, or even Slipknot. I f***ing love this collaboration. The vocals range from brutal to clean, as does the instrumentation enhanced by The Browning in a battle between life and death. Would you believe that this is the same Celldweller that made the 2003 debut? Well... Yes and no! That's how absolutely precious this is.

Despised Icon - "Bad Vibes" from Beast (2016)

4.5/5. "YOU GIVE ME BAD VIBES!" Totally killer deathcore right there.

Impending Doom - "Deceiver" from Baptized in Filth (2012)

5/5. Same with this one, but guess what, this band is Christian! You might find it hard to believe how bad-a** the song is, especially over the two-minute mark, but that's what they are. The vocalist has great range, not just deathly low. And they said Christianity and death metal/core don't mix...

The Word Alive - "The Fortune Teller" from Real (2014)

4.5/5. Start off from the intro that sounds like the beginning of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face", this is a catchy song to jam along to, all the way to the perfect outro. This album Real is filled with solid favorites. The solo at the 3-minute mark is one of the sick performed by Zack Hansen. The lyrics are well thought-put and have deep meaning for your lost struggles, "Here I am now, am I all alone?" Towards the end of the bridge, there's a bit of a Staind vibe, but the song definitely sounds more like Architects than Staind.

Parkway Drive - "Bottom Feeder" from Ire (2015)

4/5. The heaviness returns with a "GO!!" in this mid-paced anthem, starting with an interesting 30-second riff intro. The guitars, drums, and vocals are all in interesting interplay, especially in the gang chorus that makes that song a phenomenal track.

Mouthbreather - "Born Dead" from Pig (2017)

3.5/5. Interesting submission, Daniel. This is actually one of only two tracks I like from this EP, having Daughters-like early 2000s mathcore I prefer.

Any Given Day - "Never Surrender" from Overpower (2019)

4/5. This one sounds a bit like Five Finger Death Punch mixed with 2000s Killswitch Engage. Still it's quite bad-A! Anyone who grew up in the 80s can enjoy Megadeth, but it's the more modern bands I'm looking out for. The chorus almost reminds me of Linkin Park. My favorite song from this band besides "Savior"!

Convictions - "Wreckage" from I Won't Survive (2021)

4.5/5. Another well-done killer metalcore track! That's all I gotta say there.

Sienna Skies - "Quarterlife" from A Darker Shade of Truth (2016)

4/5. I also like this one, though the mixing could've better. Next!

Living Sacrifice - "Apostasy" from The Infinite Order (2010)

4.5/5. As we approach the end of this playlist, here's an epic song that reminds me of Trivium's "The Shadow of the Abattoir".

Gaza - "Not With All the Hope in the World" from No Absolutes in Human Suffering (2012)

4/5. Let's end this with a relentless doomy swansong for this band's career. "It's the same noise every day, we walk back and forth".

Pretty good playlist I've made, huh? Despite some bumpiness near the end. Anyway, I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but is up to getting into a great start for the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

I've been getting a bit lackadaisical of late with feature releases and have only been listening to those from my chosen clans, so I have vowed to start listening to them all, even if I don't review all of them and first up is this month's Revolution representative, Gaza's second album He Is Never Coming Back. I did check out their debut, I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die, when it was a feature release a couple of years back and I fucking hated it. Consequently, this didn't fill me with a huge amount of enthusiasm for the sophomore and I can't lie, I nearly always struggle with The Revolution and it's metal/mathcore content. That said, I did get much more out of this than I expected to. I still struggle with the vocals as they (in common with so many whatever-core releases) often sound like a toddler having a temper tantrum in Tesco's (a steroid-fuelled, 220lb toddler admittedly, but still!) I did enjoy a large proportion of the musical content however, maybe because the sludge component is more prevalent here than on the debut, or maybe because it feels a bit more accomplished than the earlier release. Whichever way, I wouldn't go out of my way to obtain a copy, but if it was on I wouldn't switch it off either and I think I would enjoy it a whole lot more with a less shout-y vocalist (but I guess that is what The Revolution is all about). A couple of tracks grabbed my attention - the main riff of The Meat of a Leg Joint is brilliant and the epic-sounding, although short, instrumental piece that follows it, The Astronomer, is a gorgeous and portentious-sounding piece. The lengthy, unnamed closer, or hidden track if you will, appeals to my Fallen sensibilities with it's serene and measured build-up and is reminiscent of the likes of Neurosis, proving that Gaza don't have to be super-intense all the time, which is no bad thing (and it has no vocals). Overall, He Is Never Coming Back had some really good moments and I like the overarching structure with the instrumental interludes breaking up the super-intensity of the main tracks, so this is probably as good as it gets for me and The Revolution and as such I would probably have to call it a success.

On a side note, does anyone know if this is this a concept album with the connecting instrumental tracks having intellectual/scientific occupation names?


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Converge - "First Light" from You Fail Me (2004)

4.5/5. Before the deranged mayhem of this playlist begins, this track is a gentle atmospheric intro.

Nora - "Theneverendingyouline" from Theneverendingyouline (1999)

4/5. This track is the only one from this EP I can stand. The metal riffing and bass crashes in and kicks you hard in the neck. The mix of metal and hardcore punk works well with the tempo. However, the vocals are too harshly twisted and predictable, like the guy's voice is heavily strained.

Parkway Drive - "Gimme AD" from Killing with a Smile (2005)

4.5/5. This one hits you hard with their prevalent attitude of wrath. It has all that listeners can be ready for; fast riffing, solid drumming, fantastic screaming, and heavy breakdowns. They have it all!

All Shall Perish - "Deconstruction" from Hate.Malice.Revenge (2003)

5/5. This intense yet short track has an incredible blend of punishing rhythms, searing guitars, and hyper-fast blast-beats. And the great intensity doesn't stop from there, continuing and increasing throughout.

Electric Callboy - "Pump It" from Tekkno (2022)

4.5/5. A total pumper! You can work out and run a 10K race to this. My brother loves this slightly more than I do though.

