June 2021 "The Pit" Playlist - Metal Academy Radio

First Post May 31, 2021 08:39 PM



01. Evile – “The Thing (1982)” (from “Hell Unleashed”, 2021) [Submitted by Sonny92]

02. Lamb Of God – “Black Label” (from “New American Gospel”, 2000)

03. Anthrax – “Metal Thrashing Mad” (from “Fistful Of Metal”, 1984) [Submitted by Daniel]

04. Exciter – “Delivering To The Master” (from “Violence & Force”, 1984) [Submitted by Daniel]

05. Nuclear Assault – “Something Wicked” (from “Something Wicked”, 1993) [Submitted by Vinny]

06. Grip Inc. – “Scream At The Sky” (from “Nemesis”, 1997) [Submitted by Sonny92]

07. Slayer – “Seasons In The Abyss” (from “Seasons In The Abyss”, 1990) [Submitted by Daniel]

08. Agnostic Front – “Bomber Zee” (from “Cause For Alarm”, 1986) [Submitted by Daniel]

09. Hydra Vein – “Rabid” (from “Rather Death Than False Of Faith”, 1988) [Submitted by Sonny92]

10. The Exploited – “Don’t Pay The Poll Tax” (from “The Massacre”, 1990)

11. Havok – “Interface With The Infinite” (from “V”, 2020) [Submitted by Vinny]

12. Indestroy – “U.S.S.A.” (from “Indestroy”, 1987) [Submitted by Sonny92]

13. Killer Be Killed – “Curb Crusher” (from “Killer Be Killed”, 2014) [Submitted by Vinny]

14. Speedwolf – “Speedwolf” (from “Ride With Death”, 2011)

15. Evil – “首斬り Reaper” (from “Possessed By Evil”, 2021)

16. Lich King – “Combat Mosh” (from “Born Of The Bomb”, 2012) [Submitted by Sonny92]

17. Municipal Waste – “You’re Cut Off” (from “The Fatal Feast; Waste In Space”, 2012)

18. Evoke – “Demons Of War” (from “Seeds Of Death”, 2020) [Submitted by Vinny]

19. Skeletonwitch – “Vengeance Will Be Mine” (from “Beyond The permafrost”, 2007) [Submitted by Sonny92]

20. Inculter – “Open The Tombs” (from “Fatal Visions”, 2019) [Submitted by Vinny]

21. Paranorm – “Edge of The Horizon” (from “Empyrean”, 2021)

22. Cryptosis – “Game Of Souls” (from “Bionic Swarm”, 2021) [Submitted by Vinny]

23. Steel Bearing Hand – “Ensanguined” (from “Slay In Hell”, 2021) [Submitted by Daniel]

24. Infant Death – “Troops Of Dead” (from “Violent Rites”, 2016) [Submitted by Vinny]

25. Enforced – “Malignance” (from “Kill Grid”, 2021)

26. Num Skull – “Turn Of A Screw” (from “Ritually Abused”, 1988) [Submitted by Sonny92]

June 01, 2021 04:39 PM

I really enjoyed this month.  It was full of stuff that made me remember exactly why I got into thrash in the first place and had a few classics that I hadn't heard for a while (Anthrax and Slayer in particular).  Picked up on that Lich King track as they are a band I have struggled to get on with but his one was really energetic and frenetic so I will be checking out the whole album based on that track.  I do need to still check out that Hydra Vein album that Sonny recommended the other week.

I don't know why I haven't heard Paranorm before but I will be exploring them further also.  I am even giving Steel Bearing Hand another go.

Still not loving Evile or Skeletonwitch though.  Even the vocalist change on Evile hasn't turned me onto them.

Virtual hi-fives all round though.

June 05, 2021 04:19 PM

Another great playlist this month,  although for me, it got off to a slow start. My own selection of the Evile track was just one I put out there because I had been listening to the new album and that was the best of a so-so bunch. Lamb of God was the worst track, the vocals are like fingernails down a blackboard to my ears and I've never had any time for the band at all. Great to hear Anthrax's blatant Saxon worship on Metal Thrashing Mad but Exciter have never got me that er... excited! Finally when we get to Nuclear Assault we get into top gear and it's pretty much all gravy from hereon in - Slayer with one of the best metal intros ever, The Exploited sticking it to Thatcher once more and general all-round thrash metal kick-assery. The only real disappointed after track 4 was the Cryptosis track. I'd heard everyone raving about what a great album Bionic Swarm is, but Game of Souls didn't really do it for me. Still, a few new discoveries I'm looking forward to delving into, such as Speedwolf's Motorhead-loving speed metal, Inculter, Evoke and Paranorm. Well done us!!

June 10, 2021 01:53 AM

My thoughts on some tracks:

Evile – “The Thing (1982)” (from “Hell Unleashed”, 2021)

5/5. Evile is back with some more killer music, rising against the pandemic! This f***ing brutal song is a tribute to a certain classic sci-fi horror film directed by John Carpenter. This awesome THING basically sounds like Sadus gone Annihilator, though some might think of Slayer or Megadeth. The intro at around the 30-second part has a bit of groove. Probably the most amazing aggressive thrash song I've heard this year, enough to almost have my pants sh*t on. If there was another Thing remake, this good fast song should be part of the soundtrack. The bridge halfway through can induce absolute headbanging! Every awesome thing a thrash fan wants and more is right here including the tone, speed, and lyrical subject. An epic cure to drinking depression you just gotta f***ing love, all in amazing thrash splendor! Not even Gojira could go ultra-fast in a common basis. The speed is all in the vocals, guitars, bass and drums. They pretty much assimilated their influences way more than The Thing into a blend that can never be duplicated. Some of their vocabulary has not been used by anyone else, not even Eminem (like the word "transmogrified"). Once more, this is a great song based on a sci-fi horror classic. Well done guys! Thanks for this, Sonny and Daniel!

Lamb Of God – “Black Label” (from “New American Gospel”, 2000)

4.5/5. I had this one as a Revolution playlist suggestion, but I replaced it because its album New American Gospel is tough groove metal to my ears, with small hardcore elements borrowed from the Burn the Priest album. I'm not sure what I was thinking adding that song suggestion. I made a judgement submission for this album to be removed from The Revolution. Anyway, an example of a well-crafted songwriting moment is its opening buildup, which is filled with the groove moments and layers of screaming madness Lamb of God would be known for. Another notable thing is the lyrics that are basically screaming scat gibberish with lyrics fit in based on what they sound like. Love that song!

Anthrax – “Metal Thrashing Mad” (from “Fistful Of Metal”, 1984)

4.5/5. Another incredible song! This one has inspired the name thrash metal when Kerrang! writer Malcolm Dome coined the term for his review for the song's album Fistful of Metal. However, compared to that other thrash band Evile, I'm still not up to this band until I feel like I'm ready which would be a long while from now. Scr*w Nickelback, the voice of Neil Turbin is far better than the lead singer of a band many people are addicted to these days...

Exciter – “Delivering To The Master” (from “Violence & Force”, 1984)

5/5. Boy am I excited for this band! This is the best underrated true pioneering force of speed metal! I love the great singing from Dan Beehler who can multitask by also playing the drums even in live performances.

Cryptosis – “Game Of Souls” (from “Bionic Swarm”, 2021)

4.5/5. Once again showing the band is at the top of their progressive thrash game. That is all...