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Easily one of my favorite albums, and the album that got me into Black Metal! 

Bethlehem - Sardonischer Untergang Im Zeichen Irreligiöser Darbietung

Back in the days that youtube wasn't about politic correctness, and money. i used to spent a lot of time as a foolish teenager on this platform. i was confronted with a sample of Bethlehem's - Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt on a youtube poop video. it sparked my interest since i never had heard anything of the sort in my live back then, this was before i realised these guys are pretty suicidal, I couldn't understand anything these guys were singing about, but the grimm and moody atmosphere got me hooked.  A couple of years later i attended my first metal concert and was not much into black metal before this ,i was to attend a live performance of Agalloch and these guys got me simultaneously into other heavier bands i was listening to back in the day. after this i pretty much got into Finntrol, Emperor, Burzum, Mayhem, Behemoth and Deathspell Omega, and concidder myself more as a black metaller then any other metal genre.

Stromae - Racine carrée

Stromae is a artist from Brussels who blends different styles of Electropop, Electro House, Nouvelle chanson française, Dance-Pop, Euro House, Hip House together.
I am not much of a electropop/Electro House fan myself but i am a fan of this. really liked the french vocals and most of the tones in this work. the video clips are pretty neat as well.

Favorite tracks: Carmen, Tous Les Mêmes, Merci


August 29, 2019 01:11 PM

The following bands have been added to Metal Academy on the 27th/28th of August, 2019:


2. Death Penalty (GUARDIANS)

3. Coven (GUARDIANS) - requested by illusionist

4. Pharaoh (GUARDIANS)

5. Lyra's Legacy (GUARDIANS, INFINITE) - requested by Xephyr

6. Niviane (GUARDIANS) - requested by Xephyr

7. Gnaw Their Tongues (NORTH, FALLEN) - requested by Vlgrim

8. Imperial Triumphant (NORTH, INFINITE, HORDE) - requested by Vlgrim

9. Hannes Grossmann (HORDE, INFINITE)

10. Dark Lunacy (HORDE)

11. Repugnant (HORDE)

12. Entombed A.D. (HORDE) - requested by illusionist

13. Nocturnus AD (HORDE)

14. Dead to a Dying World (HORDE, FALLEN)

15. Dream Death (PIT, FALLEN)

16. With the Dead (FALLEN)

I also added the endless non-metal releases for Boris. That task took a few hours (to research, find quality artwork, and then add). Glad it's done!

Quoted Ben

Awesome Thanks!

Could i also request:

Dopethrone (The Fallen)
Pseudogod (The North)
Vortex of End (The North)
Throane (The North/The Fallen)
Tetragrammacide (The North/The Horde)

Hmm first bands that come to mind,



Gnaw Their Tongues

Imperial Triumphant (But this one might also fit The Infinite)





Emptiness(altho this one might also fit the fallen, and the Horde)

August 13, 2019 01:55 PM

Welcome Vlgrim. We're delighted to have you onboard & from the looks of your ratings so far you're just the sort of member we're looking for. So don't be shy. The very concept of this website is about acceptance & celebration of the widely varying tastes & backgrounds that make up the global metal community so you won't be seeing any judgements floating around here. We encourage active participation & get excited about every new member & every fresh contribution.

Quoted Daniel

Greetings Daniel, i am delighted to hear this, and will do my upmost best to be as active as possible, it might take some time to rate all the albums i listened to already but i will make work out of it if i find some time in the near future,