November 2021 "The Horde" Playlist - Metal Academy Radio

First Post October 31, 2021 07:02 PM


01. Tenebro – “Cannibalismo sanguinario” (from “Liberaci dal male”, 2020) [Submitted by Vinny]

02. Dark Tranquillity – “A Bolt Of Blazing Gold” (from “Skydancer”, 1993) [Submitted by Daniel]

03. Inferi – “Mesmeric Horror” (from “Vile Genesis”, 2021) [Submitted by Daniel]

04. Bubblegum Octopus – “Loud Noise In My Room” (from “Bad Happy”, 2011)

05. Insomnium – “The Conjurer” (from “Argent Moon” E.P., 2021)

06. In Mourning – “The Shrouded Divine” (from “Shrouded Divine”, 2008) [Submitted by Ben]

07. Entombed – “When In Sodom” (from “When In Sodom” E.P., 2006)

08. Pestilence – “Presence Of The Dead” (from “Testimony Of The Ancients”, 1991) [Submitted by Ben]

09. Napalm Death – “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” (from “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” E.P., 1993)

10. Coexistence – “Metaphysical Essence” (from “Collateral Dimension”, 2020) [Submitted by Vinny]

11. Human Decay – “Abusami” (from “Mefitico”, 2018) [Submitted by Vinny]

12. Distruzione – “Senza Futuro” (from “Endogena”, 1996) [Submitted by Vinny]

13. Subhuman – “In memoria di me” (from “Tributo di sangue”, 2012) [Submitted by Vinny]

14. Helslave – “Perpetual Damnation” (from “From The Sulphur Depths”, 2021) [Submitted by Vinny]

15. Artificial Brain – “Absorbing Black Ignition” (from “Labyrinth Constellation”, 2014) [Submitted by Ben]

16. Sermon Of Flames – “Chords Rung From The Ribs Of The Earth” (from “I Have Seen The Light, & It Was Repulsive”, 2021) [Submitted by Daniel]

17. Septicflesh – “The Vampire From Nazareth” (from “The Great Mass”, 2010) [Submitted by Ben]

18. Gorefest – “The Glorious Dead” (from “False”, 1992) [Submitted by Ben]

19. Cephalic Carnage – “Wraith” (from “Anomalies”, 2005) [Submitted by Ben]

20. Repulsion – “The Stench Of Burning Death” (from “Horrified”, 1989) [Submitted by Daniel]

21. Sete Star Sept – “D-Thread Suicide” (from “Revision Of Noise”, 2010) [Submitted by Daniel]

22. Full Of Hell – “Urchin Thrones” (from “Garden of Burning Apparitions”, 2021) [Submitted by Daniel]

23. Defacement – “Shattered” (from “Defacement”, 2021)

24. Cryptopsy – “Open Face Surgery” (from “Blasphemy Made Flesh”, 1994) [Submitted by Daniel]

25. Pig Destroyer – “Genital Grinder/Regurgitation Of Giblets” (from “Isis/Pig Destroyer” E.P., 2000)

26. Artery Eruption – “Scalped” (from “Gouging Out The Eyes Of Mutilated Infants”, 2005)

27. Aborted – “ManiaCult” (from “ManiaCult”, 2021) [Submitted by Daniel]

28. Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition – “Cerebellum” (from “Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition”, 2001) [Submitted by Daniel]

29. Fulci – “Tomb” (from “Exhumed Information”, 2021) [Submitted by Vinny]

November 08, 2021 04:15 PM


Can you ban your brother from the site please for that Bubblegum Octopus track he placed on here?



He's forgiven for that Sermon of Flames track.  Fuck me, what a terrifying track that is.

November 08, 2021 07:45 PM

I agree that I should be banned for that Bubblegum Octopus track. I always make a conscious effort to include a cybergrind track & inevitably find that a) I hate it & b) they're not really a variation on grindcore & it's a stretch to even be calling them metal. I actually think the cybergrind subgenre would be better off as a subgenre of avant-garde metal (if it has to stay a metal subgenre at all) as it sounds pretty ridiculous when book-ended between death metal or grindcore tracks. Thoughts?

The Fallen The Horde The North The Pit
November 08, 2021 09:32 PM

I'd have to listen to quite a bit of it to form an opinion, and based on this track, that won't be happening anytime soon.

November 09, 2021 10:13 AM

If Bubblegum Octopus are indicative of the cybergrind genre then it most definitely does need putting in the avant-garde section.  I can't subject myself to listening to anymore of it (knowingly) to explore its future to make a truly informed decision though.

November 28, 2021 01:08 PM

Well, better late than never, here I am to praise another superb playlist for The Horde this month.  Bubblegum fucking Octopus aside, there was not a lot not to love here.  Anything from Repulsion is a sure fire winner for me and dropping Cryptopsy, Pestilence and Naplam Death in here made me smile muchly.

My most impressive "finds" of the list are Sermon of Flames and Defacement and I will be checking out more from both acts imminently.