Killswitch Engage - "Temple from the Within" from Killswitch Engage (2000)

5/5. Like the movie Michelle Yeoh won the Best Actress award for shortly before this review, everything everywhere all at once kicks through! Without an intro, the instrumentation hits you non-stop. A great mid-paced perfect experience!

Bleeding Through - "Number Seven with a Bullet" from This is Love, This is Murderous (2003)

5/5. This one has the best riffing of this album, possibly the best by the band, with some breakdowns along the way.

Shadows Fall - "Fleshold" from Of One Blood (2000)

4.5/5. Solid extreme metalcore. Need I say more?

The Ghost Inside - "Engine 45" from Get What You Give (2012)

4.5/5. This is the kind of song you need for any crisis you struggle with. This band needs a lot more fame and glory. Let us have the bravery to choose our actions, break these chains, and keep swinging!

The Red Chord - "Catalepsy" from Fused Together in Revolving Doors (2002)

5/5. Next up is this song having some of the fastest brutality, starting awesome in the riffing without ever stopping. Psyopus did a comedic cover of that song as a hidden track for the album Our Puzzling Encounters Considered.

The Acacia Strain - "Doppelganger" from ...And Life is Very Long (2002)

5/5. This without a doubt serves as an intersection between several of the hardcore/metalcore genres from earlier and later bands; the hardcore of Strife, the metalcore/melodic metalcore of August Burns Red and Parkway Drive, and the deathcore of Chelsea Grin. Fantastic!

Avenged Sevenfold - "Remenissions" from Waking the Fallen (2003)

4.5/5. This one is a little darker, unleashing a brutal growl of pummeling drums and sinister guitars, then they slow down for a great thick verse. What really stands out is the perfectly placed drumming and guitar changes. Soon it goes through mid-tempo before blazing through a hardcore onslaught. It's a fantastic listen! I also love that Hispanic-esque segment.

Crisis - "Surviving the Siren" from The Hollowing (1997)

4.5/5. This is the greatest song of its original album, with every one of Karyn Crisis' vocal styles here; operatic singing, monstrous growling, and banshee-like shrieking. The lyrics seem to twist around The Odyssey, specifically the part with the sirens, in which lust can lead to doom. The drumming gets crazier and descends into chaos as the song progresses, and the only light in the darkness is the beautiful chorus sung by Karyn. You really gotta stick around for that song and have it stick to you!

Emmure - "Sons of Medusa" from Sons of Medusa (2021)

5/5. How long has it been since I last heard a song from this band before this one, almost a year? Apparently, it's an outtake from the album Hindsight, released a year earlier. It could've probably served as the album's intro or something. I cannot miss this band in my life!

Motionless in White - "Soft" from Graveyard Shift (2017)

4.5/5. For a song with that title, it's anything but soft. It's a more hardcore song, especially in the vocals that reach death growling, sounding closer to Slipknot. This song is worth headbanging to at loud volume.

Trivium - "A Crisis of Revelation" from In the Court of the Dragon (2021)

4/5. This Ascendancy-style heavy throwback isn't the best highlight of the new Trivium album but still manages to fit well with the other high-quality tracks.

Any Given Day - "Arise" from Everlasting (2016)

4.5/5. You get to hear some more of Trivium frontman Matt Heafy's perfect vocals here, though only his cleans are present because this is at the time with his blown-out voice hadn't completely healed. F***ing epic headbanging riff fire!

The Devil Wears Prada - "Cancer" from Color Decay (2022)

5/5. Such a masterpiece of a song, like a metalcore power ballad! I watched a music video for an earlier song from this band like 8 years ago, and back then I wasn't totally interested because I didn't start enjoying metalcore yet at the time. Now I'm destined to find more of this band! The song was written by keyboardist Jonathan Gering in memory of a late friend of his. RIP

Northlane - "Impulse" from Node (2015)

4.5/5. People weren't keen at first about vocalist Marcus Bridge when he first joined, but he can really bring new sounds to the old, and that's why he's an awesome vocalist! "So alone in a digital world..." Massive heaviness and diversity right here! That's how much I love this band, and the breakdown rules! Structures had also tackled the topic of the truth of the digital age. It can actually fit in the Digimon video games or anime! The sound would've been what would happen if Underoath didn't have their hiatus after Disambiguation and instead took on a more progressive sound before their recent albums.

Attila - "Pizza" from Pizza (2018)

5/5. I sh*t you not, this actually what got me interested in this band. My brother found the music video for this song and thought it was hilarious. I enjoyed the music enough to give this song and band a thumbs-up. Humor and riff-wrath sound amazing together! Now if you don't like pineapple on pizza, just peel it off. Don't go on a breakdown-infused rage like Fronz in the video.

Wage War - "Twenty-One" from Blueprints (2015)

4.5/5. Another modern metalcore song that has made me smile.

Zao - "All Else Failed" from All Else Failed (1995)

5/5. The 12-minute title epic of the band's debut is their longest track, and one of the longest metalcore epics I've ever encountered. They unleash everything that they can in the first 8 minutes, then after a one-minute break, a 3-minute acoustic ending plays, along with a bit of clean vocals. Epic!

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Sick on Sunday" from Ire Works (2007)

4.5/5. This one is more experimental, basically heavy breakbeat electro-grind.

Iwrestledabearonce - "Deodorant Can't Fix Ugly" from Ruining It for Everybody (2011)

4.5/5. A very chilling song with amazing vocals by Krysta Cameron who I wish could've been with the band longer, no hate for Courtney LaPlante.

Car Bomb - "Infinite Sun" from Meta (2016)

5/5. This track summarizes all this band has done. Cleans and screams collide as riffs blow your mind. In the middle is some Deftones-like rock before ending with the heaviest djent workout.

Memphis May Fire - "The Redeemed" from The Hollow (2011)

4.5/5. Another track I really like. It motivates you to leave behind the past and move on to the future, all in positive self-empowerment for your life. There's a bit of a link between this band and Christianity. The song is quite excellent, and it can encourage you to fight back against the criticism you might receive for your religion or lifestyle. Despite nothing being eternal, you gotta do what's right for all that's temporary. Anything can and will happen. In a way, this foreshadows what the band would have next in Challenger. Other bands that might have a similar sound and message include Imminence.

