The Hall of Judgement: Dolorian - Dolorian

Daniel has requested that this release be submitted into the Hall of Judgement. If you agree with the below change request, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO.

Request: Dolorian's self-titled album should remain in The Fallen, but have the Gothic Metal genre added to the existing Doom Metal genre.

Member comment: "I'd like to see Dolorian's 2001 self-titled album have gothic metal added to its existing doom metal genre as, despite the use of slow tempos & heavy riffs, the atmosphere it creates is significantly more gothic than it is doomy."

NOTE: Only members of The Fallen can vote on this judgement. Once 15 votes of Yes or No have been entered, the Hall will make its judgement.

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The Hall of Judgement: Dolorian - Dolorian Cover