May 2022 "The Fallen" Metal Academy Radio Playlist

First Post April 30, 2022 09:27 PM

1. Firebreather - "Kiss of Your Blade" from "Dwell in the Fog" (2022)

2. Mares of Thrace - "Offerings of Hand and Tongue" from "The Exile" (2022) [submitted by Sonny]

3. MonumentuM - "Fade To Grey" from "In Absentia Christi" (1995) [submitted by Daniel]

4. Down - "Temptations Wings" from "NOLA" (1995)

5. Mar de Grises - "Sleep Just One Dawn" from "Draining the Waterheart" (2008) [submitted by Ben]

6. Bismuth - "Weltschmerz" from "The Slow Dying of the Great Barrier Reef" (2008) [submitted by Sonny]

7. Obsidian Sea - "Mythos" from "Pathos" (2022)

8. Electric Wizard - "We Live" from "We Live" (2004) [submitted by Sonny]

9. Type O Negative - "Love You to Death" from "October Rust" (1996)

10. Isole - "Soulscarred" from "Silent Ruins" (2009) [submitted by Sonny]

11. Acid Bath - "The Blue" from "When the Kite String Pops" (1994)

12. Hangman's Chair - "Cold & Distant" from "A Loner" (2022)

13. Arð - "Only Three Shall Know" from "Take Up My Bones" (2022)

14. Profetus - "Northern Crown" from "The Sadness of Time Passing"  (2019) [submitted by Ben]

15. Ufomammut - "Stardog" from "Idolum" (2008)

16. The Ruins of Beverast - "Exuvia" from "Exuvia" (2017) [submitted by Daniel]

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May 05, 2022 09:05 PM

Listened to this playlist over the last couple of days and found a lot to enjoy.

There were some great tracks that I'm already familiar with, such as Ruins of Beverast, Profetus, Isole, Electric Wizard, Mar de Grises and Type O Negative. More importantly though, there were a few tracks from bands that I definitely need to get more acquainted with, particularly Ufomammut and Arð. I'm not sure if that Arð track is representative of their overall sound, but I'm hoping it is. Right up my alley.

Thanks Sonny!

May 05, 2022 10:06 PM

Arð only has one album out Ben and yes, the track on the playlist is representative of the album as a whole. He is the keyboard player with Manchester black metallers Winterfylleth and I think this is his first stab at doom metal. There's a lot to like on the album as it provides something a bit different.

I have only properly got into Ufomammut myself recently, actually since Daniel selected the collab with Lento as a feature, and I've really been enjoying what I've been hearing. A completely underrated band.

May 14, 2022 08:15 AM

I just finished blasting this playlist while working out on the floor in front of the kids (yes the missus is away) & I've gotta say that I fucking loved it. The Firebreather, Mares of Thrace, MonumentuM, Bismuth, Electric Wizard, Type O Negative, Hangman's Chair & The Ruins of Beveerast tracks are all mind-blowing. The Down, Mar de Grises, Isole, Ard, Profetus & Ufomammut tracks are really solid too. The Obsidian Sea & Acid Bath songs were probably the ones that I enjoyed the least which is mainly due to the inclusion of some groovier riffs but I still quite like them. The balance of known tracks with underground ones is excellent, as is the mix of subgenres. This is about as good a playlist as I've heard to be honest.