Review by illusionist for Opeth - Orchid (1995) Review by illusionist for Opeth - Orchid (1995)

illusionist illusionist / December 14, 2018 / 0

An extremely underrated work in the Opeth discography. This is one of their jewels.

"In The Mist She Was Standing" is a full-blown epic in the vein of "Black Rose Immortal" and is a sure-fire Opeth classic. "Forest of October" is my personal favorite track because of the haunting acoustic melody that begins and finishes the song. The instrumental interludes "Silhouette" and "Requiem" are dark and majestic and add significantly to the atmosphere of the album. The bonus track "In The Frost of Winter" is a raw black metal demo that reveals a different side of Opeth. The riff in that song topples mountains.

My strongest memory of this glorious, beautiful album is listening to it on repeat as I spent an entire 12-hour day reading "Inheritance", the final book in the Eragon saga.  Deserves more respect and recognition that it gets compared to other Opeth albums.

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