The Hall of Judgement: Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony

Sonny92 has requested that this release be submitted into the Hall of Judgement. If you agree with the below change request, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO.

Request: Blood Ceremony's self-titled album should be considered Doom Metal and therefore added to The Fallen (it is currently a Non-Metal release).

This change would also add the Doom Metal genre to the release.

Member comment: "Personally I think that Blood Ceremony's debut not having a metal primary, despite sounding like Sabbath jamming with Ian Anderson and Grace Slick, is a travesty and would like to be able to submit it (and others like it) for consideration by the more metal-savvy users of Metal Academy."

NOTE: Only members of The Fallen can vote on this judgement. Once 15 votes of Yes or No have been entered, the Hall will make its judgement.

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The Hall of Judgement: Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony Cover