Track Of The Day - The Pit Edition

April 04, 2022 10:10 PM

A short, ball of crossover thrash energy from San Francisco, USA.

May 13, 2022 09:53 PM

Japanese thrash metal for fans of Slayer, Kreator & Morbid Saint.

May 24, 2022 07:16 PM

Thrashy stoner metal from Melbourne, Australia.

May 26, 2022 12:17 PM

San Francisco Bay Area thrash at its finest.

June 17, 2022 09:08 PM

I think some of you thrashers might enjoy this chunky Groove Metal number from Zakk Wylde-fronted Los Angeles Heavy Metal outfit Black Label Society.

June 21, 2022 07:23 AM

A Slayer-inspired thrasher from Virginia-based stoner/heavy metallers Alabama Thunderpussy featuring Exhorder front man Kyle Thomas behind the microphone.

July 16, 2022 10:01 PM

A Texas thrash metal anthem from my youth.

July 19, 2022 10:18 AM

A Texas thrash metal anthem from my youth.

Quoted Daniel

Interesting choice, Daniel. To me, it sounds fun yet forgettable, but what can I say? I'm not too fully immersed in this earlier groove/thrash, and my metal youth was much more recent. With that said though, this shred-tastic thrasher has made up for the album's mistakes:

July 19, 2022 10:27 PM

Off the wall Japanese prog thrash.

July 27, 2022 07:03 AM

One of the more hardcore punk-driven tracks from the Brazilian's sixth full-length.

August 05, 2022 09:41 PM

Californian groove metal/

August 05, 2022 11:29 PM

Californian groove metal/

Quoted Daniel

This one helps the album become more interesting. The vocals and riffs are much better and worth listening to than a few other songs. Not the best home-run but a great step up.