Shadow of Intent - "The Tartarus Impalement" from Reclaimer (2017)

4/5. Well, after that metalcore song of motivation comes one more song, of symphonic deathcore destruction and despair. It starts a bit mundane in the first 4 minutes, then the epicness rises at over the 4-minute mark with such great music, lyrics, and vocals. "And I'll never see home again, never comfort my wife as she mourns and I'll never hear the cries of my firstborn son, How can I possibly continue on?!" F***ing d*mn, man! Pure beauty and emotion rolls on throughout that minute. Then comes another amazing minute where the band work together to unleash their power in battle. The final climax goes on the last one and a half minute and the hero impales the enemy and rules in victory. Talk about such a finale for this playlist! Though it probably would've been better in the first half...

HOLY SH*T, this is probably close to the best metalcore playlist I've ever done, with every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars, except for a few tracks in the beginning, middle, and end forming a small bump. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!


Converge - "Jane Live" (2017)

Another classic album performed in its entirety at the Roadburn Festival & a very well executed one too it has to be said. I'm certainly a big fan of 2001's highly influential "Jane Doe" record although it's worth mentioning that i prefer three or four of Converge's other releases over it so I definitely fall into the minority there. If anything though, this live album only works to strengthen that release's hold on the metalcore community as it highlights everything that makes Converge so great. It's even rawer & more chaotic than the studio version yet the amazing technical skills of the various band members are still perfectly obvious to the listener due to an easily decipherable mix. Sure, as with any live release there are a few songs where I definitely favour the studio versions & I find that these generally match up with the more chaotic material (see "Concubine", "Fault & Fracture", "Phoenix In Flames"). The opposite can be said of the simpler tracks though & I found myself enjoying hardcore stormer "Homewrecker"  for the very first time. The crunchier sludge-infused numbers are the ones that truly destroy me though with this version of the title track potentially representing Converge's crowning achievement. I'd suggest that "Jane Live" should be a no-brainer for Converge fans & essential listening for anyone partial to mathy metacore.



Daniel, seeing how much you've been enjoying some releases that mix mathcore with grindcore, I don't think you'll have any problem checking out this killer brutal EP from Premonitions of War:


Here's my review:

I’ve found my taste profile to be increasingly open to The Revolution in recent years but it tends to be only certain pockets that really float my boat with others leaving me a bit flat. Clearly the most appealing style of metalcore for me though is the more chaotic & extreme forms of mathcore, particularly when combined with sludge metal &/or grindcore. I’ve been known to seek out releases that fall into that bracket occasionally in order to satisfy my itch for those sounds & Mouthbreather’s “Pig” appeared to be a very promising prospect based on the information I was reading online with reviews being generally very positive & the grindcore genre receiving regular mentions as an influence so I was pretty confident of finding another off-the-hook addition to my small list of short & psychotic balls of energy.

Interestingly though, the very short seven minute “Pig” E.P. isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. For starters, it’s far from the most technical of mathcore releases. In fact, I’d suggest that it falls somewhere in between mathcore & traditional metalcore even though it’s quite a noisy & chaotic release. It’s structures just aren’t that rhythmically complex & the links to the mathy end of the genre tend to come more from the unusual use of guitar noise which is a feature of the record. Where is the grindcore that people have been referencing though? I can only identify about 30 seconds of grind influence across the whole seven tracks to be honest which left me a touch disappointed given my strong affiliation with The Horde. I can only guess that it’s the very short track lengths that are prompting people to make that link but let's not forget that short track lengths are par for the course in purist hardcore circles.

Anthony Santagati’s over-the-top vocals fall well within the confines of the metalcore spectrum & he does a reasonably good job as he spits his words out with undeniable spite & vitriol. The use of metalcore breakdowns is quite prominent too with the occasional use of gravity drops also being employed to provide a little more oomph. Both of those elements see Mouthbreather losing a little steam for me personally as they start to angle them back towards the masses when they don’t actually sound all that generic. “Ryan Goes To Rehab” is more of a short sludge metal piece which appears to have been included in order to break up the relentless barrage of metallic hardcore aggression. I think it’s fit for purpose too but the same can’t be said for closing sound collage piece “Religion & Tonic” which sees the E.P. petering out in a whimper & is one of the deciding factors in “Pig” missing out on a pass mark from me when you consider that it’s also one of the longer inclusions in the tracklisting. The other main detractor is the noticeable lack of highlights with all six of the metal-based tracks being quite good but none of them ever really threatening to reach a solid 4/5 score. When your closer is as poor as this one then you really need at least a couple of truly great tracks to balance it out but unfortunately that’s not the case here.

I’ve been a little disappointed with “Pig” to be honest as I was expecting more given how highly regarded it seems to be. Bands like Gaza, War From A Harlot’s Mouth & Inside The Beehive do this extreme brand of mathcore much better than this in my opinion & I’d recommend that you explore those artists before venturing towards Mouthbreather. Then again, the seven minute run time hardly requires much investment now, does it?


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Lorna Shore - "To the Hellfire" from ...And I Return to Nothingness (2021)

5/5. Although this brutal opener appeared in Daniel's final Revolution playlist before I started taking over a year and a half ago, I felt ready to once again comment on this song that was previously too intense for me. I'm glad I can stand the deathcore intensity now with this second round. This is perhaps the discovery of deathcore for many listeners, probably including my brother, perhaps from the breakdown alone, which we'll get to soon. It's incredible how rapidly the song's video gained millions of views. The entire band's talent is also beyond incredible, with Ramos taking the front stage with his vocal rage. From this opener, you get the greatest taste of operatic/demonic black-ish deathcore. It's so amazing and better appreciated with headphones. It's hard to believe that this furious breakdown is what caused my bro to convert from alt-metal/pop-punk into full-on epic deathcore right off the bat, but that's what happened. It occurs 5 minutes into the track after some speed metal soloing, with the consuming line of "Swallowed by the womb of death!!!" You would also hear the most demonic shrieks ever! This breakdown is such a f***ing ride with nothing dramatic to precede it.

