Review by Daniel for Fear Factory - Mechanize (2010) Review by Daniel for Fear Factory - Mechanize (2010)

Daniel Daniel / January 11, 2019 / 0

Firstly I would like to express how wonderful Gene Hoglan is. There is not a drummer on the planet who is better suited to the Fear Factory sound. Secondly, I find this to be much heavier & more aggressive than I was expecting. It is very similar to their first couple of albums. The boys have clearly made a conscious effort to slam it out on this release. The production is absolutely top notch & the musicianship as tighter than nearly anyone on the planet. Sadly I have to agree with the fairly common opinion that the album lacks depth & variation so most of it tends to fly past without being noticed. The clean vocal sections are not as catchy as their classic period & the heavy riffs seem to follow the same structure in every song. It's not a bad album to get the band back out in the public eye again but the boys need to try something different next time.

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