Review by Rexorcist for Convulsing - Perdurance (2024) Review by Rexorcist for Convulsing - Perdurance (2024)

Rexorcist Rexorcist / April 01, 2024 / 0

I remember checking out Convulsing a while back to get myself some more black death metal under my belt.  Their debut Errata was a pretty good one which didn't really say anything good or bad about their future, but their second album was a vast improvement which told me there was a good possibility the third ones gonna be a modern classic.  Was I gonna be right and this would be one of the better death albums of the decade, or was that hope false?

I had just finished the Hoplites catalog before hearing this, so I already had an example of a brilliant extreme metal atmosphere to compare this to.  I found that while the atmosphere of the whole album was deceit and effective, it still felt pretty standard.  It's like watching a sci-fi horror movie about a weird creature attacking a ship or a base.  These might be good movies if Alien didn't exist.  But the compositions had definite promise.  Among the technicality of it all is an eternal mix of anger and sadness that remains convincing all the way up to the Porcupine Tree cover at the end.  

I'm glad the Convulsing release a third album early this year, and it's worth listening to if you're a fan of the band, but there's hardly a difference between this album and the debut.  So I'm gonna give this tertiary release a bare minimum rating for four stars: 75.

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