Share your monthly playlist outcomes

April 01, 2021 05:07 PM

PS: Sonny, I'm sorry to hear that your clans have a shorter time limit for your song submissions, but I wish the best for your songs to be worth those 24 minutes in each clan!

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I'd better make them count then!

April 02, 2021 01:16 PM

Here are my overall ratings for the playlists I've reviewed this month (April):

1. Fallen playlist - 4/5 (number of songs commented: 7)

2. Guardians playlist - 4/5 (number of songs commented: 12)

3. Horde playlist - 4/5 (number of songs commended: 7)

4. Infinite playlist - 4.5/5 (number of songs commented: 9)

5. Revolution playlist - 5/5 (number of songs commented: 10)

6. Sphere playlist - 5/5 (number of songs commented: 2)

Another rewarding playlist month for me, though this time it's more about the quality than quantity. The ones for my clan list that aren't the ones that I've had with me since the beginning (Fallen, Guardians, Horde, Infinite) have a decent average 4/5. The Infinite playlist has a better amount of tracks I've commented with an average total of 4.5 stars. The amount of tracks in the Revolution playlist (by average) and the Sphere playlist are perfect, though the latter is only two tracks I've commented. Yep, good month! My submissions for next month's playlists coming soon...

April 02, 2021 08:18 PM

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's interested to know this Andi but am I to understand that you have listened to a full SIX two-hour playlists within the first two days of the month? Do you listen to them in full? What makes a track qualify for comment exactly?

April 02, 2021 11:29 PM
The songs I've commented are the ones I've listened to. It would be great to listen to the playlists in full, but I'm quite busy with other stuff in the outside world and don't have a lot of time for any binge-listening. So I just select some of the songs from the playlists for me to listen and comment, and they're the ones I'm familiar with along with a few that are new for me that seem interesting to check out.
April 03, 2021 12:09 AM

In all due respect Andi, how does that place you in a good position to provide an informed rating on a playlist like the April ones for The Sphere or The Horde where you've only commented on a small percentage of the overall tracklisting? I would've thought you'd need to at least have heard the whole tracklisting before commenting on its overall quality. I mean the true value of these playlists is that they help us all experience new music that we've never listened to before in order to open us up to new styles & sounds within the clans & 90% of your comments are on tracks that you're already familiar with so I'm not sure you're getting the true value out of them. Am I wrong here?

April 03, 2021 01:09 AM

Well I admit that the amount of Sphere tracks I've commented was a very short amount, so that proves my lack of familiarity with the clan besides those two bands (Godflesh and Strapping Young Lad). Until I find more industrial metal bands that appeal to me, I'm gonna take a break from submitting one track per month submissions to Sphere playlists and listening to Sphere playlists. I'll also listen to a couple more tracks from the Horde playlist to level up its value a notch and see if there's one more death metal band I can tolerate before I start moving out of the rest of my death metal arsenal (official announcement coming tomorrow). Stay tuned for a couple more comments...

April 03, 2021 07:47 AM

I am not saying any methodology is wrong for listening to and rating the playlists (and as someone who often puts in 12 hour days at work I get the time limitations challenge) but for me personally I have to sit down and listen end to end to the clan playlists.  For this reason I never catch all of them each month.  In fact, being off work this week gave me a great chance to sit down with the Horde playlist and listen to it in two halves.  For me the playlists are opportunities.  Whether it is the opportunity to learn new bands/sub-genres or simply appreciate some established tracks that I know well, there’s always something I take away to check out or revisit.

Given that Daniel takes the time to put together such a varied and expansive snapshot of music (and I am not ass-kissing here) I feel it’s only fair I take the time to give the whole of the lists - for my clans usually - a full listen before rating/commenting.  This may take me weeks in some instances and I won’t pretend I comment every month but I see the lists as a whole entity, not something I can break down into individual parts.  That’s just how I work.

I think the flow of the lists is fine to my ear and when I am putting my own lists together in my streaming services I use a variety of methods such as eras of the genre, tours of continents as well as simply shifting pace and tempo to hold my interest.

April 03, 2021 02:44 PM

I must admit that I tend only to listen to the playlists I'm interested in (North, Pit, Fallen, Horde - usually in that order). I would never be able to take 2 hours of the Gateway or The Revolution in all honesty and I find the Guardians tough to get through with so much symphonic and power metal. Those I do listen to I tend to listen to in two one-hour sessions as my listening time (especially streaming) has become fairly limited recently. Nice long weekend this week though, so managed to have an uninterrupted listen-through to The Pit playlist on Friday which felt like a real luxury!

April 30, 2021 09:21 PM

Here's the guidelines for playlist submissions for June 2021:

THE FALLEN: 24 min each clan member, no track limits

THE GATEWAY: 30 min each clan member, no track limits, one track for non-clan members

THE GUARDIANS: 30 min each clan member, no track limits

THE HORDE: 30 min each clan member, no track limits

THE INFINITE: 30 min each clan member, no track limits

THE NORTH: 24 min each clan member, no track limits

THE PIT: 30 min each clan member, no track limits

THE REVOLUTION: 30 min each clan member, no track limits

THE SPHERE: 30 min each clan member, no track limits, one track for non-clan members

Essentially I've just increased the time allowance for The Pit after Ben decided not to contribute & I've removed the option for non-clan members to nominate a track for The Revolution after Theo Wyoming became a second contributing member which will give us a good half of the playlist coming from the clan members.

In my honest opinion, the playlists have been getting better & better over the last few months which is mainly due to the increased contributions of the various clan members & my growing experience in programming them over time. I'm sure you all know a few people that might be interested in checking them out even if they're not too keen on the website so I'd encourage all of you to help us promote the Metal Academy brand by spreading the word & publicizing the quality of our playlists. This might be through word of mouth, sharing links, on other websites or on social media. It all counts towards building a steadily increasing membership which makes for a more interesting & fun experience for all of us. Ben & I don't consider this to be solely our website. We don't make any money from it & you all contribute to the way it looks, feels & functions. If we can collaboratively work to grow our playlist following then I feel that this will subsequently filter into our website membership numbers too, particularly once people realise that they can make personal contributions to the playlists (Hint: underground bands & labels will find this an attractive option). Growing the playlist following is probably a little easier than growing the website membership too as there's no expectation of any sort of commitment from the user. New followers get to listen to an outstanding selection of music that's well tailored to their tastes for zero effort on their part. I'd also encourage everyone to follow our Metal Academy Spotify profile & like all of our playlists (at least during the associated month)  because the total number of follows/likes does provide encouragement for some casual Spotify users. Good luck & let us know if you end up being responsible for bringing any new members in.

May 03, 2021 09:14 AM

So, on the Metal Forum (imaginative title I know) I have kept a Promo thread going since Dec 19 albeit intermittently.  Currently at over 345 views in the thread but not sure if anyone (other than Ludo) has found the place from that link.

MA Promo

May 03, 2021 11:10 PM

That’s fantastic. Your support is greatly appreciated Vinny.

May 04, 2021 11:10 AM
Thanks for all your help, Vinny! I just joined the Metal Forum as well...