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We need to have Todesstoß on here!

I'm just gonna make a list, lol

Transcending Bizarre?
Howls of Ebb
Nucleus Torn
Aberrant Vascular
Damned Spirits' Dance
Island (German prog death and later post-metal band)
Lux Occulta
In Tormentata Quiete

Lord of the Lost
Mono, Inc.
Öxxö Xööx
Kingfisher Sky
The Man-Eating Tree
Liv Kristine
Theatres des Vampires

US death metal band Teeth

Gotta add Ekpyrosis; German avant-garde black metal band!

Going through the Three 6 Mafia discography. On Chapter 2 right now!

Okay, two more here because I'm embarking on both or their discographies:

Mistress of the Dead (has a lot of demos, but they've all been re-released in official formats and are even on Spotify)
Until Death Overtakes Me (quick note, Symphony 1 has two versions: the original and a re-recording)

Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh haven't been on here in a while, but I have some more suggestions for the moment:

Persistence in Mourning
Lycus (really surprised they're not already on here!)
Dreams After Death
Aeonian Sorrow
Axxann (aka Axxanngabannaxaxagannababaillukuku - my own project admittedly)
Funeral Mourning
Great Cold Emptiness

I'll definitely have more later, but that'll be enough for now.

The Foreshadowing

Trail of Tears

Mental Home


Dawn of Solace

The Vision Bleak


Idle Hands

Honestly, most tech thrash in general should probably be in The Infinite.

Doom metal? Yeah, probably Sabbath, myself.

Gothic metal would be either Cradle of Filth and Type O Negative...hard to say exactly which I heard first.

Drone would be Sunn O))) of course. Was interested in hearing what the hell drone metal was, heard Báthory Erzsébet on YouTube, and was totally enthralled by what I had heard.

Stoner metal, would definitely be Corrosion of Conformity. My dad got me In the Arms of God for Christmas one year (maybe my birthday) and it's to this day probably my favorite in the genre (although it isn't one of my favorite genres anyway, but that's a damn good album).

Sludge metal is definitely Mastodon lmao

Can't wait for the clan leaders feature to be implemented so that I can join in on adding bands and relieve some of the load off of you guys ;)

Both the Swiss funeral doom Mordor and the Polish death doom/gothic Mordor

Cemetary, Sundown, and Cemetary 1213



Celestial Season

Clouds (UK supergroup)


Graveyard Dirt (although their RYM page might be missing a couple of releases)

Love Like Blood

Mourning Beloveth



Trail of Tears

The 11th Hour


Perhaps that's enough for now, lol

They're pretty unknown, but I would love to have theMANcalledTEA on here...

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I'd happily add them but unless I'm mistaken, they only ever recorded a demo didn't they?

This request does remind me that I haven't added Sirrah yet though. They must be coming up soon.

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It actually had a small official label release! Including bonus tracks!

Here's the RYM page for that edition with some quality artwork:

Gotta get Sirrah on here!
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Oh damn, I forgot to mention that the title of their second album should be DID Tomorrow Come...

That was the originally intended title and all reprints since have it fixed. It was a mistake on the label's part. Don't know how big of a deal it is for you guys, lol

They're pretty unknown, but I would love to have theMANcalledTEA on here...