Review by Saxy S for Whom Gods Destroy - Insanium (2024) Review by Saxy S for Whom Gods Destroy - Insanium (2024)

Saxy S Saxy S / March 27, 2024 / 0

Whom Gods Destroy come right out of the Dream Theater school of progressive metal. So much so that their original drummer was Mike Portnoy (while they were still under the name Sons of Apollo). And without Portnoy's compositional contributions to Insanium, this record sounds even less like progressive metal and more like straightforward groove metal with the occasional time signature variation. And yet it's still more enjoyable than recent Dream Theater output. What is wrong with me?

Best Songs: In the Name of War, Crawl, Keeper of the Gate

P.S. We can stop with these types of album titles any time now. They are honestly quite cringe at this point. They ran their course about fifteen years ago with Nightwish's Imaginaerium

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