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I heard something about that Megadeth controversy, never delved into it too much though. Bonus tracks are always a plus, even if most of the time they're not good. More incentive to but the album again I guess instead of looking through the bargain bins. Also understandable when at least for a time it was a good idea to re-record onto the new media like cassette or CD's but the records are showing that Vinyl is the big thing again. I don't want to keep a working cd player, cassette, 8-track, or phonograph player around to listen to my music. I like having everything on my hard drive or even phone at this point to listen everywhere I go. Let us know if those re-recordings are actually good though, I've always been interested in Paradise Lost and other gothic metal but I haven't really given it a listen. Wonder if that darker style is actually better remastered with the better technology now. 


I completely understand, and agree that though some of my favorite music is Melodic Death I don't even scratch the surface of most that would be included in The Horde. I personally am not a fan of Grindcore, but I see the appeal just not for me. I do think I'm personally more involved in my other 3 clans anyway. I'm enjoying the site so far and like doing what I can. 


When at a clan page it would be great if there was a link to their forums, possibly a "recent thread post" on there too.

Also maybe a non-clan area for New Releases or other 'unknown' genre albums that just don't seem to fit where people can vote on genre's like the hall of judgment, maybe a separate section within the hall of judgement?  Would love to hear others opinions on this as well, maybe an even better idea!