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^^ I'm one of those guys that thinks MA never topped the debut.  The drum sound is to die for. 

I really like Beherit's Oath of Black Blood and Archgoat's Angelcunt. Not sure if these count as lo-fi...

December 01, 2019 09:21 PM

Most of mine would be on "Surfin' M.O.D" - that album makes me long for the covers mentioned in this thread!

December 01, 2019 02:59 PM

Agree w/ Sonny.  A couple of paragraphs are great for me.  

Reviewing is almost like a guitar solo...easy to go on and on after everyone stops listening.

I think Ben's intention is to get away from some of the RYM reviews, like one I saw for a metal record that just said "This is music for people who still  ride bikes to school" or something like that.  Not a review.

I thought Firepower was great.  They're such an exciting band, even with the lineup changes you never know what to expect from JP.

Definitely interested.

Valkyrie - "Sunlight Shines" 2004:  Love the trad metal leanings and weeping willow guitars.  Jake and Pete Adams are underrated doom icons.

Hey Ben

Love what you've done with the place. A staggering amount of work.

The EPs and singles will probably need to be added  eventually. The NWOBHM alone has so many great ones....

I bought RtL in 1984 because I liked the artwork!

Can you please add the Mind Over Four releases to this section?

That would be 

Out Here

Mind Over Four

The Goddess

Half Way Down

Empty Hands