How did you first encounter this music? - The Revolution Edition

First Post May 25, 2019 08:51 PM

Tell us about your first encounters with the Metalcore, Melodic Metalcore & Trance Metal subgenres. How did you lose your Revolution virginity?

May 27, 2019 10:34 AM

Metalcore - I picked up Earth Crisis' "All Out War" E.P. through tape trading some time around 1992/93. I didn't like it at all but thankfully the metalcore subgenre & I have come to terms with each other since.

Melodic metalcore - I'm honestly not sure I've ever actively listened to any.

Trance metal - I have no idea what this subgenre is all about. The very thought of what it might sound like sees me scurrying into the corner of the room with my hands over my eyes & tears streaming down my face.

October 03, 2019 07:44 PM

Metalcore: Hoo boy. Good old Metalcore. Two of my best friends back in high school were HUGE Metalcore fans so I got to hear all about these bands and how they were coming to Warped Tour and how BRUTAL this breakdown was and yada yada. The biggest three that I remember from them were A Day To RememberChelsea Grin, and August Burns Red. There were many, many other, especially listening and laughing to the likes of Sleeping With Sirens and Atilla, but I was never converted over to the Metalcore side. The breakdowns were never interesting to me, the songwriting was samey and uninspired, and the vocals were filled some of the whiniest teenage angst I've ever heard. I even went to Warped Tour one year and the only bands I even remotely enjoyed were August Burns Red and Reel Big Fish. And one of those isn't even Metalcore. 

As for Melodic Metalcore and Trance, I can't say I've ever specifically looked for any. I've also never woken up in the morning feeling like I needed some pumping EDM beats in my metal. Apparently Amaranthe is Trance Metal, and they're passable? I guess? Everything else that I've listened to that I feel like would go into this genre has been complete garbage, so that's that I suppose. 

October 04, 2019 08:00 AM

My brother also likes a small bit of metalcore, but I wasn't into metalcore until, like I said before, my YouTube pen pal Danny Ultrawiz suggested I listen to Trivium which is exactly what started my grand switch to a heavier modern side of metal. And that's why I'm in The Revolution. Besides metalcore, there's also a bit of mathcore and deathcore in my playlist. Metalcore to the core, baby!

October 04, 2019 01:22 PM
I completely forgot about Trivium! Them along with August Burns Red  were the only two of the early 2000's Metalcore bands that I didn't want to immediately turn off.