December 2021 "The Gateway" Playlist - Metal Academy Radio

First Post November 30, 2021 08:44 PM

So Cold – Breaking Benjamin (2004)– Requested by Andi

Circle With Me- Spiritbox (2021)

Junkhead – Alice In Chains (1992)

Stinkfist – TOOL (1996)

Sleep Now In the Fire – Rage Against The Machine (1999)

Die tomorrow – Coldrain (2010) - Requested by Andi

Passenger – Deftones (2000)

Be Aggressive – Faith No More (1992)

Jesus Christ Pose – Soundgarden (2016)

Iron Head – Helmet (1992)

Dozing Green – Dir En Grey (2008) - Requested by Andi

The Summoning – Hum (2020)

One Hand Killing – Twelve Foot Ninja (2016)

They’re Coming to Take Me Away – Butcher Babies (2015)

Never Never – Korn (2013)

Deliberation – Katatonia (2006) - Requested by Andi

What I Always Wanted – Kittie (2001)

They Don’t Care About Us – Saliva (2016)

Constipation Of Death – Utsu-P (2016)

Drag You Down – Finger Eleven (2000)

Delirium – Lacuna Coil (2016)- Requested by Andi

Satellite – P.O.D. (2001)

The Bearer of Bad News – Reliqa (2021)

Metalingus – Alter Bridge (2004)

Who Will Pray? – We Came As Romans (2015) - Requested by Andi

December 01, 2021 01:11 AM

Good playlist, Saxy! It's 15 minutes short of the usual 2-hour length, but still a good amount of songs. Also, just a suggestion, for future playlists please number the songs in the tracklisting (for example: 1. So Cold – Breaking Benjamin (2004)– Requested by Andi, 2. Circle With Me- Spiritbox (2021)) so it would be easier to keep track of the number of tracks here. Anyway, here are my thoughts on some tracks (sorry about most of the selected tracks being my own submissions):

So Cold – Breaking Benjamin (2004)

4.5/5. Without further ado, let's begin with one of Breaking Benjamin's greatest hits, a softer way to start while still rocking out with the intro and chorus that showcases the band's talent. There's wonderful guitar dueling and rhythmic drumming, the latter with toms and splashes in the verse, more than a water splash caused by a car in the rain, all in momentum being built up. Finally, the bass tightens the rhythm with its groove through the guitars. Wonderful!

Circle With Me- Spiritbox (2021)

5/5. This ravaging highlight maintains the uncanny vocal strength of Courtney LaPlante, beginning with when she yells "CUT DOWN THE ALTAR!!" Great for the live crowd from this unique band worth listening to.

Die tomorrow – Coldrain (2010)

4.5/5. This powerful tune mixes catchiness with violence. Already we find the classic metalcore punches with Masato's screamed vocals and the heaviness of the rhythm and riffs, before switch to their alt-metal side with the cleanly-sung chorus.

Dozing Green – Dir En Grey (2008)

5/5. A further demonstration of this band's sonic talent! Enough said...

Deliberation – Katatonia (2006)

4/5. The Great Cold Distance marks the continuation of Katatonia's alt-metal sound they've had for a couple decades as of this comment. Even though I've moved away from listening to Katatonia because of their earlier doom metal albums, following my departure from The Fallen, some of their alt-metal songs have their appeal growing for me, and this is a cool one to work as self-therapy. Some might think of this as similar to Tool with some Depeche Mode vibes (without synths). And it might have a Christian vibe in the lyrics, though that's probably not what they're going for.

Delirium – Lacuna Coil (2016)

3.5/5. Same with Katatonia, Lacuna Coil's first 3 albums were in The Fallen before moving into the alt-metal Gateway in subsequent albums, but this song is quite beautiful especially in the bridge at the two-minute mark. Distrust the truth!

Who Will Pray? – We Came As Romans (2015)

4/5. I'm glad this track is in Spotify, one more song to tribute to a passed band member. RIP Kyle Pavone...

December 01, 2021 10:28 AM

If this is the shape of things to come on The Gateway playlist with Saxy curating then long may it continue.  The Gateway is not always a clan I get along with as we know but on here there are some very familiar tracks (FNM, Deftones, Soundgarden and Helmet) plus a few new discoveries, as well as a couple of shocks also.

Not sure how I have missed Hum but they just went to the top of my list to check out more of their stuff.  That track has a doomy vibe and also some off-kilter rhythms thrown in to keep things interesting.  Not sold entirely on the vocals but can see how they fit this track perfectly.

I actually didn't mind that Butcher Babies track.  Yes it was predictable as hell but equally entertaining at the same time.  Similarly with the Lacuna Coil track, it does not make me want to necessarily run off and discover more of the back catalogue but it was a good track.

Main surprise was Breaking Benjamin (a band I had thought not to be anything to do with metal).  I found this track quite a pleasant way to open the playlist.

I could not cope with Utsu-P and those fucking vocals and Twelve Foot Ninja are filed under "none of my business" as well now.  Spiritbox aren't for me as I don't think they truly let the more intense aspects of their sound shine enough despite having obvious promise and I just cannot get on with P.O.D. despite repeated attempts.

Solid month though.