Review by Ben for Mournful Congregation - The Exuviae of Gods - Part I (2022) Review by Ben for Mournful Congregation - The Exuviae of Gods - Part I (2022)

Ben Ben / June 30, 2022 / 2

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been a particularly good patriot when it comes to Mournful Congregation. Funeral Doom Metal would have to be close to my favourite subgenre in metal, and yet I've really not given much attention to a celebrated band from my home country. Sure, I've listened to their albums, but I haven't LISTENED to them. I think you kind of need to let funeral doom seep into your pores, by letting it wash over you with full attention, and I just haven't done that with this band. Until now!

This is a fantastic EP! It seems a bit unfair to call it an EP, when the runtime is 37 minutes, but when you consider the band's last album was over 80, I guess it makes sense. The Exuviae of Gods - Part I is made up of two huge funeral doom numbers, and a separating instrumental. The first track, Mountainous Shadows, Cast Through Time is a 5 star track for me. The melodies are beautiful, the riffs crushing and the vocals are satisfyingly deep and impactful. I get a strong early Skepticism feeling from it, yet the production is much stronger here. The other doom track is closer An Epic Dream of Desire, which is of similar quality. The only thing that lets it down for me is that vocalist Damon Good decided to go for a clean, spoken word approach. It doesn't stop the track from being great, but the approach has far less emotional impact for me personally. As for the 7 minute instrumental that separates these monoliths, it's in no way filler. This title track is actually a pretty special acoustic journey, with sumptuous layered melodies taking the listener to a blissful oasis of sorrow (us doom fans sure are a strange bunch).

This EP is an absolute must for any Funeral Doom fan. I now find myself with a deep-seeded need to acquaint myself with other works by these legendary Aussies.

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Daniel Daniel / July 01, 2022

"An Epic Dream Of Desire" was actually the title track from Mournful Congregation's second demo from 1995. I was tape trading with the band from their very early days & they sent me over that one in exchange for Neuropath's "Nefarious Vivisection" demo from the same year.