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The Swiss masters of industrial metal have diversified their sound, starting off as black metal in the first 3 albums from the first half of the 90s, up until the style they're known for today. Reign of Light continues the heavy/melodic industrial metal blend first solidified in Passage and Eternal. Their skills are so appealing despite a more pop-ish direction here. They certainly started off their time in the 21st century quite well.

It should be said that most of the highlights in the album make up its first half. It's during the second half when the quality drops more than Eternal, with only a couple songs there being good. So let's begin with those better tunes...

The opening track "Moongate" is a pretty good start. Now as a Muslim, I know that when a relative tells me to say hi to my family for them, I say "Inch'Allah". That song has tense verses, but the chorus it builds up to is a slight letdown. Still it's a strong highlight. "High Above" seems to drag in the rhythm, while the oriental vibe from the female singing is enjoyable. The title track starts with keyboard synths before some heavy riffing. The chorus builds up from the verses and better and leads to a strong bridge.

Then comes "On Earth", having the most melody here, as he rhythm matches with the harmony. While having dreamy lyrics, the rough vocals balance them out. "Telepath" symphonic industrial metal sound bright and clear, in need of more attention than Rammstein. Unfortunately, the oriental elements in "Oriental Dawn" sound too pompous.

Next song "As the Sun" is a f***ing embarrassment. The 80s electro-synths are too cheesy, and Vorph attempts to sound like a rapper in the verses, but it doesn't work at all. We get one more highlight in "Further". Its slow relaxing sound is as great as the heaviness of the other standouts. Things get sinister in "Heliopolis". More of the oriental vibe starts things off before getting heavy. The female vocals once again add to that vibe. Final track "Door of Celestial Peace" isn't too bad, but I don't have much to say about it.

Despite the album's bumpy second half, Reign of Light has great heavy production. Samael knew how to make their atmosphere vary with more than just industrial, with the instruments and vocals dominating together. So come, step into the light....

Favorites: "Inch'Allah", "Reign of Light", "On Earth", "Telepath", "Further"


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