Review by Ben for Morbid Angel - Blessed Are the Sick (1991) Review by Ben for Morbid Angel - Blessed Are the Sick (1991)

Ben Ben / May 05, 2019 / 2

After an incredible debut album, Morbid Angel had a seriously difficult task to try and outdo it. After all, Altars of Madness was by far and away the most intense and brutal death metal album ever released back in 1989, just dripping with classics from start to finish. While it's arguable whether Blessed Are the Sick is a better album than Altars of Madness, it's most definitely another brilliant, classic release that once again upped the ante for evil sounding death metal.

The production got a big boost from the debut, with the guitars, drums and vocals all much heavier and crunchier this time around. Dave's vocals are much more guttural rather than raspy. Pete Sandoval's drumming is out of this world and the riffs on just about every track are just jaw dropping! But what really stands out on this album is the level of intensity and excitement. Tracks such as Fall From Grace, Brainstorm and Unholy Blasphemies just make me want to go crazy and jump around smashing things. They are pure unadulterated darkness and energy and I love them immensely.

But what's also so great about Morbid Angel is their variety. While the above songs smash everything at high velocity, others such as Blessed Are the Sick are slower and crushingly heavy. Then there are brilliant instrumental pieces that are clearly created by talented musicians rather than just tacked on for the sake of filling time. Doomsday Celebration and Desolate Ways are moving pieces of work that I can listen to separately for pure enjoyment and In Remembrance is a perfectly fitting end to this amazing album. Essential!!!

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