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Archetype is quite an interesting Fear Factory album, though not their best. After a one-year breakup, the band continued without founding guitarist Dino Cazares. Bassist Christian Olde Wolbers took over on guitars and co-wrote the music here together with drummer Raymond Herrera. This caused the band's evolution of sound to go a different direction that would continue in Transgression, their most divisive album. Archetype is still quite solid and looks back at all the band had done previously...

The changes might not be what the more strict Fear Factory listeners would like, yet has pleased a good amount of the fanbase. Whether or not their riffs sound reused, the fans' bitterness would be saved for Transgression. Archetype is not highly disappointed, showing the band's strength they can have without Dino.

The album kicks off with "Slave Labor", one of the best songs by the band. Crushing riffs, blazing drums, and humongous bass play alongside convincing vocals from Burton C. Bell. "Cyberwaste" continues the heaviness with f***ing unreal drumming. An absolutely intense highlight! However, the issues start with "Act of God", which is filler but not too much of a stinker. "Drones" returns to the band's greater formula of heavy power, futuristic with melody and groove.

The slightly f***ed up title track sounds less inspired, and that's a bad sign if the album's title track comes out as bad. "Corporate Cloning" is a better highlight showing that the band can have their own unique sound and not sound like a clone to other bands. "Bite the Hand that Bleeds" is a power ballad I have no problem with at all, despite other Fear Factory fans disliking it. "Undercurrent" continues the softness but adds more of the heaviness. It fits better as a bonus track rather than part of the album, but hey, that's my opinion. Is there anything to level up this album later on?...

"Default Judgement" isn't spectacular, but it's solid with its deep bass tone. The next track "Bonescraper" has the band's earlier aggression and is one of the heaviest songs here. "Human Shields" is another slow track, though it might fit well for their previous two albums. "Ascension" is just a boring 7-minute ambient track, but it would be a much better ending for this album than the next track... The useless cover of Nirvana's "School" is just a sh*tty attempt in metalizing a grunge song. An unfitting waste of time!

Anyone who expecting Demanufacture 2.0 had their hopes shattered. Nonetheless, Archetype is a pretty great modern metal album. Its diverse strength in over half the amount of songs shall keep the open-minded pleased. It's a great comeback that could do without some songs especially that d*mn Nirvana cover....

Favorites: "Slave Labor", "Cyberwaste", "Drones", "Corporate Cloning", "Bite the Hand That Bleeds", "Bonescraper"


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