Review by Ben for Ataraxy - The Last Mirror (2022) Review by Ben for Ataraxy - The Last Mirror (2022)

Ben Ben / August 08, 2022 / 2

Ataraxy are another band that are new to me. I'm always interested in releases that contain both conventional death metal and death doom metal genre tags, so I went into this somewhat hopeful of enjoying it. Now that I've spent some time with The Last Mirror, I'm not convinced that the death doom aspect deserves a primary (most of the tracks are pure death), but I accept it could go either way. Regardless, this album takes me right back to the 90s, bringing to mind several bands from the period, including Asphyx, Death and at times Bolt Thrower. With all the technical and progressive death metal albums coming out lately, it's actually been quite refreshing to hear something that just does the basics extremely well, and could have come out of that very comfortable (for me) early era of the genre. The production is powerful, and there are heaps of wonderfully dark and atmospheric riffs throughout. Of particular note is the way the band utilise drums in combination with those riffs, often transitioning from one section to the next in the most impactful ways. There's very little you won't have heard before on offer, and the vocalist does lack emotional range (despite sounding a bit like Chuck Schuldiner), but this is still a very solid and enjoyable conventional death metal album that occasionally delves the doomier depths. Check out The Bell That Constantly Sounds or Decline to see if it's for you.

2022 RANKING (60 releases so far)

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11. Ataraxy - The Last Mirror - 4 stars

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2022 DEATH RANKING (14 releases so far)

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3. Ataraxy - The Last Mirror - 4 stars

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5. Messa - Close - 4 stars

6. Ataraxy - The Last Mirror - 4 stars

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