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Max_Grean Max_Grean / June 11, 2024 / Comments 0 / 0

1 minute into the song... waiting for it to start, it never really does. It's a movie soundtrack base. It's a weird intro choice. Without context it's too long. 
The second track takes a minute to kick in, but when it does it's just average. I kind of like it, it has a movie soundtrack quality.  I don't like the vocals, but you can still understand what he is saying. So at least there is that... I just don't care for what he is saying. 
This feels like Bro rock trying too hard to be Alpha males. 
The vocals do not fit the music. This would have been really good with cleaner, decent vocals.
A lot of quality elements but when you put them all together it tastes off. 
Third track is more of the same and I am good... I don't want to hear the full record.

ZeroSymbolic7188 ZeroSymbolic7188 / June 11, 2024 / Comments 1 / 0

Reviewing this because it is on the home page. It's the summation of everything that I hate in metal. Opening track is 3+ minutes of absolutely no metal-Imagine for a moment that you bought this for $12 bucks, ready for some metal, and then whole first track just pisses in your face like that? NICE!

When we finally hear some metal it's of the most generic shit imaginable. Vocalist has no defining character in his voice, just a generic half-assed grunt that sounds like he's trying to push out a... you get the idea. Then somewhere during the 2nd track the grim reaper of heavy metal-the blackest of all black angels: Soft feminine soprano comes in and Zero taps the fuck out like he's in the goddamn sharpshooter. 

This is metal for people who likeEvanessence but want to feel edgy while they listento their shitty mall goth rock. An absolute warcrime. 


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20 Years Behind the Veil of Melancholy
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