We Came as Romans - "Intentions" from To Plant a Seed (2009)

4.5/5. RIP Kyle Pavone. His heartful lyrics and beautiful clean vocals are what keep songs like this inspiring since its release. The drumming is also quite creative. All that and the symphonic breakdown add to the song's superb power.

36 Crazyfists - "We Gave It Hell" from The Tide and Its Takers (2008)

4.5/5. This one's super cool. You might think I would listen to this in my high-school-age teens, but NAH. My metal interest was much different back then.

Sikth - "Peep Show" from The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild (2003)

5/5. A brilliant song from a band I can't believe I only just recently discovered. The lyrics are definitely what I love here! The band can take on the beautiful and raging sides coming from the two vocalists in diverse range. The song fits hauntingly well with the autism that I have. I think it can help autistics like myself find pride and hope. The band would go on hiatus after their second album, but I'm glad they returned with more material. The lyrics might sound harsh to some, and I mean the lyrics do sound a bit emo, while still being meaningful, but they're still as awesome as the music. But if anyone tries to harshly put them down, let them know that they have a "flawed opinion".

From Autumn to Ashes - "The After Dinner Payback" from The Fiction We Live (2003)

4.5/5. Another song that needs to be heard more! The singing is so emotional, balancing out with the killer growls. I'm a couple f***ing decades late for when the early 2000s metalcore/post-hardcore scene was rolling, but better late than never. I just love those screams, f*** those who hate it. Too bad the screamer Benjamin Perri left the band before their 4th album and last before their hiatus. Still I'm glad those screams add to the song's heavy aspect.

Motionless in White - "Slaughterhouse" from Scoring the End of the World (2022)

4.5/5. This is a f***ing heavy fun track, featuring Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose. He and Chris Motionless do perfect vocal alternation in the brutal bad-a** breakdowns, alongside political lyrics, "In the land of the free you’re a slave to your wealth". The chorus is slightly out-of-place within the heaviness, but still enjoyable.

Despised Icon - "Absolu" from Consumed by Your Poison (2002)

5/5. An absolute highlight of early deathcore hellfire!

Make Them Suffer - "Maelstrom" from Neverbloom (2012)

5/5. This is an absolute f***ing storm of epic and extreme, and I'm not saying it like a brown-nosing fanboy. This is more true epic deathcore power! A breakdown here might seem simple but it's another one of the most powerful in the album. It is the second of the three 6 and a half minute epics. Once again, the lyrics are so poetic that they can be published as poetry without the music. Those beautiful poetic lyrics are brutalized by the powerful screams of lead vocalist Sean Harmanis with a mighty voice ranging from black metal shrieks to death metal growls. The guitar work here is incredible too. The drumming is great, but it drowns out the bass.

All That Remains - "Become the Catalyst" from The Fall of Ideals (2006)

4.5/5. This one starts with a death growl, fast melodeath riffs, and a simple drum beat. Still the usual fast riffs and drumming, catchy chorus and solos, etc.

Upon This Dawning - "Embrace the Evil" from We Are All Sinners (2014)

4.5/5. Blasting dark metalcore to level up this playlist. I wish this band would be more well-known.

The Amity Affliction - "The Weigh Down" from Let the Ocean Take Me (2014)

5/5. I remember seeing the music video for this song on TV 8 years ago, but I wasn't ready for the noise of metalcore at the time. Now I am, and I'm certainly ready for more of this band! Man, remembering what I found all those years ago makes me feel old, even though I'm currently in my young 20s.

Killswitch Engage - "Eye of the Storm" from As Daylight Dies (2006)

5/5. I also remember this band from around the time that I first saw that Amity Affliction music video, and once again this high-quality melodic metalcore sound hits me much more than it would've back then.

As I Lay Dying - "A Greater Foundation" from Awakened (2012)

5/5. This band I've haven't encountered as early as those two previous bands, but now I recognize their greatness. There's clean vocal insanity to stay in your mind long. The lyrics are so cool! The instrumentation has a bit of a Machine Vibe, though much better performed.

Any Given Day - "Possession" from My Longest Way Home (2014)

4.5/5. I heard my brother listening to this song in one of our car rides last month, and my mind was hooked! Before my brother started listening to this song and a couple others from Any Given Day, the only song I heard from that band was their cover of Rihanna's "Diamonds". For this song, the music is so hammering. This is amazing killer sh*t right here! It was certainly f***ing worth leveling up our city drives. The breakdown at the one-and-a-half minute mark is a brutal surprise. Though the one that occurs two minutes later is legendary, like holy sh*t! Then it all ends with a fading ambient outro.

Candiria - "Temple of Sickness" from The Process of Self-Development (1999)

4.5/5. At over the 4-minute mark is a brutal slam-core breakdown, then a minute later, the vocals reach death-growling while having the mid-paced metalcore of Cold as Life.

The Acacia Strain - "One Thousand Painful Stings" from Slow Decay (2020)

5/5. Destructive deathcore groove with soft pretty vocals from Courtney LaPlante (ex-Iwrestledabearonce, Spiritbox). Keep it up, Acacia!

Asking Alexandria - "I Won't Give In" from The Black (2016)

4.5/5. The dark ages of this band's career are translated into this song with defiant choruses.

108 - "Son of Nanda" from Songs of Separation (1995)

3/5. This song has the best lyrics here of chasing dreams built on emptiness, "Worship the Son of Nanda sweet and become fearless".

Eighteen Visions - "Motionless in White" from The Best Of (2001)

3.5/5. It's so interesting how one of my favorite metalcore bands Motionless in White is named after this song from another one of my favorite bands. Not just any band, but one versatile enough to inspired a new legion of the genre! This song is not really one of the best from this band though.

Wage War - "Godspeed" from Manic (2021)

4/5. D*mn, this one is good and crazy! However, as metal as the song sounds, the clean vocals sound a bit too pop-punky.

Defiler - "Fanueil Falls" from A Deity Depraved (2021)

4.5/5. High-quality ambient metalcore. Enough said!

All Shall Perish - "The Death Plague" from This Is Where It Ends (2011)

5/5. I only discovered All Shall Perish a few months ago, and already I f***ing miss them! An amazing blend of brutal vocals and fantastic guitar, bass, and drums makes this band one of the top 10 of deathcore for me. It would be great if they could continue with a new album. This band can be f***ing creative while staying brutal. In my opinion, this band is more tolerable than Hate Eternal and lightyears better than Suicide Silence. Deathcore is an interesting solid genre that I think shouldn't be hit with so much hate.

Will Haven - "I've Seen My Fate" from El Diablo (1997)

5/5. The grand highlight of this band's debut has the band's signature violence.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Widower" from Option Paralysis (2010)

4.5/5. This one has a more open free structure and is one of the band's rare ballads with Greg Puciato's vast vocals alongside piano performed by Mike Garson, best known for performing in some of David Bowie's albums. Then the impulsive riff-barrage returns towards the end.

The Chariot - "The King" from Long Live (2010)

5/5. This one is a 6-minute long epic, a bit like a more experimental heavy Underoath, whose producer Matt Goldman help recorded this album in a live analog technique.

Electric Callboy - "Tekkno Train" from Tekkno (2022)

4.5/5. All aboard!!! This is a train of techno-metalcore innuendo!

Deadguy - "Apparatus" from Fixation on a Co-Worker (1995)

4.5/5. There's rapid metal complexity all over this amazing yet short track.

Zao - "Man in Cage Jack Wilson" from Liberate Te Ex Inferis (1999)

5/5. I'm sure there are over a dozen notable people with that name mentioned in the title. It starts with an Event Horizon sample that includes the original album's eponymous phrase. It's the same sample as the one heard in the beginning of "Prom Song" from Every Time I Die's debut EP and the intro "Bellum in Abyssus" from Psyclon Nine's Crwn Thy Frnicatr. For this song, we have a dark yet beautiful 7-minute sludgy metalcore Crusade to end this playlist.

HOLY SH*T, this is probably close to the best metalcore playlist I've ever done, with every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars, except for a few tracks in the middle forming a small bump. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Stigmata - "The Heart Grows Harder" (from The Hard Grows Harder, 1992)

4.5/5. A great way to start the playlist is with the best song in its original album by far, a 7-minute opening epic that reminds me of Paradise Lost's Shades of God in the earlier verses. Then midway through, things go as fast as the speed/thrash metal of early Metallica. But there's still a bit of the hardcore/metalcore that represents what the earlier bands of the genre were going for. Then it slows down again to that Paradise Lost-like pace. The rest of the original album is 5 more songs with two scattered interludes, but none of them match the title track's glory.

Bleeding Through - "Fade into the Ash" (from Love Will Kill All, 2018)

5/5. A blistering mix of epicness and extremeness, and one of the most glorious metalcore songs I've ever heard! It displays the band's crushing music with huge hooks and one of the greatest choruses in the album and the band, topped off by symphonic keyboards. Pretty much every element the band has is served in just 3 and a half minutes. WELCOME F***ING BACK!!!

Dead to Fall - "Stupid?" (from Are You Serious?, 2008)

5/5. This one unleashes mighty in-your-face deathly metalcore to make fun of the genre in the lyrics, with Hunt bellowing about how "F***ING STUPID!!!" this song is, mentioning the "OH SH*T!!" At the Gates-like thrashy death metal riff while it's playing, and finally ending it all "WITH A F***ING BREAKDOWN!!!" There's more eclectic programming to come later...

Deadwater Drowning - "The Best Sex I Ever Had Started with a 900-Number and a Credit Card Verification" (from Deadwater Drowning, 2003)

4.5/5. This is perhaps the best song of its original EP, scary with some bits of Drowningman.

Shai Hulud - "The Consummate Dragon" (from That Within Blood Ill-Tempered, 2003)

5/5. One of the best songs of the more hardcore side of metalcore! Lots of people should find this song and witness what's to love there. "How does it sleep at night, this tyrant?! Heaping slaves on the pyre just to watch ambition burn!"

Trivium - "Insurrection" (from Shogun, 2008)

4.5/5. This one has the melodic vocals and thrashy guitar playing from The Crusade while still keeping some sinister metalcore screams and breakdowns.

All That Remains - "The Last Time" (from For We Are Many, 2010)

5/5. This is probably the best song of its original album and my second favorite by the band, behind "Two Weeks" from Overcome. It really brings their metal sound despite mostly clean vocals and the repetitive chorus.

Kingdom of Giants - "Motif" (from All the Hell You've Got to Spare, 2017)

4.5/5. Another track that's really hard to dislike because of how much the band has accomplished. Holy sh*t, the vocal variation is quite a lot!

Lorna Shore - "Into the Earth" (from Pain Remains, 2022)

5/5. Part of the epicness or Lorna Shore's new album, this one drives further with its frantic verses and dramatic chorus.

Slaughter to Prevail - "Demolisher" (from Kostolom, 2021)

4.5/5. And right after that Lorna Shore track is a killer song from a different band with the f***ing monstrous vocalist Alex Terrible. This song tackles the selfishness of their country Russia's government that doesn't care about the wars their citizens are suffering through. At one minute left, there's a f***ing brutal breakdown that fans of the genre would love to headbang to, right after Alex screams the song title "DEMOLISHER!!" This is real deathcore demolition!

From Here On - "Shard of Glass" (from Hope for a Bleeding Sky, 2000)

4.5/5. One of only two great highlights in this EP, this one is a total spine-chiller.

Sikth - "How May I Help You" (from How May I Help You, 2002)

5/5. This fantastic song has a crazy lot of guitar shredding and screaming babbling in a way that I love. Apparently it tells some kind of interesting fictional story.

Void of Vision - "Hole in Me" (from Hyperdaze, 2020)

5/5. There's a redux version of this track that features Kenta Koie of Crossfaith. His scream at over the two and a half minute mark is the f***ing killer sh*t!

Strife - "Angermeans" (from Angermeans, 2001)

4.5/5. Angermeans is an amazing underrated album by this band, Strife, with lots of original emotion. This song is really great, with a f***ing amazing riff to start it. Although there's also a bit of experimentation in that album, it's still like a more metallic Terror.

