The Different Types of Progressive Metal Discussion

First Post September 13, 2021 11:47 AM

Progressive metal is a tough genre to control because of the genre being so...well, progressive, and bands with even the slightest progressive qualities end up being labeled that genre. So I decided to divide progressive metal into 15 different types, similar to Xephyr's Viking Metal experiment. I think it would be hard to fit so many YouTube videos into one post, so I made a playlist that can be found here:


Tool - "7empest"

Natural deathly prog:

Opeth - "Hessian Peel"

Spiritual elemental prog:

Mastodon - "The Last Baron"

Ecological natural deathly prog:

Gojira - "The Art of Dying"

Corrupted natural deathly prog:

Atheist - "Unquestionable Presence"

Astral avant-prog:

Maudlin of the Well - "Birth Pains of Astral Projection"

Humorous spacey alt-prog:

Voivod - "Clouds in My House"

Norse Viking blackened prog:

Enslaved - "The Sleep: Floating Diversity – A Monument Part III"

Misanthropic groove-ish heavy/prog:

Nevermore - "The Heart Collector"

Self-reflective classic prog:

Dream Theater - "Learning to Live"

Humanitarian classic heavy/prog:

Queensryche - "Anybody Listening?"

Emotional classic prog:

Fates Warning - "The Eleventh Hour"

Mythological neo-symphonic prog:

Symphony X - "Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology"

Spiritual modern classic prog:

Circus Maximus - "Architect of Fortune"

Instrumental modern classic prog:

Liquid Tension Experiment - "Key to the Imagination"