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Welcome, Deadxxy! It would be interesting to see which clan(s) you plan to choose instead of just The Fallen. Anyway, please feel free to introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself forums and maybe even share a bit of your life in this thread: (unless you wanna keep it private of course). If you're feeling up to writing album reviews (which you can in the site), there are clan challenges for you to work on if you're up to earning a 4th clan. You can even create your own public lists compiling some of your favorite releases or albums suitable for a list. There are also monthly Spotify clan playlists to help you find good tracks from your clans whether you've heard them before or just discovered them. And finally, we have monthly feature releases for you to listen to and discuss with the other MA members, and if you're in the mood to contribute to the playlist track suggestions and feature release submissions, ask Daniel and he can add you to the rosters. Have a good metal time here!


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Shadowdoom9 (Andi) in The Fallen at 30.12.2021 10:48 PM: Welcome, Deadxxy! It would be intere...
Daniel in The Fallen at 30.12.2021 09:23 PM: Sure you can. You actually get to jo...
Deadxxy in The Fallen at 30.12.2021 09:10 PM: Hello , I am new here , as for my mu...

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