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Welcome to the site Caroline. Ben & I are thrilled that you enjoy our little podcast & are also so glad that you've decided to register for this website as it really is a labour of love for us. In fact, we've designed the site to fit in with our concept of the perfect metal resource & it's getting closer & closer to that ideal every day with all members having a say in how it looks & feels. I'm probably the more social of the two of us & having an avenue for self expression & communication with like-minded music fans has always been important to me so I fully intend to ensure that our forum becomes the most active in the entire internet metal scene. Plus, we're both tired of the prejudice & bullying that goes on at other major competitor's websites so there will be none of that tolerated here. It's a place where metalheads can be completely open in sharing their opinions without having to worry about being trolled due to their experience, age, gender, sexual orientation, musical preference, etc. So please don't be shy! Get amongst it & I look forward to hearing your thoughts on everything metal. Enjoy yourself!


P.S. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?