First Post June 12, 2019 07:03 AM

Howdy! I've just discovered this website a couple weeks ago and it looks like something that even though I can't really improve it myself, I can always write threads about some ways to make it complete (more bands, more albums, rule compromises, etc.).

How did my taste in metal started, you may ask? Well I have an older brother who is actually more into hard-rock/alt-metal/post-grunge kind of music, but when he showed me a song from power metal band Dragonforce, THAT'S what sparked up my metal interest. Yeah, in my first few years of my metal interest, well I guess you can say that I was in these clans: The Guardians (power metal, symphonic metal), The North (folk metal, viking metal (NO black metal, that's too controversial for my taste)), and The Fallen (doom metal, gothic metal). Basically, my metal taste used to be more melodic. Then there was a friend of mine whom we met in person but lost contact when we were little. Just a couple years ago, we finally regained contact with each other as social media pen pals, and apparently he's also into metal and has recently made his own album. He introduced me to a heavier modern side of metal, starting with the band Trivium. Yes I am now in these clans: The Horde (death metal (just melodic/technical/death-doom, NONE of the violent gory standard stuff)), The Infinite (progressive metal), and The Revolution (metalcore). I would also still be in the Fallen, along with The Pit (thrash metal), but I could only choose up to 3 clans. If you ask me if I'll one day decide to join The Gateway (alternative metal) or The Sphere (industrial metal), well...NAH, those are too mainstream. For now, I prefer my list of clans to stay intact until my next big taste change.

Like I said, even though I can't do anything to actually edit this website, I plan on adding some suggestions about bands and albums that aren't in the website yet but should be, along with some ideas for rule compromises for better convenience. I'll also help spread the word about this website and encourage other metalheads to join the site. And let me just say... All hail the founders of this site, Daniel and Ben! Keep up the good work, guys, and let's wish the best success for the Metal Academy....

June 12, 2019 11:56 AM

Welcome Andi & thanks a lot for the positive feedback. Ben & I have always intended the "Metal Academy" website to be more of a community than a dictatorship. In fact, our members probably haven't realized it yet but they actually have as much access to change the site as I do at the moment because Ben is currently the only administrator & is responsible for managing all of the delivery aspects of the website project (yes he's an IT nerd). We share all of the decision-making on how it looks & feels & what functionality we'll include but I'm more heavily responsible for the creation of the "Metal Academy" podcast which takes up most of my spare time so I enjoy the website as much from a user point of view as anything else. To be honest, we'd really like our members to have as much say in how the site functions & is laid out as we do so please feel free to offer improvement suggestions. We've already taken up several positive & productive suggestions from our members.

Also, we're thrilled to see you joining The Revolution because that clan has been a little quiet early on. As have The Sphere & The Gateway so I'd like to openly encourage people to get involved with those clans. You won't see any clan shaming on this website so people should feel free to go with whichever clans they honestly feel they're most passionate about. It's actually essential for the clan concept to work to its full potential when you think about it. We want everyone to be able to be themselves & openly express their opinions here. The more ratings & reviews submitted the better so don't be shy. We're very keen to hear your thoughts on the music you love.... or hate for that matter.

And finally... spread the word! Let's make this into something valuable & long-term for fans of metal music!