March 2021 "The Infinite" Playlist - Metal Academy Radio

First Post February 28, 2021 10:31 PM


01. Opeth – “The Moor” (from “Still Life”, 1999)

02. Liturgy – “SIHEYMN's Lament” (from “Origin Of The Alimonies”, 2020)

03. Alcest – “Kodama” (from “Kodama”, 2016) [Submitted by Xephyr]

04. Pain Of Salvation – “Ending Theme” (from “Remedy Lane”, 2002) [Submitted by shadowdoom9]

05. Carbonized – “Silent Journey” (from “Disharmonization”, 1993)

06. Caligula’s Horse – “Dark Hair Down” (from “The Tide, The Thief & River’s End”, 2013) [Submitted by Xephyr]

07. Atrox – “Serenity” (from “Contentum”, 2000)

08. Evergrey – “In Remembrance” (from “Monday Morning Apocalypse”, 2006) [Submitted by shadowdoom9]

09. Soen – “Lumerian” (from “Imperial”, 2021) [Submitted by Xephyr]

10. Devin Townsend – “Sky Blue” (from “Z²”, 2014) [Submitted by shadowdoom9]

11. Green Carnation – “Sentinels” (from “Leaves Of Yesteryear”, 2020)

12. Hail Spirit Noir – “Automata 1980” (from “Eden In Reverse”, 2020)

13. Nuclear Power Trio – “A Clear & Present Rager” (from “A Clear & Present Rager” E.P., 2020)

14. The Ocean – “Devonian: Nascent” (from “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic”, 2018) [Submitted by shadowdoom9]

15. Lvmen – “I” (from “Lvmen”, 1998)

16. Novena – “Indestructible” (from “Eleventh Hour”, 2020)

17. Meshuggah – “Humiliative” (from “None” E.P., 1994)

18. Persefone – “Underworld: The Fallen & The Butterfly – Act III: When The Earth Breaks” (from “Core”, 2006)

19. Pan.Thy.Monium – “III” (from “Dawn Of Dreams”, 1992)

March 01, 2021 02:16 AM

My thoughts on some tracks (including my suggested ones):

Opeth – “The Moor” (from “Still Life”, 1999)

5.5/5 (not exaggerating). Definitely the perfect song to start this playlist! One of Opeth's finest tracks that shows other progressive metal bands how to make a G****MN AWESOME OPENING TRACK!! After a mysterious two-minute intro, you'll be pulled into under 10 minutes of atmospheric complex progressive metal! I F***ING LOVE IT!!!

Pain Of Salvation – “Ending Theme” (from “Remedy Lane”, 2002)

4/5. Not really the ending theme, there's a lot more to go. This song has a dark mood and Daniel Gildenlow's soothing vocals especially in the great chorus. The talking part is really challenging for me to like without thinking it's dreaded rapping.

Evergrey – “In Remembrance” (from “Monday Morning Apocalypse”, 2006)

4.5/5. I'm quite proud of this band for their amazing melodic progressive metal that made my day in my earlier epic metal taste. There are plenty of good times to remember about this band, but I'm over them while making a few flashbacks to them like when I submitted this cool epic song.

Soen – “Lumerian” (from “Imperial”, 2021)

5/5. Soen has unleashed progressive metal at full power! I love it, especially the crushing riffing and strong commanding vocals of Joel Ekelöf. I might've just found one of the most d*mn important songs of this year. It's so stunning with a h*lla catchy chorus. Joel's singing in the softer parts remind me of Jonas Renkse. That's very great along with the f***ing genuine blend of heavy and melodic. The intro riff opens the song perfectly, and when it returns at around the two and a half minute mark, it sounds great in epic execution, along with the guitar bend and bass finish around 30 seconds later. The lyrics are so amazing! This ripped artful progressive metal sound can remind some of the recent Opeth and Tool. The chorus' triple-melody is f***ing incredible! This has greatly blown my mind more than Dream Theater and Leprous. This tremendous smasher has definitely gotten this month to a great start for me. The remarkable heavy intro reminds me of a progressive Disturbed. This is majestic powerful progressive rock/metal that should live on forever! An amazing killer song to pass the time when stuck at home. With their sound at heavy modern heights, I'm surprised they haven't been signed yet to Sumerian Records. They're definitely far heavier than Steven Wilson's music. Thanks for suggesting this, Xephyr, and thanks for sharing, Daniel!

Devin Townsend – “Sky Blue” (from “Z²”, 2014)

4.5/5. Interesting how I decided to spice up this playlist with a soft electronic-dance track, but this one works! Continuing Devin's willing experimentation, electronic beats and melodies surround soft vocals before a dance-rock chorus where the first half with Devin singing is based on Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love", and the other half shows Anneke's velvety voice.

The Ocean – “Devonian: Nascent” (from “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic”, 2018)

5/5. This one I actually submitted to The Fallen, but this also works in The Infinite, a grand progressive post-sludge epic with guest vocals by Jonas Renkse of Katatonia (he was originally gonna be one of the guests in the epic Precambrian album, but he had to bail because of his band's touring and he was chosen to do guest vocals for Ayreon's 01011001). While, the sludgy elements drag along and test your patience, the drum aggression and harsh vocals are balanced out by ambient influences. After the complex experimentation, the song gets repetitive, but never excessively, staying perfect!

Meshuggah – “Humiliative” (from “None” E.P., 1994)

4.5/5. I'm a little surprised that I haven't reviewed this EP yet. Perhaps I should, especially this song that is a great early example of the djent sound Meshuggah would build. Review for this EP coming sometime this month.

Persefone – “Underworld: The Fallen & The Butterfly – Act III: When The Earth Breaks” (from “Core”, 2006)

4.5/5. Core works better as 3 multi-part epics instead of separating them as different tracks, but it's still amazing either way.

Pan.Thy.Monium – “III” (from “Dawn Of Dreams”, 1992)

5/5. Their actually is a name for this song now, "SIEEGEH", whatever that means. Anyway, this is THE SH*T! Awesome prog death that made me wanna enjoy the style a little more. A killer way to end this playlist!