Sodom - The Final Sign of Evil (2007)Release ID: 1579

Sodom - The Final Sign of Evil (2007) Cover
Ded Bolt Ded Bolt / November 28, 2019 / Comments 0 / 0

I've been a long time Sodom fan...precisely since 1987. Though it's endearing for Tom to reconnect with his old mates for a one shot deal at the fans behest, the result is absolute crap. I don't care for the pre-Blackfire era, so I guess I'm biased, but this is even worse than the original recordings. Witchhunter was CLEARLY incapable of a coherent performance here and unfortunately instead of getting a tight update of the vintage sound, we get a poorly produced rehash. I give props to Grave Violator for at least holding his parts together on this effort.