Review by Daniel for Crematory (GER) - Infinity (2010) Review by Daniel for Crematory (GER) - Infinity (2010)

Daniel Daniel / June 17, 2019 / 0

On "Infinity" Crematory come across as a band that is totally in control of their sound. They know what they want to do & have presented a very focused & beautifully produced metal album. All of the band members put in good performances & the sound is excellent. I don't think they could've presented these tracks much better than they do. Now.... are the tracks any good? The clean vocals are quite commercial & are in the Linkin Park style which was so popular at the time. The death metal vocals are bit weak to my ears & I don't think I've heard a death grunter who better fits the term "Cookie Monster vocals" as he could well BE the Cookie Monster. To be honest, the death growls are about the ONLY thing "death metal" about this album as the music doesn't bare any resemblance to it whatsoever. I don't think the term "gothic metal" fits here either as Crematory are not at all dark. This is just good quality metal music with simple but effective riffs & well structured song-writing but It's just too light to appeal to an old-school metalhead like myself. Commercially accessible metal like this is never going to appeal to me enough to get repeat listens however I can see this being very well received by those people who are looking for a lighter alternative to extreme metal.

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