Review by Max_Grean for Enisum - Samoht Nara (2014) Review by Max_Grean for Enisum - Samoht Nara (2014)

Max_Grean Max_Grean / June 11, 2024 / 0

Why have a band name if you are going to draw it to look like a rorschach test? 
Opening is nice... sort of country ISH. Then ????  I don't know. It was just a wall of static noise. I can't make out any of the notes or even which instruments are involved. I hear a snare  pop pop pop but no kick till a good halfway in.
I don't know what this is supposed to convey. 
It's nothing. Like a can of stale air. No feeling, no emotions. White noise with a beat. 
The vocals are trash. Like a little kid pretending to be a monster. (4 minutes in... why hasn't this ended? Looks - Oh 9 minutes... Of This? No thanks) 
Do I even bother with trying a second track?
Not much better but at least I could hear the different instrumentation. 

The acoustic stuff was nice. 

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