Review by Sonny for Solstice (GBR) - New Dark Age (1998) Review by Sonny for Solstice (GBR) - New Dark Age (1998)

Sonny Sonny / February 11, 2019 / 0

Rich Walker has been doing this a long time. Solstice were formed in 1990, yet have only released their third album in 2018! I can only assume it took twenty years because Mr Walker wasn't ever convinced he could adequately follow up such a bona fide classic as this. The greatest example of Epic Doom, bar none, this is crammed with classics. Solstice generally and on this release particularly, manage to project an essential englishness better than any other band I know (except maybe Jethro Tull), particularly from a time when England was still called Albion. It conjures scenes of mighty castles and epic battles with such vividness that you can almost smell the shit flowing in the streets! Also a special mention must go to Morris Ingram who's fantastic vocals give flight to Rich's vision.

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