Track Of The Day - The Sphere Edition

November 16, 2022 10:16 AM

Excellent deathly industrial metal, though sounding closer to Godflesh than the more deathly Dead World:

November 18, 2022 01:32 AM

Two highlights from the second and final album from KMFDM side-project Excessive Force:

November 22, 2022 12:07 AM

Sneak peek for the December Sphere monthly playlist premiering next week, another killer track from Burton C. Bell's final album with Fear Factory before leaving the band:

December 04, 2022 11:26 PM

A highlight of progressive-ish industrial/groove metal:

December 05, 2022 11:16 AM

A true anthem of modern thrashy industrial/groove metal that fans of Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, and Machine Head should get into:

December 27, 2022 06:46 AM

A superb old-school industrial metal cover of a Black Sabbath tune:

January 06, 2023 08:13 AM

A couple fantastic highlights from the new album of Neue Deutsche Härte kings Rammstein:

January 06, 2023 11:36 AM

Industrial drone doom meets shoegaze-ish rock. Sounds weird but I love it!

January 15, 2023 11:26 AM

A sinister 9-minute industrial sludge metal attack, expanding on the percussion and screams until all fades to oblivion:

January 21, 2023 07:37 AM

Gothic/industrial metal from Croatia. Think of this like Evanescence if they added more of the Synthesis-esque symphonics/electronics along with darker gothic aesthetics:

February 03, 2023 04:43 AM

A couple tracks that are exactly what the album title suggests, gothic electronic anthems:

February 03, 2023 09:07 AM

Add some gothic-ish industrial metal to a dance club with this superb highlight:

February 04, 2023 10:48 AM

A true pandemonium of epic industrial metal greatness:

February 05, 2023 09:07 AM

Industrial metalcore, foreshadowing Motionless in White's later direction:

February 05, 2023 11:43 AM

A 7-minute highlight of industrial rock/metal, taking a break from the band's earlier metalcore fury:

February 06, 2023 11:36 AM

A phenomenal highlight of epic electro-industrial metal, with guest narration from Lindsay Schoolcraft, former vocalist of Cradle of Filth:

February 25, 2023 11:52 PM

The Kovenant is a band that started off as symphonic black metal band Covenant. When they were forced to change their name due to a couple bands already using the name, they also changed their style, becoming the inventors of cyber metal:

March 02, 2023 07:05 AM

An amazing live rendition of a pounding industrial metal tune:

March 04, 2023 02:41 AM

A one-two punch of fast heavy/industrial metal/hardcore fury with occasional slow psychedelia in the latter track:

March 04, 2023 03:13 AM

"Forkboy" is certainly one of the greats of industrial metal. I can't say that I get anything at all out of "Pineapple Face" though to be honest. That & "Can God Fill Teeth?" are the two that I struggle with on "The Last Temptation of Reid".

March 04, 2023 09:45 AM

I also enjoy "Can God Fill Teeth?" which is so odd and mesmerizing yet as creative as those first two tracks in my opinion.

March 04, 2023 12:14 PM

Two slow cold bleak highlights from Dead World's second album that shows great improvement compared to their debut:

March 04, 2023 02:40 PM

An impressive hymn mixing the catchy and heavy sides of the band's industrial metal sound:

March 13, 2023 11:26 PM

One of two amazing remixes of the most well-known single of Broken: