Kamelot's "One Cold Winter's Night" is progressive power metal

First Post March 15, 2023 03:34 AM

Although generally regarded as a power metal release, I find that there's easily enough Dream Theater-inspired progressive metal included to warrant a dual clan & genre-tag so I'd like to see Kamelot's 'One Cold Winter's Night' added to The Infinite under the Progressive Metal genre.

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March 17, 2023 12:08 AM

I just gave this album some listening and a review to revisit this live album mainly consisting of songs from their best era, and to celebrate the release of Kamelot's new album with a blast to the past. Similarly to Angra's Aurora Consurgens, many songs show the more progressive side of the band with complex riffing and soloing that occur more in the songs from Epica and The Black Halo than in their earlier albums like Karma, and more diverse structure. So I'll definitely be giving this Hall entry a YES vote.