Review by Daniel for Periphery - Periphery (2010) Review by Daniel for Periphery - Periphery (2010)

Daniel Daniel / July 08, 2019 / 0

There is an incredible amount of musicianship on show on this release. I cannot even start to think of how much time this band spends scripting each of these tracks. This is probably the most technical metal release I have ever heard. But this is also it's downfall. There is just too much going on. I find that I can't latch onto anything. They need more repetition otherwise everything just goes over my head. All the instrumentalists are amazing. The vocals alternate between a Phil Anselmo style growl & a clean style similar to Linkin Park. The Meshuggah influence is very clear. All the elements are here for some crunching metal tunes but I just think that Periphery needs to tone down the technicality a bit in order for people to be able to follow what's going on & find hooks that stay in your head for more than a second. It's very hard to go nuts to music like this.

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