Ice Nine Kills - "Hip to Be Scared" (from The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood, 2021)

5/5. This one is based on American Psycho, and the first single of the album. They've really executed their sound like an execution! Great parts of the song include the sample of the original Huey Lewis song, and background vocals by Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach.

Memphis May Fire - "This Light I Hold" (from This Light I Hold, 2016)

4.5/5. Also featuring Jacoby Shaddix, the lyrics are about people or things being deemed bad by haters who don't bother collecting evidence. That's an excellent metaphor for people putting down metal because of the lyrical themes from death/black metal that they think every metal genre has when they obviously don't.

The Chariot - "David De La Hoz" (from Long Live, 2010)

5/5. A video was made for this diverse highlight. The song features a weird bridge from a hillbilly preacher, and it ends with a soft harp outro.

Unbroken - "Blanket" (from Life. Love. Regret, 1994)

4.5/5. Another intense unforgiving highlight! That's all there is to say...

The Browning - "Carnage" (from Geist, 2018)

5/5. I just love this American take on Crossfaith's electronic metalcore sound. This can work as a wrestling theme.

August Burns Red - "Ghosts" (from Found in Far Away Places, 2015)

4.5/5. This one starts with what almost sounds like the intro to one of the slower In Flames songs. But the song itself is interesting with clean vocals by Jeremy McKinnon from A Day to Remember, balancing out the melody with the mood that haunts you as much as ghosts.

Motionless in White - "Puppets 2 (The Rain)" (from Infamous, 2012)

5/5. This one starts off sounding a bit like brutal death metal. The chorus is sung by Soilwork's Björn Strid alongside the bellowing of Chris. It's clear how much intense passion can be found in these lyrics of storytelling vision.

Parkway Drive - "Deliver Me" (from Sleepwalker, 2010)

4.5/5. This is a brutal yet simple fan favorite to keep the live crowd energized.

Amaranthe - "Danger Zone" (from Massive Addictive, 2014)

4.5/5. This one, having a bit of the metalcore side of the band's sound, continues Elize's angelic siren-like vocals while also displaying Henrik's vocal ability, perfectly suited to hammer through heavy riff breakdowns in a shattering pulse.

From Autumn to Ashes - "Short Stories with Tragic Endings" (from Too Bad You're Beautiful, 2001)

5/5. Such a beautiful 9-minute epic that I love from this band, almost fitting well for a both an anime battle scene and anime romantic scene. So inspiring without anything forced! Within all that emotional passion, the ending is an absolute tear-jerker. It's different from what the band would make in other songs like "The After Dinner Payback". The calm ending occurs after the metalcore storm, from the 6-minute mark onwards. The vocals by Melanie Wills and violin makes this song a symphonic metal/post-hardcore track as a whole. Except the ending doesn't get heavy, and her vocals sound more like Avril Lavigne than any female vocalist in symphonic metal. It's quite bearable for the softer listeners, and works well in the aftermath of a heartbreak. "Did you ever look, did you ever see that one person?"

Rolo Tomassi - "Howl" (from Astraea, 2012)

5/5. Howl to the moon for this mind-blowing band of female-led mathcore that reminds me of The Dillinger Escape Plan and early Between the Buried and Me! How hardcore and heavy can they go?! They can surely dominate the mathcore scene. The breakdown at over the two and a half minute mark is a total headbanger. Nicely done!

Car Bomb - "Blackened Battery" (from Mordial, 2019)

5/5. This one is also unforgiving with their time signature changes. This really displays their Metallica influences, with the title coming from two Metallica songs, and different sections paying tribute to "Blackened" in the most mathcore way possible. It's like cheese, crackers, and milk, a few separate things that make an awesome combo!

Chelsea Grin - "All Hail the Fallen King" (from My Damnation, 2011)

4.5/5. An amazing slaying deathcore song, featuring Philip Bozeman of Whitechapel.

The Last Ten Seconds of Life - "Annihilation Phenomena" (from Disquisition on an Execution, 2022)

4/5. My brother told me about this band that a friend of his enjoys that's heavier than what he's comfortable with. Having experienced this kind of heaviness, I decided to check this band out, and it's probably heavier than what I'm used to. This track is still a great brutal deathcore ripper.

Coalesce - "There is a Word Hidden in the Ground" (from Ox, 2009)

4.5/5. This crushing slow closer is a brilliant favorite of mine to end it all!

HOLY SH*T, this is probably the best metalcore playlist I've ever done, with every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars, except for one 4-star track. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here's my review summary:

If you can look back at Underoath's past in the couple years before this album in a more outer perspective, you can find the era of Define the Great Line to be the highlight of this band's career, with that album reaching a golden spot on the Billboard. However, I only think most of the second half of that album is good, so they could've just made an EP or something, and that album's future wasn't bright for the band either. They dropped out of the Warped Tour due to Spencer Chamberlain's drug abuse and almost split up. Luckily they stood strong and fought those hard times to unleash one of two more albums, Lost in the Sound of Separation! This is the second album in a row co-produced by Adam Dutkiewicz and Matt Goldman, but now, helping with the mixing was David Bendeth who had also just mixed Paramore album #2 Riot! (coincidentally, Aaron Gillespie would tour with Paramore during Underoath's two-year split). The 11 songs in this album are probably the most massive I've heard from this band, with wide vibes moving you in different directions. Chamberlain's massive growls shake the speakers alongside Gillespie's improved singing and bombastic drumming. One moment there are soothing calm melodies, and the next has the huge guitar riffing from Timothy McTague and James Smith. Grant Brandell’s booming bass and Christopher Dudley's atmospheric keyboards let the instrumentation really pummel away the so-so-ness of Define the Great Line. And one highlight is a very notable one, for me anyway; "Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home" may waste a bit of review space with its long title, but the song itself never wastes any time. I sh*t you not, this was used briefly in a TheOdd1sOut video, and that restored my music video memories of this band and got me to start listening to them full-time. Lyrics like "We always assume the worst!" and "How can I still be alive?!" show the theme of anxiety on a frantic search for hope. As for the rest of the album, all the previous Chamberlain-era albums' clichés have been wiped out for ear-piercing fury and unpredictable melody. Underoath have once fallen into their own dark ages but manage to climb out and make this album with the moral that you are never alone. Lost in the Sound of Separation has stabbed the bleak darkness of their times and quality with a ray of optimistic light!


