Done with Death (or "Passing") - my full move out of death metal and any of its RYM subgenres

First Post April 04, 2021 01:56 AM

It's time... The time for me to finally say farewell to the morally controversial death metal! I'm moving out of pretty much all of death metal bands I've listened to (in the past and the present), even the melodeath ones. Why am I doing this, you may ask? Well it's quite a few reasons: I've already moved out of The Horde, when I was switched into The Guardians. I don't listen to a lot of the death metal bands I have anymore and want to get them out of my playlist to make space for more bands. My mom thinks death is too strong of a topic and wants me, her 22-years-old son whom she doesn't want me to say even the slightest rude word in the outside world, to use polite euphemisms like "passed", "passing", "late", etc. And lastly, there were a couple bad experiences that could've actually resulted in someone's d- I mean, passing (fortunately nobody got hurt, let alone d- passed, otherwise I would be in jail) (see the "Metal Expansion" section and the second half of the "Metalcore" section of my History of Heavy Metal book review: Of course, "passing metal" wouldn't pass as a cool nickname, so the term "death metal" would be my own personal "Voldemort"; nothing wrong with saying it but I don't dare anyway. And for other genres' subgenres that have "death" in their names and elements, here a couple alternate names:

Death-doom = Deep doom (based on the deep death-growling and named after the songs "Deep Down" by Officium Triste and "Deeper Down" by My Dying Bride)

Deathcore = Darkcore (not to be confused with the electronic dance genre)

To show the bands that I listen to and used to listen to but will move away from them on April 29, here are the ones I still have (plus a few other bands I'm also tired of and might also be gone as well):

Lamb of God (Burn the Priest albums only, all their other albums stay)

Between the Buried and Me (Infinite/Revolution, not Horde)



Darkest Hour

At the Gates



Edge of Sanity

Threat Signal

In Flames

Before the Dawn



Rivers of Nihil


In Mourning

The Crimson Armada


Draconian (Fallen, not Horde)

Sentenced (might keep one song from their Fallen era)

After the Burial (Revolution, not Horde)

Haken (Infinite, not Horde)

And here are the death metal bands from my earlier epic metal taste:



Dark Tranquillity

Children of Bodom

Scar Symmetry

Arch Enemy

Amon Amarth

Parasite Inc.

Solution .45


And remember these releases I submitted to the Hall to be removed from the Horde (via separate judgement submissions, from February 8 to 14):

Amaranthe - Leave Everything Behind (2009)

Shadows Fall - Somber Eyes to the Sky (1997)

Bleeding Through - Love Will Kill All (2018)

Persefone - Core (2006)

My Dying Bride - Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (1991)

Paradise Lost - Drown in Darkness - The Early Demos (2009)

The Gathering - Downfall: The Early Years (2001)

Yeah, I wanted to make sure those releases weren't labeled death metal, which is really true! Do you think I would ever wanna submit an album to be removed from a clan just because I don't like the clan?! No way!! Also, any albums I've reviewed from death metal bands I don't listen to will be gone as well. My self-promise and all these changes will be effective as of April 29 to begin a new death-free era. It was deathly fun while it lasted. Farewell soon, death metal....

April 04, 2021 03:01 AM

I admire your commitment to the cause Andi. I do think this approach is gonna be pretty difficult to manage though given that it's certainly not just death metal bands that focus on death as their primary subject matter. Doom metal & its array of spin-off subgenres are a prime example with your beloved death doom metal & gothic metal subgenres being predominantly built around loss & mourning. Or is it just the violent intent to kill that's so predominant in death, black & thrash metal that's your major concern here? Whatever the answer is, you can be sure that the Metal Academy team will help to support you by throwing an indescribable wealth of awesome bands with a more positive outlook at you at the expense of the darker ones.

April 04, 2021 04:38 AM
Nowadays I prefer the theme of death when built around loss and mourning that can be found in doom metal and gothic metal, rather than being centered around the violence and killing predominant in death metal and black metal. Sure there is some violence in thrash, but it's not as oftenly brutal or blasphemous as in death/black metal, so my thrash interest might still stick around, especially in the technical side...
April 04, 2021 10:17 AM

Here's a drawing I've made to show you what I mean in my last comment:

April 04, 2021 10:58 AM

Personally my musical taste leads me towards a path whereby the devil has eviscerated the priest & is raping his decapitated stump with his own gizzards to the sound of never-ending gravity blasts but each to their own.

April 04, 2021 11:24 AM
Holy sh*t... So glad I would never take that murderously devilish path!
May 09, 2021 02:04 PM
Looking back at my recent forum replies and reviews, I still seem to say genre terms like Death Metal, Death-Doom, and Deathcore a lot. I guess the alternate names above ("deep doom" and "darkcore") I'll just save for when I'm talking to family and friends from the outside world...