Review by Daniel for Barren Earth - Curse of the Red River (2010) Review by Daniel for Barren Earth - Curse of the Red River (2010)

Daniel Daniel / May 30, 2019 / 0

This is far too girly for me. It's well performed & produced but failed to capture me emotionally. The Amorphis influence is obvious as well as classic heavy metal & elements of stadium rock. The songs are generally structured well & the heavy sections blend nicely with the clean sections. The death vocals are pretty average & the clean vocal parts of truly cringe-worthy. The cleaner parts of the music are overly melancholic & come across as very cheesy. Forgive me but I'm from the old-school who believes that death metal should be dark & I find even the heavy sections to be too anthemic for my taste. Someone please ban Dream Theater-style keyboard solos in death metal too!!

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Ben Ben / May 30, 2019

I find it interesting that you don't like anything that resembles a girl. Each to their own I guess.

I haven't heard this since it came out but I seem to recall enjoying it. That could be the Amorphis connection though which, as you well know, is one of the many points of difference between us.