February 2023 - "The Pit" Playlist - Metal Academy Radio

First Post January 31, 2023 07:51 PM


01. Slaughter Messiah – “From the Tomb into the Void” (from “Cursed to the Pyre”, 2020) [Submitted by Vinny]

02. Nifelheim – “Black Evil” (from “Servants of Darkness”, 2000)

03. Nocturnal Breed – “Manskinner” (from “Fields of Rot”, 2007)

04. MunicioN – “Zombie Terror” (from “Fukk Off in Hell”, 2021)

05. Acid - “Lucifera” (from “Maniac”, 1983) [Submitted by Sonny]

06. Manilla Road – “Black Cauldron” (from “Out of the Abyss”, 1984) [Submitted by Vinny]

07. Razor – “Legacy of Doom” (from “Evil Invaders”, 1985) [Submitted by Sonny]

08. Retador – “Furia” (from “Retador”, 2022)

09. Critical Defiance – “Misconception” (from “Misconception”, 2019) [Submitted by Sonny]

10. Armagedom – “Sofrer Demais” (from “Silêncio Fúnebre”, 1986) [Submitted by Vinny]

11. Overkill – “The One” (from “Killbox 13”, 2003) [Submitted by Daniel]

12. Lazarus A.D. – “The Ultimate Sacrifice” (from “Black Rivers Flow”, 2011) [Submitted by Vinny]

13. Zimmers Hole – “When You Were Shouting at the Devil…We Were in League with Satan” (from “When You Were Shouting at the Devil…We Were in League with Satan”, 2008)

14. Metal Allegiance, Randall D. Blythe – “Gift of Pain” (from “Metal Allegiance”, 2015)

15. Meshiaak – “Chronicles of the Dead” (from “Alliance of Thieves”, 2016)

16. Mnemic – “Liquid” (from “Mechanical Spin Phenomena”, 2003) [Submitted by Daniel]

17. BabyMetal – “BabyMetal Death” (from “BabyMetal”, 2014)

18. Sanctity– “Beneath the Machine” (from “The Road to Bloodshed”, 2007)

19. Judiciary – “Social Crusade” (from “Surface Noise”, 2019) [Submitted by Vinny]

20. Autonoesis – “Raise the Dead” (from “Moon of Foul Magics”, 2022) [Submitted by Vinny]

21. Blessed Death – “You Are Nothing” (from “Hour of Pain”, 2006) [Submitted by Sonny]

22. Slayer – “Hallowed Point” (from “Seasons in the Abyss”, 1990) [Submitted by Sonny]

23. Despair – “Freedom Now” (from “History of Hate”, 1988)

24. Deviated Instinct– “Scarecrow” (from “Welcome to the Orgy”, 2006)

25. Hellshock – “Darkness Will Endure” (from “They Wait for You Still”, 2009)

26. Feared – “Lords Resistance Army” (from “Reborn” 2016)

27. Dr. Living Death – “Crush the Sublime Gods” (from “Crush the Sublime Gods”, 2015) [Submitted by Daniel]

28. Warfect – “Purveyors of Cadavers” (from “Scavengers”, 2016)

29. Ultra-Violence – “Burning Through the Scars”(from “Deflect the Flow”, 2015)

February 24, 2023 11:28 AM

Well, it was going really well up to Overkill's The One, but after that it went a bit Pete Tong for me. I'm not a big fan of groove metal and most things that sound like Pantera get up my nose, so there were a few tracks in the middle section that didn't do it for me - Lazarus A.D., Mnemic and, unsurprisingly, Babymetal didn't impress (although I resisted the temptation to FF which was quite an effort with a couple of them). Zimmers Hole's “When You Were Shouting at the Devil…We Were in League with Satan” did make me raise a chuckle though and is an absolutely brilliant title.

Things got back on track with Autoneosis and although I wasn't a massive fan of the album, here on the playlist it works. The one-two punch of Deviated Instinct and Hellshock was a playlist highlight for me and though I wasn't massively taken with the Feared track, the three closers gave the playlist a terrific, powerful climax.

I must admit, I'm starting to wonder of The Pit still holds the attraction for me that it used to. However, I just can't imagine giving up the clan that holds Reign In Blood, Master of Puppets, Among the Living and so many other albums that were fundamental to the expansion of my metal taste in the eighties. Just have to take the rough with the smooth I suppose. Anyway, great work Vinny and I did hear some stuff I need to look into further - Slaughter Messiah and Hellshock in particular.