Review by Daniel for Dark Fortress - Ylem (2010) Review by Daniel for Dark Fortress - Ylem (2010)

Daniel Daniel / June 16, 2019 / 0

A very classy black metal release. Great melody & atmosphere. The vocals are particularly strong. The whole album features a strong Satyricon influence. The production allows the band to be presented in the best possible environment for their sound. There is nothing terribly original on display here but what you do get is very professionally done. There are some really great metal riffs on display. The album is let down a little by the last two tracks which could just as easily have been omitted as they only allow the album to peter out slowly rather than ending with a climax. "Wraith" doesn't fit well with the concept of the rest of the album & features some fairly ordinary clean vocals. Bonus track "Sycamore Trees" is a theatrical piece that serves no real purpose.

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