Make a recommendation to a fellow member of The Horde

First Post November 25, 2019 06:56 AM

If you think one of your clan-mates might really dig something you can make a recommendation to them here.

November 25, 2019 07:54 AM

Any of you fellow Horde members here like death metal but want something less violent/gory/horrifying and more melodic? There are many awesome melodic death metal bands but here are a few I would recommend listed below. If you haven't listened to them yet, you should. But if you already listen to them, well done!

Amon Amarth

Dark Tranquillity

Scar Symmetry

Avatar (before 2014)

Darkest Hour (before 2014)

In Flames (first 5 albums)

November 25, 2019 10:24 AM



Otherwise Shadow's list is perfect. I would be a Horde member for Melodic Death alone alas not a fan of much else in there so got nothing else to recommend. 

July 17, 2020 09:41 PM

Vinny, I notice you haven't submitted a rating for this one but I would think it would be right up your alley.

July 23, 2020 10:01 PM

SilentScream213, are you on top of this one?

July 25, 2020 07:02 AM