Recommended tracks: "Breathing in a New Mentality", "Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home", "Emergency Broadcast :: The End Is Near", "The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed", "Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear", "Desolate Earth :: The End Is Here"

For fans of: The Chariot, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die


I'm glad that I selected this album as our February 2023 feature release as it's ended up delivering what I'd hoped it would &, in doing so, has probably surpassed it's more familiar 2012 follow-up "One Wing" in terms of creative aggression too. If you simply can't get into the modern metalcore sound with young, skinny white dudes with long fringes, huge round ear rings & obscene neck tattoos swinging their limbs violently around in windmill fashion then I'd suggest that you might struggle a bit with "Long Live", particularly with vocalist Josh Scogin's continuous barrage of rude screaming. However, if you're partial to the odd rebellious breakdown & give "Long Live" enough time to reveal its charms then you may just discover the highly professional & super-intense band within. There's a great electricity & urgency about everything that The Chariot produce for us here & I never found myself reaching for generic metalcore terms, despite the fact that The Chariot are not attempting to reinvent the wheel here. The A side flashes by in an instant & without too much complaint or fanfare but it's the B side that contains all of the real gold in my opinion with the mathy "The Earth", the post-hardcore inspired "Robert Rios" & the crushingly epic album highlight "The King" taking the album to another level & carrying it up a half mark in my eventual rating. The production is spot on for this type of music as it captures every nuance while losing none of it's visceral edge. If you enjoy high quality, no-holds-barred metalcore then I'd suggest that you check out "Long Live".


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Apparently I didn't check out a single The Revolution release from 2022.

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

Here are my thoughts on all the selected tracks:

Lorna Shore - "Immortal" (from Immortal, 2020)

5/5. Right off the bat, the epic powerful title opener of its original album and this playlist is a surefire deathcore highlight! CJ McCreery lets out every vocal style he could possibly do throughout a thick sea of brutal glory.

Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops (Segue 2)" (from Until Your Heart Stops, 1998)

4.5/5. Then there's a sudden jump into the title track of Cave In's debut album, with the most Slayer-ish riff-fight you'll ever witness, before some last melodic twists and concluding with the noise-ridden interlude "Segue 2".

This Day Forward - "Sunfalls and Watershine" (from Kairos, 2002)

5/5. I can't believe how old this song is, over 20 years old! It makes you think of "constant dreamscapes" and distant memories. Too bad they switched into the post-hardcore of Alexisonfire after this EP, then split up later. It might be easy for me to sing and scream along to this song. It features Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly, further solidifying the hardcore scene's knowledge of This Day Forward. Anyone who thinks these bands are bad and ruin scenes should listen and let the nostalgia change their minds.

Drowningman - "Code Breaking Hearts" (from Rock and Roll Killing Machine, 2001)

4.5/5. This is a classic highlight, starting with speedy aggression before some more melodic sections, all great when you're along for the ride.

All Shall Perish - "Never Ending War" (from Hate.Malice.Revenge, 2003)

5/5. This is also a thunderous highlight, a 6 and a half minute epic of powerful chords and leads, not to mention the earthquake-including breakdowns.

Earth Crisis - "Broken Foundation" (from Gomorrah's Season Ends, 1996)

4.5/5. This amazing early metalcore track got my attention rolling from the beginning "PAIN!!!!" scream.

Botch - "Transitions from Persona to Object" (from We Are the Romans, 1999)

5/5. This song greatly represents the organic nature of the album We are the Romans. Every riff is played naturally, never forced, as if the riffs are inventing themselves. After an eerie intro melody, the song continues into its awesomeness, riff after riff, all in a perfect groove mood. The heavy riffs lead to high dissonance in a passage that brings back the lower riffs and vocals. The song ends with frantic discord fading out to a drumbeat.

August Burns Red - "Bones" (from Guardians, 2020)

4.5/5. A soaring anthem with a memorable chorus in great pace.

Issues - "COMA" (from Headspace, 2016)

5/5. I just love this one, including all that lyrical meaning. The bridge near the two-minute mark halts the melody with brief heaviness and growls before continuing that in the final chorus. You can consider Tyler Carter a vocal descendant of the Jonas Brothers and Michael Jackson despite his recent...well, issues.

Northlane - "Singularity" (from Singularity, 2013)

4.5/5. Actually why am I mentioning Michael Jackson? If I worry too much about him, I would become disempowered by media icons. Terrence McKenna gave those who have listened to this album up to this track this advice, and it's amazing advice to follow. The instrumental itself gives me warm chills ("warm chills", sounds oxymoronic), it's so beautiful! The message is now more unbelievably relevant than ever.

Rorschach - "Traditional" (from Protestant, 1993)

5/5. This highlight takes on the hardcore thrash that sounds like Voivod's first two albums in interesting dissonance, often twisting into violent bashing.

Crystal Lake - "Fabricated Refuge" (from The Voyages, 2020)

4.5/5. I hear a bit of a Slaughter to Prevail vibe in this song despite it being mostly amazing metalcore.

The Red Chord - "Dreaming in Dog Years" (from Fused Together in Revolving Doors, 2002)

5/5. This is perhaps the best song of its original album. After an odd 5-second intro, it explodes into absolute mayhem, great for a live setting. And coincidentally, that song is also in this month's Horde playlist.

Downcast - "System" (from Downcast, 1991)

3/5. While this song has helped in the band's attempt to create metalcore that is better off made by those bands, you might wanna check out my review for its album to find out what I really think there.

The Browning - "Standing on the Edge" (from Burn This World, 2011)

3.5/5. Not bad, but not as fantastic as the songs from the album that got me into The Browning, Geist.

Candye♡Syrup - "Idol of Death (Burst Ver.)" (from iDOL Can Dye Sick Rock!!, 2018)

4/5. This is an interesting mind-blower, screaming crust-ish deathcore verses mixed with cute Babymetal-like choruses. Good one, Daniel!

