May 2023 "The Horde" Playlist - Metal Academy Radio

First Post April 30, 2023 08:28 PM


01. Re-Buried – “Smoldering Remnants” (from “Repulsive Nature”, 2023)

02. Carcass – “Rot ‘n’ Roll” (from “The Heartwork E.P.”, 1994)

03. Carnosus – “Castle of Grief” (from “Visions of Infinihility”, 2023)

04. Amorphis – “First Doom” (from “Tales From The Thousand Lakes”, 1994) [Submitted by Daniel]

05. Edge of Sanity – “Until Eternity Ends” (from “Until Eternity Ends” E.P., 1994)

06. Dark Heresy – “Engines of Torture” (from “Abstract Principles Taken to Their Logical Extremes”, 1995)

07. Autopsy – “Flesh Strewn Temple” (from “Morbidity Triumphant”, 2022) [Submitted by Vinny]

08. Benediction – “Forged In Fire” (from “Dark Is The Season” E.P., 1992) [Submitted by Vinny]

09. Amon Amarth – “Burning Creation” (from “The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter” demo, 1994)

10. Entombed – “Supposed To Rot” (from “Left Hand Path”, 1990) [Submitted by Vinny]

11. Drumcorps – “Style Transfer” (from “Creatures”, 2022)

12. Tentacult – “Aberration Sphere” (from “Lacerating Pattern”, 2023)

13. Mitochondrion – “Pestilentiam Intus Vocamus, Voluntatem Absolvimus (I. Plague Evockation)” (from “Parasignosis”, 2011)

14. Hyperdontia – “Nauseous Hallucinations” (from “Deranged”, 2023)

15. Astiferous – “Blinding The Seven Eyes Of God” (from “Pulsations From The Black Orb”, 2023)

16. Entheos – “Absolute Zero” (from “Time Will Take Us All”, 2023)

17. Decapitated – “Spheres of Madness” (from “Nihility”, 2002) [Submitted by Daniel]

18. Enemy Soil – “Obsequious” (from “Enemy Soil/Pg.99 split E.P.”, 1999)

19. Nightmarer – “III: Stasis (Obliterated Shrine)” (from “Monolith Of Corrosion” E.P., 2021) [Submitted by Vinny]

20. Misery Index – “The Great Depression” (from “Retaliate”, 2003)

21. Gigan – “Transmogrification Into Bio-Luminoid” (from “Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes”, 2011)

22. Deiquisitor – “Humanoid” (from “Apotheosis”, 2023)

23. Disfiguring The Goddess – “Sleeper” (from “Sleeper”, 2012)

24. Cerebral Incubation – “Bubbling Rectal Cum Fart” (from “Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication”, 2012)

25. Coffin Nail – “Strangling Gallows” (from “The Hanged Man”, 2023)

26. See You Next Tuesday – “Day In The Life Of A Fool” (from “Distractions”, 2023)

27. Machetazo – “Banquete Funerario” (from “Trono de huesos”, 2002)

28. Suffocation – “Souls To Deny” (from “Souls To Deny”, 2004) [Submitted by Daniel]

29. Sulfuric Cautery – “Torrential Regurgitation” (from “Suffocating Feats of Dehumanization”, 2023)

30. Katalepsy – “Evidence of Near Death (E.N.D.)” (from “Autopsychosis”, 2013)

31. Defeated Sanity – “Perspectives” (from “Passages Into Deformity”, 2013) [Submitted by Vinny]

32. Rotten Sound – “Sharing” (from “Apocalypse”, 2023)

33. Gorgasm – “Stabwound Intercourse” (from “Stabwound Intercourse” E.P., 1998)

May 17, 2023 08:28 AM

This month's playlist is what I believe cool folks would deem to a "banger".  I have taken away more acts to check out than I usually do and I am not sure if I will get round to all of them but the main standouts are Tentacult, Astiferous, Deiquisitor and Re-Buried.

May 24, 2023 01:24 PM

Blasted the playlist whilst out on an extended morning dog walk and enjoyed it immensely... well at least three quarters of it. I must admit that, much like last month as it seemed to end with more brutal death metal, it kind of lost me a bit. The Drumcorps track intrigued me as it almost sounded like a kind of cyber-sludge - I don't think I could listen to a whole album of it, but as a single track on a playlist it stood out as an interesting anachronism. I will also have to check Misery Index out - a band whose name I have seen around for what seems like ever, but never listened to before.

I'm thinking I've got a bit of an easy gig with the Fallen playlist as 15 or 16 tracks usually covers the two hours but Daniel (and Vinny on the Pit playlist) have to come up with twice that number of tracks to fill two hours - well done lads for your admirable perseverance.