Review by Daniel for AtomA - Skylight (2012) Review by Daniel for AtomA - Skylight (2012)

Daniel Daniel / July 07, 2019 / 0

Wow! It's really refreshing to hear something as original as this. AtomA have combined a vast array of influences (including progressive metal/rock, post-rock, ambient & even trance) to create a truly epic sound that is heavily reliant on synthesizers & dreamy vocals. I'm not really sure this can be called metal as the vast majority has nothing to do with metal music at all. I really love the peaks & troughs format with lots of deep sections as well as huge climaxes & the attention to detail in the soundscapes on offer here is noteworthy. There are some moments where things get a little too trancey (ie cheesy/girly) for my liking but overall this is a quality release & I look forward to hearing more from AtomA in the future.

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