September 2021 "The Infinite" Playlist - Metal Academy Radio

First Post August 31, 2021 08:37 PM


01. Mastodon – “Curl of the Burl” (from “The Hunter”, 2011) [Submitted by shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

02. Skin Tension – “Conqueror Worm” (from “Machinic Impulses of the Hyperreal”, 2021)

03. Dola – “-“ (from “Czasy”, 2021) [Submitted by Xephyr]

04. Ayreon – “Beneath The Waves” (from “01011001”, 2008) [Submitted by shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

05. Psychotic Waltz – “Into The Everflow” (from “Into The Everflow”, 1992)

06. Papangu – “Holoceno” (from “Holoceno”, 2021)

07. Fates Warning – “Still Remains” (from “Disconnected”, 2000)

08. Soen – “Pluton” (from “Tellurian”, 2014) [Submitted by Xephyr]

09. Dream Theater – “Pull Me Under” (from “Images & Words”, 1992)

10. Symphony X – “Absinthe & Rue” (from “Symphony X”, 1994) [Submitted by shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

11. Teramaze – “A Deep State Of Awake” (from “I Wonder”, 2020) [Submitted by Xephyr]

12. Between The Buried & Me – “Astral Body” (from “The Parallax II: Future Sequence”, 2012) [Submitted by shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

13. Gojira – “Another World” (from “Fortitude”, 2021) [Submitted by shadowdoom9 (Andi)]

14. Alcest – “Protection” (from “Spiritual Instinct”, 2019)

15. Textures – “Young Man” (from “Polars”, 2004)

16. Vildhjarta – “Dagger” (from “Måsstaden”, 2011)

17. Thy Catafalque – “Köd utánam” (from “Róka Hasa Rádió”, 2009) [Submitted by Xephyr]

September 01, 2021 08:23 AM

My thoughts on some tracks:

Mastodon – “Curl of the Burl” (from “The Hunter”, 2011)

5/5. Now this here's the perfect choice to start this playlist. This single has a strange music video, which is yet another contributing factor to how I became in this band, when I watched that video like 5 years ago. That song is a radio/TV-friendly stoner tune with great vocal harmony emphasis.

Ayreon – “Beneath The Waves” (from “01011001”, 2008)

5/5. And this marks another playlist with a soft 4th track, wow! Though this one is more influenced by Pink Floydian prog-rock while staying metal. Ayreon is a band that deserves to be more popular. ONE MAN, Arjen Lucassen, has spent over two and a half decades of hard work making this multi-singer project possible, and he already has above 100 singers and musicians involved in 10 albums! He should really have more fame and recognition. This is one of my favorite Ayreon songs with emotional impact in the vocals and melodies. It seems like one song, but it's actually split into 5 parts, with the outro being one of the coolest things ever, even at first listen 7 years ago. Sweet memories touching my heart! If I end up in an 8-hour overnight cross-country road trip, I would use the time to listen to 4 Ayreon albums in a row. They've already done live performances for The Human Equation and Into the Electric Castle. Once the virus lifts up, 01011001 shall be next! This song is so f***ing unique with a d*mn amazing solo plus an insane final chorus (the 4th part). You can pretty much imagine yourself travelling through oceans and astral planes. The slowness I can stand much more than Crowbar. Steve Lee (Gotthard) was alive to do vocals for the album, but sadly nearly 3 years later, he was killed in the most metal yet still tragic way possible (by a flying motorcycle). RIP... Anyway, this composition is still beautiful during these almost 14 years since its release, with me still remembering it since first listen at the midpoint of that amount of time. And I believe some songs from this album and other albums were referenced in Transitus. Face the facts, our metal opera savior is back!

Fates Warning – “Still Remains” (from “Disconnected”, 2000)

4.5/5. That couple in the cover art seem to be prepared for the virus, even though that was 20 years before the virus. With every lyric and note hitting my heart with pride and joy, I have no other words to describe this 16-minute epic! This is almost, just almost, one of my favorite songs from Fates Warning.

Dream Theater – “Pull Me Under” (from “Images & Words”, 1992)

5/5. Many of you know this as the ultimate hit for Dream Theater, with technical power shining through the song. The lyrics do what the title says and PULL YOU UNDER. The guitar solo from John Petrucci is one of the best he's ever done. It's lyrical theme seems to be heavily inspired by Kansas' "Dust in the Wind", yet it is based on Shakespeare's Hamlet in the prince's point of view. The song ends abruptly during the outro but I don't care. Still an excellent track!

Symphony X – “Absinthe & Rue” (from “Symphony X”, 1994)

4/5. This one is a solid example of the progressive/power/neo-classical metal fury the band is known for, though in not of their best albums, but they just starting, so I won't go too harsh on this.

Teramaze – “A Deep State Of Awake” (from “I Wonder”, 2020)

4.5/5. Now this is an amazing song to listen to during the lockdown! Yet a maze I'm not up to totally be trapped in...

Between The Buried & Me – “Astral Body” (from “The Parallax II: Future Sequence”, 2012)

4.5/5. Times have changed back and forth through my death metal departure that somehow included a few other bands like BTBAM, along with an epic listening of their new album Colors II. Now with this submission in, I can take another glimpse at the creativity of the music and story that I regret breaking away from.

Gojira – “Another World” (from “Fortitude”, 2021)

4/5. So beautiful, including the vibe. Yet I've already moved away from this band due to their death metal past...