Review by MacabreEternal for Inside the Beehive - Drink Bleach; Live Forever (2011) Review by MacabreEternal for Inside the Beehive - Drink Bleach; Live Forever (2011)

MacabreEternal MacabreEternal / February 09, 2021 / 0

Despite my many years of listening to music and having nearly 3 decades to mature and learn to give all genres, sub-genres and styles of metal a chance, I still have this annoying trait of telling myself I am going to hate something before I listen to it.  Now, I am not entirely in love with Inside The Beehive and their spazzing riot of math and grind but I am suitably impressed enough to take the time to write a review.

I don't often venture to the Revolution Clan (see my opening comment above to understand why) but this release transcends mere rebellion against conventional metal.  It is a release that flourishes greatly within a relatively short play time and shows a band with a great understanding of texture in their music.  Amidst the stabbing frenzy there is an almost constant sense of form still, some basic structure that gets elements moulded around and slammed onto it.  It's like a very scalable foundation level that can be subjected to intense and sustained levels of obliterating fury and it still maintains integrity throughout.

The best way I can find to describe it would be to say this is the eye of the storm and at the same time is the constant, violent swarm that swells around it, driving its own growth and expansion.  This in essence is its downfall also as there are times during the release where there is a feeling of the album trying to cover too much ground.  The overtly core sounding elements do grate a tad and it loses the grind element a little to readily in favour of these elements which leaves me conflicted about the overall piece.

Considering grumpy old Macca would have had me dismiss this had I not resisted, this is a decent find and one that hopefully will help me to learn to put that character in his box more readily in future and actually find some new shit to like.

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