The Post-Metal Thread

First Post August 19, 2020 08:30 PM

Cult Of Luna - "Somewhere Along The Highway" (2006)

The fourth album from these Swedish post-metallers didn't hit me quite as hard when I first encountered it over a decade ago now. Perhaps I'm mellowing in my old age but this revisit has seen me thoroughly captivated by the gorgeous dynamics & the textural atmosphere that Cult Of Luna can create when they're at their best. For fans of Isis, Neurosis & The Ocean.


September 10, 2020 09:37 PM

Neurosis - "The Eye Of Every Storm" (2004)

Neurosis eighth album (or ninth if you include their 2003 collaboration with Jarboe) saw them delivering their most stripped back, emotionally charged & atmospheric release to the time. Subsequently, you'll find that "The Eye Of Every Storm" requires a little more commitment from the listener before its qualities start to shine through but, once they do, I can assure you that this is yet another mind-blowing record from one of my all-time favourite artists. The depth & substance on display here is nothing short of phenomenal, despite the fact that the band tinker with self-indulgence at times. It's also another prime example of why we don't need the atmospheric sludge metal tag because this record is a hell of a lot closer to post-metal than it is to sludge. Essential listening for fans of Isis, Cult Of Luna & Minsk.