Annisokay - "Coma Blue" (from Arms, 2018)

4.5/5. Christoph Wieczorek is one of the most amazing clean vocalists in metalcore, though this band is not super popular. The bass especially rules in the instrumentation. My metalcore obsession has bled a bit into my brother's music interest that is enough to turn him into a headbanger like I am. The background orchestration is unique!

Impending Doom - "Ravenous Disease" (from Death Will Reign, 2013)

5/5. A brutal part of the Killing Floor 2 soundtrack, which I really enjoy. I need more of this kind of deathcore in my life after gaining more leeway all these years, but don't expect to descend into the depths of Infant Annihilator. The soloing near the 3-minute mark makes me let out a small sinister smile.

Trenches - "Horizons" (from Reckoner, 2022)

5/5. This one continues the intense heaviness while planning out its transition in softer melody, hinting at how melodic its original album would become as you get further.

Vatican - "Reverence" (from Ultra, 2022)

4.5/5. This has more of the heavy rage expected by fans of metalcore. It's also the first song of its original album to be a single and include clean vocals. Yeah, the singing appears sporadically throughout the album, hinting at Deftones-esque ether among the rage.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - "We Are the Storm" (from Miss Machine, 2004)

4/5. This track returns to the band's signature sonic storm attack of atoned chaos. This may be annoying for some of the lighter listeners, but being a heavy metalhead myself, I don't mind at all. There's a nice mellow guitar passage subdued into the next section, but it's a little draggy. Then the chaos returns in the last minute.

Dead to Fall - "Villainy and Virtue" (from Villainy and Virtue, 2004)

4.5/5. I love this band, and how can I not? I'm quite the metalcore addict! I wish they would make more bad-a** material like this. F***ing killer lyrics here, "THE DEPTH OF YOUR COMPASSION IS AS SHALLOW AS YOUR THOUGHTS!"

All That Remains - "The Air That I Breathe" (from The Fall of Ideals, 2006)

5/5. This is a very recognizable track that breaks the formula of its original album with a lot of different things, including the key signature being B minor instead of D and/or G, and a swift solo in the intro. Other than that, the riffs are still slightly the same but the lead melodies are more harmonic.

Trivium - "Shattering the Skies Above" (from In Waves, 2011)

5/5. Absolutely kick-A song from the God of War video game series soundtrack. Enough said!

Hatebreed - "Refuse/Resist" (from For the Lions, 2009)

4.5/5. I like this killer cover of a Sepultura classic, sounding similar while never really a clone "SILENCE BECOMES DEATH!!!"

Phinehas - "Dream Thief" (from The Fire Itself, 2021)

4.5/5. Phinehas (and Ferb. lol) are the masters of reviving the melodeath-ish metalcore scene from the second half of the 2000s. Riffing, soloing, breakdowns... This band has it all here. And great lyrics too!

Sikth - "Philistine Philosophies" (from Opacities, 2015)

5/5. Sikth will never disappoint. They still have the power from their initial run. The vocals are a perfect match to the music that sounds close to Animals as Leaders. F***ing mind-blowing guitar here! Over the two-minute mark, after an awesome verse of "falling like dominoes", the chorus is what I really love is pretty much any of rock/metal. I definitely wish for more of that!

Kingdom of Giants - "The Ride" (from Passenger, 2020)

4.5/5. The huge breakdown rules in this song, alongside the screams and cleans by Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox in a stunning guest appearance. So beautiful in this awesome song without a doubt! The band is really on fire with the clean/growl vocal variety and lyrical strength. The synths are quite pleasing. If the world ends up f***ing you up, you can't let yourself be lost, you gotta stay in the ride. Interesting Wu-Tang reference there, "CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME!" The ending breakdown multiples the power twice, sounding close to Void of Vision.

Living Sacrifice - "Despair" (from Ghost Thief, 2013)

5/5. Let's end this playlist with one more fantastic song, featuring the great Dave Peters of Throwdown. It's so brutal while maintaining this band's religious reputation. Now that's metal art! The opening solo sounds close to Slayer, and makes the rest remind me of another swan song for a band's career, the title track of the last Nevermore album The Obsidian Conspiracy. And this song's another one from the Killing Floor 2 soundtrack. "I HAVE TAKEN YOUR DESPAIR!!"

HOLY SH*T, this is probably one of the best metalcore playlists I've ever done, with almost every track ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars. I sure would recommend this to any metalcore fan and anyone who isn't into metalcore but wants to get into a great start in enjoying the genre. Thanks Daniel for accepting this and your help with your submission, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it like I've had!

Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

I'm in agreement that Challenger absolutely rips. It reminds me a lot of Altarage's Succumb, since the album ends up in a completely different place than where it started. Whereas Succumb starts out as intimidating and swirling Death Metal and slowly devolves into abyssal drone, Challenger begins as a tumultuous and chaotic Mathcore experience that ends up being more of a sludgy chugfest by the end. I've found that I really enjoy this sort of album progression since it worked for me on Succumb, but I think Knut does an even better job at it considering how different the two subgenres seem. I think that the 20 minute closer goes on for a bit too long for repeated listens for me, but it was awesome to see where they were going to go with it the first time around. 

I think this highlights my personal issue with Mathcore though, as even though I really enjoyed this album and, much like Botch's We Are The Romans, I'm going to give it a pretty high score, there's a good chance I won't return to it anytime soon. For me, these sorts of records are only really appealing to me if I'm in a certain mood, and sadly I think that mood is filled by other types of albums that I gravitate towards instead. While I agree that the vocals are impressive, they definitely wear on me given how long of an album Challenger is for this genre. All that being said though, this is a sick album that incorporates sludgy chug in a way that I haven't heard before and I'm 100% down for it. 


Shadowdoom9 (Andi)

So with the start of a new year it's once again time to have a look at the covers for all the releases for each clan.

Here are the releases that are currently competing for the prestigious 2022 The Revolution Cover of the Year Award (i.e. they have 3 or more ratings):

Vatican - Ultra