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Ben Ben / March 26, 2019 / Comments 0 / 1

I was always going to love Bolt Thrower! Just look at that cover for starters! Any decent death metal band that utilizes great fantasy artwork and a theme of epic battles without falling into corny power metal territory is going to win my vote, and that's what Bolt Thrower have always been about. They may have moved that theme of war from ancient times and fantasy epics into modern day warfare, but the general atmosphere has always been the same. I was hugely moved by it as a teenager and it still gets me today.

And this is where Bolt Thrower really nailed their sound to go with the imagery. While Realm of Chaos was a decent album, and showcased these UK death metal veterans’ intentions, it's Warmaster where they really got things right. No-one else sounds quite like Bolt Thrower, with their extremely low tuned, heavy riffs, awesomely crushing drumming and Karl Willets unique and brutal, yet completely distinguishable vocals. They haven't really moved very far from this formula even 17 years later and who can blame them. They nailed it right here!

That's not to say this is a perfect album. It starts off incredibly well though with Unleashed Upon Mankind (love that intro!), What Dwells Within and The Shreds of Sanity getting things under way in fine form. There really aren't any bad tracks for the remainder of the album, yet probably only Cenotaph, War Master and Afterlife reach this high quality again. If I was going to nit-pick, I'd say the solos aren't all that special, but all up, this is a damn enjoyable death metal album from an extremely consistent band that would go from strength to strength over the next few years. Essential for any death metal fan!


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